Monday, April 12, 2021   

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Pamela Geller Associate John Jay Openly Calls for Mass Murder

30 September 2011 General 17 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

by Charles Johnson

One of the groups founded by anti-Muslim demagogues Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer is called the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), an “umbrella” group that provides cover for their other activities and funding for their anti-Muslim advertisements.

John Jay, one of the founding members of the board of AFDI and a very frequent commenter at Pamela Geller’s website, has posted a manifesto very reminiscent of Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik’s — a deranged, violent fantasy of mass murder: summer patriot, winter soldier: start the revolution …

start the revolution …

first things first.—

1.)take out the talking head media, and burn the new york times, the los angeles times and the washington post to the ground.  draw and quarter the media, and shoot their remains from canons in the four directions of the prevailing winds.

rinse, lather, repeat as needed.

2.)take out all the incumbent leadership of both parties in the congress, and every self avowed socialist and communist in congress.  give them all proper muslim burials at sea, just like osama bin laden.

eliminate pensions for congressional service.  rinse, lather, repeat as needed.

3.)eliminate the faculty senates at harvard, yale, columbia, nyu and university of california at santa barbara.  boil bill ayers, bernie dorhn and angela davis in canola oil, and feed their remains to the fishes.

they are all physical cowards.  they should fall into line pretty quickly.  repeat every ten years as a prophylactic, on general principle.


4.)now that the “arab spring” has brought enlightenment to the middle east, send all of the muslim immigrants back to their native countries, in boxes or tourist, their choice.

burn all the mosques.  period.

just sayin’.

john jay @ 09.26.2011

p.s.  burn the editors and contributors to “the daily kos” at the stake.  i’ll think of something suitable for hilary clinton.  bill, he has to room with jimmy carter in a clapped out pickup & camper on the edge of a southern peanut field, somewhere in arkansas: that’s about as close to a living hell as i can imagine for him.

and, throw all the living governors of new york, california, ohio, illinois, washington, florida and massachusetts into the fiery pits, from which there is no escape.  sorry, jeb.  but, i think that you were a skull & bones internationalist, too, weren’t you?

A stunning level of hatred and incitement, even for these crazed bigots. Let’s hope the authorities are keeping as close an eye on this lunatic as they are on radical Muslims.

Original post: Pamela Geller Associate John Jay Openly Calls for Mass Murder


  1. This is a gross abuse of the right of free speech. Lucky for them they live in a country that is so liberal about allowing this, though I’m guessing there’s a good chance they’ve zigzagged across several legal lines, and I’m pretty sure agencies who are on the lookout for domestic terrorists have their eyes on them. The irony is that what they’re advocating undermines the rule of law that, imperfect as it still is, is intended to guarantee both freedom and domestic tranquillity. I hope the founders and followers of the “American Freedom Defense Initiative” will find a safe way to purge their paranoia and achieve some personal tranquilltiy, for their sake, and the nation’s.

  2. Burial at sea is not Islamic law? wtf.

    You cleanse the deceased’s bodies and you wrap the body with a clean white cloth and you bury them in the ground. Of course, Bin Laden ain’t a real Muslim but still.

    And they’re so deranged these people, so paranoid and so hateful and angry. Lord help them.

  3. And what’s funny is when they call for bombing and killing Muslims and burning Qurans and Mosques it’s freedom of speech but when a Muslim does it (they shouldnt though) it’s hatred and anti-western and ‘death to america’. Ugh. Practice what you preach, geller, jay.

  4. I am not defending Jay’s words as the writing piece is way over the top. However, in a follow up comment he indicated that the piece was so far over the top with the cannon shooting comments and others that it was not to be taken seriously. I believe the man, but given the way the world is today and the nuts that are walking the streets it was very irresponsible of him to make such statements. People of influence need to be very careful what they say as followers of their comments may take them seriously with tragic results. Though I am a strong advocate for freedom of speech, this pushes the limits and may actually cross the line. I believe he needs to print a full retraction and clearly explain his objective in writing the piece.

  5. criley

    so you believe in the murder of Muslims? What an intelligent person you turned out to be. Way to be a true american.

