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Muslim Students Convicted of Being Mean to Israeli Ambassador

28 September 2011 General 25 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


Last year, when Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren announced his intention to speak at the University of California at Irvine, some members of the school’s Muslim Students Union plotted to inform Oren of their feelings about some of Israel’s policies. They used their voices to do so. This is illegal!

Today 10 members of the so-called “Irvine 11″ (charges against one of the original eleven students were dropped) were convicted on misdemeanor charges of disrupting a meeting and conspiracy to disrupt a meeting in a Santa Ana, Calif., court. Here’s what they did, which is a crime:

In February 2010, as Oren began to speak about the U.S.-Israeli relationship at a campus speech, the students rose one-by-one to object to Israel’s occupation of the West Bank. One shouted, “Michael Oren, propagating murder is not an expression of free speech!” As the offender was removed from the audience, a designated compatriot shouted, “You, sir, are an accomplice to genocide!” And so on. According to an attorney for one of the students, the longest of the interruptions lasted roughly 8 seconds, and the total amount of time taken up by their outbursts—combined—was roughly one minute.

That’s one minute too long when you’re talking about Muslim students interrupting the Israeli ambassador to the U.S. to inform him that some people think his country’s policies are unjust, which is illegal, so don’t do it.

Original post: Muslim Students Convicted of Being Mean to Israeli Ambassador


  1. The Muslim student were convicted of violating the first amendments rights of Michael Oren and the 700 citizens who had gathered to hear him speak.The Muslims had several other options that would have allowed them to express their grievances against Israel without violating the rights of the Ambassador or the citizens in the audience. There was to have been a Q&A after the Ambassador’s speech which the Muslims students could have participated in. They also could have peacefully protested outside the event or held a rival event at the same time in a different location to air their grievances.Instead they chose to use thuggish tactics to violate the Constitutional rights of both the Ambassador and those gathered to hear him.

  2. Hera
    You are right they should not have been there talking to a representative of a terrorist state who just can not stop from killing kids and women.
    So there is no need to you to lecture us on what violation they have commited. We are not really interested.

  3. So Oren’s free speech rights are greater than the 11 muslim student’s free speech rights? I don’t think so. And as for your suggestion that the students just stand outside and protest, Hera, have you ever been to college? You really think the school administration would have allowed that? (so much for free speech on college campuses either) And forming a protest at a different location does nothing to serve what the students were wanting, and that was to have Oren face to face, and know that he heard their objections.

  4. Seems to me Salim, Israel goes out of its way to avoid the deaths of women and children. From my perspective militants use women and children as shields and political fodder to advance their cause. They also send unguided rockets into urban areas which explode and kill randomly. They also place bombs on women, children, teens, and men encouraging them to blow themselves up in public places, once again killing random people of any age with the promise that God approves of this murder and will reward them for it. I admit Israel’s hands are not clean but they are not drenched in the blood of their own people’s misery and ignorance.

  5. Criley

    Do you know what the birthright is? You know, sending jewish kids on a spiritual visit to Israel and giving them beer and showing them only Jewish parts of Israel? They never let them out of Tel Aviv and all those Israeli cities. If they saw what was going on in cities outside they’d see what israel really was trying to do. It’s called brainwashing. That doesn’t require bloody hands but they’re still guilty. And israel DOES in fact kill women and children. They don’t give a damn who they target, and when they kill someone they say they were being ‘threatened’ and when they bulldoze an Arabs’ house they say it was some kind of right of theres, they HAD to because there were illegal weapons in the widowed Muslim r Christian Arab woman’s 100 year old home. And everyone with a brain knows damn well they just want to advance and strengthen their apartheid on the Palestinians and kill whoever.

  6. Criley,

    I guess you are right the military capabilities of Israel and Palestine are the same, and of course the Palestinian prefer using their unguided 1920 yr weapons and instead keep their F16 in Museums, and also their resistance have people assigned to them to use as human shield, while Israel has so much mercy and goes out of its way trying to avoid the killing of innocent people so they prefer using their F16 to be more accurate, as they NEVER do kill innocent people. They are so merciful and kind.

