Friday, April 23, 2021   

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Article Archive for October 2011

Muslim ‘terrorist Barbie’ comments slammed
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A Radio New Zealand host’s reference to a “suicide bomber Barbie” doll for the Muslim market has been labelled hateful and divisive.

The Economist’s Epic Fail: Libels Moderate Muslim Leader, Then Offers Half-Baked Apology
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The Economist recently published an article entitled Now is the time on the subject of Tunisia. In that article, they mentioned Rashid Al-Ghannushi, the leader of Ḥizb al‐Nahḍah, the Tunisian Renaissance Party.

Christians Pray for Jesus to Invade Muslims Dreams Before Michigan Becomes an Islamic State
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Lou Engle wants to convert Muslims by invading their dreams, I guess that beats literally invading their countries. (hat tip: M)

Romney Has Called For Firing Of Public Officials For Far Less Than Ties To War Criminals
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As more information emerges about Mitt Romney’s foreign policy adviser Walid Phares, Romney’s campaign, no doubt, will face increasing scrutiny over their decision to hire the outspoken anti-Muslim advocate.

Symi Rom-Rymer: Clergy Beyond Borders Embark on an Interfaith Caravan Trip
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An unusual vehicle is stuck in traffic on the highway from Nashville to Murfreesboro, T.N. It may look like an everyday passenger van but a glance inside tells a different story.

Nashville hotel blocks Zelenik’s anti-Sharia conference
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MURFREESBORO — Lou Ann Zelenik started searching for a new place for “The Constitution or Sharia?: Preserving Freedom Conference” Monday after learning a Nashville hotel canceled its Nov. 11 booking.

‘We’re a culture, not a costume’: Students launch poster campaign against ‘racist’ Halloween costumes
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Halloween is a time for parties, dressing up and having fun with a bit of harmless – but scary – make-believe.

‘Shameful’ graphic novel promotes Islamophobia
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There is nothing subtle about Frank Miller’s newest graphic novel,Holy Terror. The book opens with the quote: “If you meet the infidel, kill the infidel”, which Mr Miller attributes to the Prophet. From there the jingoism, violence and Islamophobia take off.

Man Gets 14 Months for Mosque Vandalism
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by Associated Press

FORT WORTH, Texas – A 34-year-old man has been sentenced to 14 months in federal prison after confessing to vandalizing a suburban Dallas-Fort Worth mosque last year.

Hutton Hotel Says “No” To Pamela Geller, SIOA and Rest of Islamophobiapalooza
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It looks like the Islamophobes have been rejected once again. Queen bee Islamophobe Pamela Geller and her sidekick Robert Spencer have been given the boot by the Hutton Hotel in Nashville.