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Gates of Vienna Incites for Muslim Holocaust

26 September 2011 6 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Gates of Vienna Incites for Muslim Holocaust

Gates of Vienna the notorious white supremacist blog which published Fjordman and inspired Anders Brievik, recently published a three part essay which calls for the Holocaust of Muslims.

This is the same far right cesspool-of-bigotry-website notorious for publishing Pedar Jensen who vented his Islamophobia for many years under the pen name of Fjordman, and who has now gone into hiding after being interviewed by Norwegian police over the Anders Breivik massacre. Gates of Vienna is run by a couple in the USA, one Baron Bodissey whose real name is thought to be ‘Ned May’ and a woman calling herself Dymphna.

This is not first time Gates of Vienna has published screeds supposedly written by other anonymous contributors calling for the genocide of Muslims. A few years back a similar lovingly written piece inciting for the genocide of Muslims was published as Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs noted in Gates of Vienna Toys with Genocide:

‘If violence does erupt in European countries between natives and Muslims, I consider it highly likely that people who had never done anything more violent than beat eggs will prove incapable of managing the psychological transition to controlled violence and start killing anything that looks remotely Muslim. Our unspoken conviction that we, in 21st-century Europe, ‘

On 20th September 2011,  Dymphna Of Gates of Vienna posted a three part series by one Zenster with the introduction:

This is the first of a three part essay dealing with Islamic terrorism and what can be expected regarding Islam’s ultimate fate.

Moving on to Part 1, titled  ‘When Will It End?’ the essay begins by setting the tone with:

‘Short answer ― It will end when the tipping point is reached. This tipping point can be defined as follows:

When living with Muslims becomes more trouble than living without Muslims.

A long rambling justification about the costs of policing airlines from terrorists, and how that money could be better spent on fighting aids and other social ills follows, in an obvious attempt to find some sort of moral justification as to why there is no other way. It ends  with the ominous warning ‘The tipping point is approaching swiftly’

Part two of the essay has the presumptuous title Why it will End? and answers the question by stating ‘Islam has “unhappy ending” written all over it’ before going on to elaborate with hyperbole and lies including one manufactured on Gates of Vienna by Fjordman:

‘Throughout Europe, Muslims are disproportionately represented in rape, violent crime and imprisonment statistics. The expense of this criminality reaches into extra billions of Euros per year and does not cover property damage, victim rehabilitation and other ancillary expenses. Nor does this speak to the same criminal practices and consequences resulting from ostensibly legal immigration into Europe by tens of millions of Muslims over the past few decades.’

The rapes statistics in Scandinavia that Fjordman published at Gates of Vienna which were then repeated on the Islamophobic blogosphere were proven to be lies. Zenster continues his mental masturbation:

The reputation of Muslims as predatory criminals and intensely parasitic occupiers all combines into a damning indictment of Islam. Its presence on earth only promises increased conflict, more atrocities, new genocides and unwarranted diversions of wealth that could better serve far more deserving causes. Finally, Islam is assembling too many enemies too fast to where they cannot be expected to keep pursuing their own petty quarrels instead of addressing the overarching threat of jihad. The complete and total inability of Islam to coexist with any legitimate faith or other culture presages a day when its numerous victims will band together in pursuit of an ultimate victory.

That is why it will end.

In the concluding Part three, How it will End? Zenster sums it up briefly: ‘The Muslim holocaust.‘ He then continues exhibiting more megalomania and what clearly appears to be a projection of his own fantasies:

‘Suffused with delusions of adequacy, Muslims think nothing of constantly antagonizing Western powers who long ago perfected industrialized warfare to an extent that Islam can only dream of, despite its supremacist fantasies.’

This could explain why the far right white supremacists see Israel as an ally. They see Israel as doing their dirty work for them, and as if on cue Zenster trots out the Samson option:

‘Neither is this the end of it. Iran’s reckless pursuit of genocide against the Jews could precipitate the Muslim holocaust all by itself. Little known to most people is Israel’sSamson Option. If true, the Jewish state has quietly informed its Arab neighbours that a single WMD strike against Israel will result in the entire MME (Muslim Middle East) being incinerated in nuclear plasma. Hundreds of fusion warheads along with newly acquired Dolphin class submarines and cruise missiles back this up.’

Contradictions galore! Elsewhere in this three part essay the author talks of the plot to establish the world Caliphate, but here he says he is convinced it won’t come about. Freudian slip? :

‘Now, consider how America rolled up Iraq’s sidewalks in two weeks. This is the “reality gap” confronting Islam and its delusory vision of world domination. No such thing will ever happen.’

More ramblings, perhaps to justify his own dreams of nuclear warfare

‘It is more than safe to say that an industrially and militarily unlettered Islam is notgoing to take over the world using such a feeble tool as terrorism. As was also noted in Part II, Islam is assembling too many enemies too fast and that pace far outstrips any ability of theirs to perfect the mass production of intricate nuclear weapons nor muster fighting forces of even marginal proficiency. Chronic overreach is a hallmark of Islam and its habit of poking at the Western nuclear dragon with its terrorist pointed wooden stick bodes especially unwell for Muslims everywhere.’

The essay is full of dire warnings, rants about liberals who are complicit in Islamising the planet, of the political establishment for being too weak, but more gravely, it even condemns the ‘counter jihad’ movement for not calling for a ‘solution’ and for being too soft.