    (sincerely Criley you sound like if you normally take part in the planning operation at their DOD)

    Look even the food donation they won’t let it reach the Palestinian people, I guess this is another way of showing their mercy and kindness. Yeah right.

    I really would like to see your reaction if your neighbor took part of your garden or built a wall across your house.

    Sorry you are not being realistic, or simply a pro-israeli no matter what.

  7. Muslim and Christian Arabs are moving out of Bethlehem and Jerusalem to get away from the apartheid they come here and are antagonized for being muslim terrorists. Why do you think we leave Israel? Because we dont like Jews? HELL no. Andalus was full of all three religions and we were happy as we were. But of course when one part of a religion decides to murder and evict millions for their own gain, brainwash all those who are dumb enough to listen, lie through their teeth to the whole wrld about Arabs being killed because of their “behavior” and not the cleansing the’ve been doing for 63 years, demolish the homes and lives of people whove been there since the beginning (the Arabs were then known as Canaanites or Balistiniyyuns and they were pagans but they still lived there) So we don’t always leave cause sometimes Israel won’t let us move. My own family members are stuck under Israeli fire daily. i lost family and they lost land and homes.

    So Criley, do not defend Israel. America is already kissing it’s ass. Obviously you are neither a Christian or Muslim Palestinian and you’re family hasn’t been the victim of Israeli terrorism so just don’t preach it. You haven’t been physically and verbally harassed by Israeli soldiers and you’ve never had a machine gun pointed in your face when you were 10, so just don’t. Do not speak of something unless you’ve actually lived it, experienced it.

  8. Your right I have not had a machine gun pointed at me when I was ten. Your correct I have not experienced it. I admitted that Israelis were not innocent of abuses of power. I freely admit that groups of people with guns and a decreased threat of consequences will abuse their power. I admit that a continuous cycle of violence is the norm in this region. I also realize that various Arab peoples continue to call for the ending of the Jewish state. There is no way Israel can move back to the 1967 boarders where they were almost wiped out by hostile Arab states and would subject them to missile attacks in all parts of their country.
    I just want to balance out the rhetoric of how Israel disregards human life when I see the wanton disregard of life by the Arab militants of the area. Do I support Israel? yes I do, would I like to see peace? Yes I would. However, there will be no peace as long as the attacks take place and Israel will always hit back when attacked. I have no answer for the problem, but the Jewish people are not going anywhere and will continue the struggle so long as they are being attacked and will eventually take more offensive actions to lessen the severity of the attacks it suffers. It’s a terrible situation where one side needs to back down but with stakes so high neither will do so.

  9. Salim,

    yeah ya’ll should have done better with your russian made migs back in ’67. strange god did’t send angels like in the battle of badr? so i don’t get it? when are all things as god wills and when are they the result of man’s free will? or seems how i keep hearing that islam wants muslims to avoid violence and find peacefull solutions ya’ll should have signed on to the UN proposal back in 47-48? too late now they’ve got nukes. you would have more land than the ’67 borders. hate to be the one to break it to ya but the westbank is lost. but by all means keep throwing up your silly little qassam rocket and give israel the cover it needs to constantly justify their actions.

  10. oh, yeah the article. what a terrible ruling. what is happing to freedom of speech in america. this on the heels of the detroit jury upholding the jailing of terry jones. ridiculous.

    of course some people have thought we have been on this path for a long time now

    last call for alcohol
    last call for freedom of speech

  11. Criley

    You know, there ARE no real arab militants in Palestinian territory. You’re talking about people throwing rockets made of garbage (GARBAGE! No gunpowder, no poison, no bomb) that hurt no one. Israel uses stories like these just to justify their throwing white phosphorous into Gaza and scalding and killing people daily. LOL Oh God, and children throw pebbles and then Israel shoots at them through their tanks. Do you see the differences? Look, I don;t HATE Jews, and I don’t HATE Israelis. I hate Israeli and jewish Zionists. People tht openly call for the murder and eviction and cleansing of Arabs. Even sephardic (arab jews) jews are terrorized for their race. Of course Netanyahu preaches his precious lies to hte public but everyday he sends more caterpillar tanks to destroy innocent Arabs’ lives. Now c’mon!