  6. I agree with “Jean” about Johnson’s piece “This is a gross abuse of the right of free speech.” Finally a sensible comment on this page…..sarc off

    “Elle” being well schooled in the victim role has immediately adopted the well used role of muslim victim…..again!

    “”criley 401” seems to be the only one with any common sense posting here.

  7. So I’m a Muslim victim? of what exactly? Believing in One God? Believing in Jesus and Moses as well as Muhammad? , believing that I have a right to an education and any man i want? Believing that I don’t have to wear the niqab? Believe that anyone with grain of faith can still come into heaven? Believe that everyone is born good and its up to both them and their folks to help them achieve success throughout their lives? Believing that respecting the mother is more important than repsecting your father? Believing that modesty is important and that both genders should be treated equally, especially when it comes to modesty?? Believe whatever you want but in the end you’re the victim-of the media that is.

  8. anon

    and if you believe in killing of an entire people off because of race/religion, despite personal beliefs about current Islamic gov, then you are the terrorist here, I am not and will never become one.

  9. @elle
    you forgot that muslims cant be victims remember just ask “reconquista” spencer, muslims according to him are to blame for the so called “islamaphobia myth” it exists not because of paranoid nut jobs making generalizations on an entire people for the actions of a few but because they have not condemned extremists or do not participate in anti terror activities with law enforcement.(which they have)

  10. Elle, given my comment how did you arrive at the conclusion that I support the murder or killing of anyone? How do you arrive at the conclusion that I support this John Jay in any shape or form?

  11. “People of influence need to be very careful what they say as followers of their comments may take them seriously with tragic results”……..

    Humm!!!…Like the Norway terrorist???

    “people of influence need to be very careful what they say”


    – Axis of evil….
    – Nuke Mecca….
    – Nuke Muslim countries….
    – Invade all Muslim countries, Not just Irak and Afganistan….
    – Terror babies in US….
    – Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims….
    – Destroy all the Mosques and deport all Muslims….
    – Put them in camps….
    – Say NO to Muslim immigration….
    -Say NO to Victory Mosques….
    – Muslim are Nazis….
    – Muslims are evil….
    – Muslims are a disease to western societies….
    – Islam is evil….
    – Islam is a disease….
    – Islam is a political ideology NOT a religion….
    – Muhammad was a terrorist….
    – Ban the Qur’an….
    – Muslims should be forced to convert to Christianty or should be fought against….
    – What did Muhammad brought, other that evil and hate??….
    – Devout Muslims are potential terrorists….
    – I will NOT hire Muslims in my administration….
    – Nuts!!!
    – Islam is a cancer that need to be destroyed….
    – Islam should be fought and destroyed….
    – Islam will be conquered and destroyed
    – Lets have a hearing on Muslims radicalization Only….
    – Ban Hijab….
    – Ban Nikab….
    – Ban minarets….
    – Ban Halal slaughter….
    – Ban!! Ban!! Ban!! Banned Sharia….

    I can Go On and On and On, but eveyone get the picture!!!

    All of those above and many-many more are said by “people of influence”, whether politicians or other influencial people in the Islamophobia business inc.

  12. Looks like the “war on terror” has actually become a war on Islam and muslims isnt…..LOL. The ‘veil’ or the ‘nikab’ of EU/US destructive military machine has been lifted finally…Alleluia!!!

  13. wow, really. people are supprised there’s a nut on the internet? btw “john jay” jeb hasn’t been governor for like 8 years or more. rick scott is the governor of FL and charlie crist before him. did anyone see the greek protester’s holding signs that say “eat the rich”. this kind of hyperbole is not that unheard of.


    how’s dueceprez and perseverance over on loon watch? “LOL. The ‘veil’ or the ‘nikab’ of EU/US destructive military machine has been lifted finally…Alleluia!!!” is that a referance to the use of nato air power to help the libyans? you are just now realizing eu/us has great destructive power?

  14. “is that a referance to the use of nato air power to help the libyans? you are just now realizing eu/us has great destructive power?”