When you hear of so called ‘counter jihadis’ accused of being ‘soft’ and the whole of western civilization embroiled in a plot whose aim it is to – err- destroy themselves – it is safe to assume you are reading from someone not quite right in the head, to put it politely. Someone who doesn’t deserve a second thought and should ordinarily be dismissed as a raving loon. Except that it was at this very website, where a writer with the same Islamophobic rhetoric inspired a loner to kill tens of children on a holiday island!

Farha Khaled is a columnist for the Saudi based Arab News.


  1. Does Austria have any anti-incitement laws? Calling for genocide is not free speech but incitement to commission of a crime.

  2. Where are the gvernments from the islamic world? One would think they would stand up and call for the western governments to arrest those who insite hatred against muslims. Movies that insult our prophet peace be upon him have been produced and not a word. I just can not believe it. Now we have people calling for the holocaust of muslims and still Not a word. I guess they all live a wealthy life, SO who really cares?
    Now try even deniying the jewish Holocaust, you will end up behind bars.

    The hatred law should be applied here, Those involved should be brought to justice

  3. So when the crowds in Islamic countrie, and in Britain, call for our deaths do not incur any opprobrium for their hatred, that’s okay?

    There is bright line between saying and behaving. When was the last time a group of westerners attacked Muslims for being Muslims?

    When was the last time a Muslim was executed in a western country for being Muslim?

    How many western jihadists are there and how do their numbers compare to Islamic jihadists?

    There is a qualitative difference between descriptive language and normative language.

    There is even a bigger difference between saying and behaving.

    Islam has a poor track record so far, as even my Muslim friends complain about.

    In the western tradition, our daily prayers do not wish harm on others.

  4. Dymphna,

    I rather start answering you last statement. Our daily prayers do not wish harm to others. Please learn on how Muslims pray before talking non sense.
    Check how many Muslims are being attacked, The Daily attacks on Palestinians I guess that one has become so common that we take it out of the picture as it has become a normal way of life.

    Last week a halal shop in Portsmouth was set in fire, so many mosques in USA attacked last few weeks.

    What did happen in UK in 2006 is not Islamic, Nothing to do with Islam but by a bunch of idiots and even if they did not die i would have loved to see then shot in Trafalgar square by a firing squad. Where on earth does Islam say to Blow people up?

    No there are not two rules but one that should apply on all parties. Please do not just guess, but take facts from Muslims before accusing Muslims and Islam. All my friends wish that those groups such as Hizb el tahrir guys that we see on TV yelling not allowed to march or stand outside embassies.

    Do you think that if Muslims who live in western countries might see a so called Muslims planning for something illegal would not call the authorities? You really wrong. We are just as victim of terrorism as yourself. If I am on a train heading to work and something happens, I will be blown just as everybody else. SO please do not tag Islam by actions of Stupid people. Anyway We are putting the blame on Muslims only here, the stupid guy form Norway who killed almost 100 kids was not a Muslims or was he? Anyway I guess I have said enough on this.

    Islam does preach peace and Love, I really wish you took a Koran and read it with sincerity.

    Your statement of Western Jihadist I take it you want to say Mercenaries,
    Well lets count:
    The french legion (WEstern Jihadist)
    British Gurkhas are foreigners fighting for money. I do understand french and British soldiers fighting for their countries (even though they should not be in IRAK and Afganistan) those wars were created by Mr Bush who did not go to fight but started them to make money for himself and his BF Dick Cheney, now they are out maybe with millions of dollars in their pockets, while kids from all parties are diying over there.

    Security companies mainly employs war mongers (Wester Jihadists)who kill for money and the number of those companies is countless, i am sure you heard about blackwater and all the atrocities they have committed in Irak

    So as you can see we do not hear about those on TV so we tend to forget about them. Always keep them into your equation when pointing fingers at others.

  5. People have to understand the difference between western and Muslim and all that other stuff.

    I’m a western muslim. I love America. I love my religion. Those who say I have no loyalty to America obviously doesn’t know me.

    There’s a difference between religion and country. Unless your a prisoner of Saudi Arabia or Pakistan or Afghanistan, you can be any religion and any nationality. Of course, Muslim Europeans have a hard time, harder times than those in America. I get verbally abused sometimes but then I see what Muslims went through in Kosovo and Russia and I just forget about my problems.

    By the way guys, Jihad is not holy war, if it was, no one would name their child that. jihad means struggle. My struggle, jihad, is wearing hijab in a place that condemns it. (I live in a racist city). Where’s blowing yourself up in the worship? Like Salim said, a bunch of delusional idiots, that’s all. If someone tried to bribe me into let’s say, strapping a bomb to myslf and walking through a building, I’d say HELL no. Suicide is forbidden because God said that every life is precious. Murder is haram for that reason also. Just sayinggg

  6. dymphna

    Our prayer is strictly to bow down to God and pray for His mercy and forgiveness. We read a short surah from the Quran, and we bow down in “ruqu'” which is bending over till our hearts and brain are aligned. Babies actually do that in the womb, they’re crouched over like that. Then we bow down with our heads on the ground and our palms touching the ground also. There’s no “wishing harm on others” in our prayer. That’s an oxymoron bro.

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