  12. M2

    Idk if your Muslim, or Jewish or Arab or whatever, but I know in the Quran it says that Palestine will be occupied by a foreign people and will “maziq” (literally meaning ‘rip’) it apart. In the Quran it also says that the day it is free, it will be the day of Judgement. It’s not totally lost. Israelis like to use their covers and braiwash the public eye and tell everyone that Arabs are the problem when in reality it’s the opposite. UGH. You know what, I’m going to be the Palestinian’s Messiah and I’ll free it.

    Meanwhile a Rabbi in Bronx, NY just busted out laughing, and doesn’t know why.

  13. Elle, I find your statements in regards to garbage and Militants to be very hard to believe.

  14. Yes, because Israel showed a actual picture of the rockets, before and after they were launched right? Now how many Israeli soldiers, or people, actaully got killed or injured? Not many. They will record any number to get the public’s sentiment. Most of the garbage rockets actually miss altogether. they’re made out of soda cans and popsicle sticks, i didn’t think it was dangerous.

    And the militants are under Israel’s influence. They are actually paid by Israel to do the things they do. Now, the militants outside palestine are differen.t they’re mostly evil jerks but altogether I don’t believe they’re being paid by Israel to keep quiet or to kill.

  15. M2,
    Israel had nukes since the 50s not just now, with regards to Angels coming for help that is from Allah and I guess the piety of those at the time of Badr is quite different of those in out time and this is my own view and not reported from an Islamic known source.
    Regarding you comment

    “hate to be the one to break it to ya but the westbank is lost. but by all means keep throwing up your silly little qassam rocket and give israel the cover it needs to constantly justify their actions”.

    The west bank is lost??? I guess you are short sighted, even The Roman Empire was brought down to the ground, A day will come when Israel will have to obey the international laws.

    Regarding the rockets, I guess you are right they should not be fired as this will give Israel more justification to kill innocent people, but again I guess Israel is immune of of any international communities law punishment for any of its actions. They have even attacked the Flotilla and nothing happened. Well I am glad they lost the friendship of Turkey.
    Look Jerusalem is known to the international communities that it is colonized, this means that Israel is there illegally, that is why they have build the snaking wall and are now ethnically cleansing the areas,
    Do limit yourself to the west bank only.

    Anyway We are glad that the day of judgment will come incha Allah, and so the wrong doers will pay for their actions. There will be no UN number 1, 2 or 3 on that day but just the justice of Allah.

  16. salim

    for the first time I don’t think I need to argue with you^^


  17. Elle,

    Thumb up, I am glad you did not tell me to stop talking this time, I do not know how you have managed this time. lol
    I know you might think I am violent because of certain of my comments, but even if I know myself I am definitely not the violent type, those here slandering us have to get a piece of my mind. Sorry!


    Something everyone should see. If you wanna understand Islam, don’t watch Glenn Beck, watch this. You’ll learn the Arab’s history, and the Muslim history. Very cool, very accurate.

  19. salim,

    when i said they have nukes now i didn’t mean to imply that they just developed them yesterday. they have had them for quite a while, not sure about the 50’s? certainly the 60’s though. but they have hundreds of them now. yes i realize that empires come and go, as do states and cultures. the greeks, romans, pershians, inca, aztecs, mayans to the russian, french, dutch, british, austro-hungarians and even the ottomans. anyways, yes things can change but i don’t see a palestinian state anytime soon. unless the jews are expanding their settlements only to late tear them down so they can claim they are giving up so much for the peace process. but those settlers seem to be hardcore zionist. they did forcibly remove them once after one of the accords, oslo? dayton? maybe? hard to keep track of all the “historic” agreements – the starts and fits in “the peace process”. but any good empire knows the best way to take and hold is get “your” people in it. yes east jerusalem. that’s another reason for my thinking. the palestinians insist on it being their capital and i don’t see how the jews will let that fly? i hope i’m wrong. a palestinian state would do alot to aliviate alot of the worlds problems.

    as for the day of judgement, that is what makes all you abrahamics scary. hopefully ahmadinajon (however you spell the iranian guys name) does’t have an angel appear to him and tell him to nuke tel a viv, to bring forth the hidden iman?

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