    I’m i sensing the usual, silly, narcissistic, infantile overestimation, of a neocon here???? if yes, then dude many have childishly overestimated themselfs, and where are they?? 6 feet under, and in the garbage bin of history, take example of hitler arrogance and its hunger for world domination fantasy. it never worked out itsnt.

    “great”???lool – “power”???lool

    Mikey, you dont know very mutch Muslims dont ya!! The ONLY REAL Greatness and Powers are ALLAH’s and ALLAH’s ONLY ALONE, NOT for The thy Shall Pass, momentary comes and Goes Died and Dying Empires.

    There Is NOTHING-ZERO-NONE-NIET NADA- “great” NOR “Power” About a Genocidal, Coward, Evil, Terrorist, Souleless “military”(which is a disguise name for a terrorist organisation).

    And Libya Really?? Oh dear Allah! I was viewing a whole host of wall painting across Benghazi, and more recently from Tripoli, maybe 7o or 80 different paintings, it portrayed many flags, Not Once have i saw in those painting, the flags of France, England, US ect.. NOT Once. I saw though lots the Turkish, UAE, Egypt, Tunisia, Syria So On So forth flags.

    If you think for one moment that Libyans trust nato and its ilks after Irak, than you must suffer from amnesia. NO Muslim will ever, ever, never forget and that for many many generations to come, about the illegal invation, then the pillage, terroristic occupation of Irak. And thats pretty much how usally Empires put the noose of their own evil deeds around their neck and end-up strangling themselfs, which signifies their near End, especially those that are based on the economic theft of others are quicker to dismantle. Then follows the People rise, demanding and kicking the occupying empire Out of their lands. Rememder what became of the british empire??…. The Middle-Easterns Demand the occuping empire of Muslim lands, to Get-out, pack its “military” bases that are there to steal Their Oil, to LEAVE and GO HOME. Although ALL powers and greatness Belong to Allah Alone, HE give us as human being the power to rise-up and Stop all evil, wherever it occurs, and thats my friend are the true Great and Power next to Allah’s, and thats what the Middle East/North Africa started on Dec/2010, First to clean local dictators, then foreigh dictators.

    And NO mikey, its NOT “just now” that i’m “realizing” the evil destruction, though soon to be put out of its misery “military” inc, the World knows that fact for decades and decades, i was just making a strenghtening comfirmation for others as i’ve done many many times before, in my previous comments.

  15. sahra,

    thanks, you never fail to bring a smile to my face. no i’m not a neocon, i’m a libertarian. yes many have overestimated much throughout history. we just recently overestimated the intelligence of the iraqi general population. who would have thought they would have been so pissed at us for removing sadam for them? no good deed goes unpunished. just like i wouldn’t expect the libyians to trust or give nato any credit. it’s of no matter to america. but i would wager there are even some syrians right now who would take some nato air support. “Middle East/North Africa started on Dec/2010” welcome to 1776.

    as for our mlitary power compared to god, you’re right if there is a being who can do anything then our aircraft carriers and f-22s are of little consequence. but when compared to any other nation on earth we have a great and powerfull military. although the chinese are rising, i see they are building an aircraft carrier, welcome to the 1930s. but until i see this god in action, i’ll put US might up against any army in the world. as long as our generals don’t get us in a land war in asia. an of course it was a mistake to go into iraq. you never open a war on two fronts if you can avoid it. just ask hitler, operation barbarosa, what a dumbass.


    “About a Genocidal, Coward, Evil, Terrorist, Souleless “military”(which is a disguise name for a terrorist organisation).”…””NO Muslim will ever, ever, never forget” / I’m sure you are right. you keep that hatred burning bright, it’ll keep you warm at night. won’t put any food on the table but i’m sure allah will provide. who knows maybe someday allah willing you will find an american under your knife, maybe even an athiest. a twofer.

  16. Oh, good grief. Doesn’t anyone recognize irony and sarcasm in the service of political commentary any more? Or should these, too, be banned because they might hurt someone’s feelings? I suppose you would you also tear into Jonathan Swift for writing his “Modest Proposal”?

    Get a grip, people.

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