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Florida County Republican Party Appeases Islamophobia And Denies Muslim Republican A Spot On Executive Committee

29 September 2011 General 16 Comments Email This Post Email This Post
Nezar Hamze

Nezar Hamze

By Zaid Jilani


Nezar Hamze is both a Muslim American who is the executive directorof the South Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and a self-identified Republican. As a way to further his activism in the Republican Party, Hamze campaigned for a position on his local Republican party’s executive committee in Broward County, Florida.

During a “raucous meeting” of the party on Monday night, Hamze’s bid for committee membership was rejected by a vote of 11-158, as he was attacked with offensive questions about his faith and even compared to a terrorist by Islamophobic attendees.

Before the vote even took place, the local party changed its rules to require that each new applicant to the executive committee answer questions for five minutes, a rule change Hamze jokingly told a reporter could be called the “Hamze rule.” And as audience members stepped up to interrogate Hamze, he was told that his organization CAIR was identified as a terrorist organization and asked if he supported terrorism. Following the lead of GOP audiences who have booed gays and condemned the uninsured, one attendee yelled out “terrorist!” as Hamze was trying to speak:

At times, when he addressed the packed room at the Sheraton Suites in Fort Lauderdale, a few members shouted out among the crowd of about 300.

“Terrorist!” said one man.

After the vote, Hamze said he wished he had received a letter of denial rather than face such a barrage of hostile questions. One Republican member remarked that Hamze had effectively been “singled out“:

“Wow,” [Hamze] said afterward. “If I had realized it would be like that, I wish they had just sent me a letter saying I was denied.” One Broward Republican member, blogger Javier Manjarres, objected to the process. “They singled him out,” Manjarres said. “It was a set up.”

Before seeking a spot on his local party’s committee, Hamze told the Florida Independent that the main reason he was making his bid was to bring “Muslims to the mainstream political process.” Yet it appears that the Broward County Republican Party seems to believe that Hamze has to be either a Muslim or a Republican, but not both.

Original post: Florida County Republican Party Appeases Islamophobia And Denies Muslim Republican A Spot On Executive Committee


  1. Read chapter 2 verse 120 and all you Muslims who think that you will be accepted if you try and fit in with the kufar shave and take off your hijab join there political parties instead of the party of Allah this is what you will get

  2. The ONLY counties in flawda that are SOUTHERN exist in the panhandle….
    ALL of you bigotted assholes in the south of this state outta get the hell BACK up north where you belong….

    this is NOT how the south rolls, in IGNORANCE….


  3. Salaam, are you sure segregation is what the Koran teaches? Time and time again we have been warned about pulling an individual chapter or verse from the Koran and thinking we understand its meaning. Are these verses wanting Muslims to stay separate in both a secular and religious sense or just a secular sense, or simply a religious sense? Should Muslims avoid joining political parties unless founded by another Muslim? Mr. Hamze, seems to be a fairly bright person and is executive director of CAIR for his area. Is he a poorly educated Muslim? Should he sit on the CAIR board if he does not understand the restrictions set forth in the Koran in regards to mixing? The man has no beard. Can Mr. Hamze be a good Muslim with the beard shaved off? Do you think other Muslims should have discussed this with him before he was given a leadership position on CAIR? Just curious.

  4. My point was that we as Muslim think that if we look like them dress like them etc we will be accepted he thought just because he’s a republican he was just going to go into that meeting a get a warm and fuzzy reception from his fellow republicans as long as you say the shahada and not God is three this is what you get now if some fake so-called exmuslim like valid shoebat give a talk he’s loved and welcomed so get on crawling into that lizard hole if you want

  5. CAIR is not a terrorist organiztation. I’ve been to their event and dinners, wth. They’re the ones that call for dinners and events and they invite non muslims. They don’t call for the Islamization of Islam, whatever that is. They’re good people, i actually know the lady who’s in charge of it. She is no terrorist, and she’s not gonna let CAIR go that way either.

  6. my bad, islamization of America

  7. Salaam

    my father has no beard, does that mean that men with no beards arent Muslims? Beards are sunnah, you don’t need to have one. chill bro

  8. You do need to have one rasool Allah said to grow the beard and trim the moustache in the time of rasool Allah they didn’t even want to look in the face of men who shaved so keep crawling into that lizards he if you want

  9. Lizards hole I ment to say and no you father is a Muslim he probably doesn’t know or InshaAllah he had a valid excuse than just being a weak & scared

  10. salaam

    That’s if they HAD a beard, Salaam why is it that so many Muslims have no beards? Should women grow beards too? Your the exact definition of a Muslim nut. You crawl back under that rock and read the Quran a few times before you preach such blasphemy.

    And by the way, when you say “Rasool Allah” you always say, “Salallah Alayhe Wa Salam” Looks like you forgot to praise him?

    Sunnah is different than fard. Salah five times a day is fard, nafl prayer is sunnah. The hijab is fard, the niqab in sunnah. Getting married is sunnah, and dont say it isn’t.

    Salaam, like I said, use the brain Allah blessed you with. Just because most of the prophets had beards and the sahabah doesn’t mean the rest of the world must. Where do you live, Saudi Arabia? Afghanistan? Iran? Join reality, PLEASE.


    Something everyone should see. If you wanna understand Islam, don’t watch Glenn Beck, watch this. You’ll learn the Arab’s history, and the Muslim history. Very cool, very accurate.

  12. Thank you Ellie for your beautiful comments I see you have such great islamic manners. As to your question why do so many muslims don’t grow the beard one the may have a valid excuse but the majority i bet are scared/weak they don’t people to say they are fundamentalist’s or scared the want get a job etc etc and no women don’t need to grow a beard its not fard for them like it is for men. since your requesting you tube videos i request you go watch let it grow with a natural flow by Abu Mussab Wajdi Akkari on you tube.

  13. did you just call me elle? i don’t like this creepy endearing thing. Do it again and I’ll find you.

    jk yea just dont call me that, if it was purposely

  14. *ellie

  15. elle,

    the Islamization of American would be something like, private corporations being sued because they don’t amend their work schedule to fit islamic practices. or sued because they don’t find a hijab sales person or hostess to fit with the image they are trying to project. or a hospital being sued because the attending is male. or a guy argueeing in court, succesfully at first, that he can’t rape his wife. or airports being sued to put in foot baths. or cab drivers not allowing helper dogs in their cabs because, well you know they are haram in islam. or people saying they want and islamic scholar to settle their dispute arising from the eminent domaian settlement they got for some of the land around their mosque. then when one party doesn’t like the out come they go back to american courts to rule on what the correct islam law should be. now we have judges studying islamic law. but i wouldn’t worry about it the demographics aren’t there YET and our constitution should stand up against such non-sense. i quess we will get some yardstick though once these suits work their way through our already overburdened court system.

  16. Asalamu Allaikum Brothers and Sisters,

    It is important not to fall into fitna. I encourage healthy dialouge and discussion. PLease dont think yourself self sufficient and know Allah SWT is the best of planners.

    Please focus your attention on the much needed help the Muslim Uma’ needs.

    May Allah guide all of us on the straight path. Ameen!

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