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Herman Cain Talks To Jay Leno About Muslims In Cabinet

1 October 2011 General 12 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Herman Cain

Herman Cain

During his “Tonight Show” interview, Cain also discussed a previous statement about the potential of having a Muslim work in his administration. HuffPost’s Elise Foley previously reported that “In May, Cain said he would not allow a Muslim to work in his cabinet because of ‘creeping Shariah law.'” The GOP contender later apologized to Muslim leaders for his remarks.

Leno said that Cain’s comment about not appointing a Muslim to his cabinet “doesn’t seem very American.” Cain clarified that he “would not appoint a jihadist” to his administration. He continued:

“I wanted to drive home the point that there are peaceful Muslims, and then there are those that want to kill us. And I basically, when I was asked that question, I did answer, would you appoint a Muslim, and I said no. I was thinking jihadist, and I did not qualify that point, but I qualified it later.”

Cain concluded, “there are a lot of fine, peaceful Muslims that are willing and have served their country.”


Original post: Herman Cain Talks To Jay Leno About Muslims In Cabinet


  1. Herman has the brain of a toothpick.

  2. No sorry I would say that he has no brain at all. I guess he is just trying to show he also has some decayed teeth and can bite the Muslim community with his slanders.

    Mr.Cain we have a wedding next weekend, can we borrow your head to use as a drum, it is hollow inside it would do the job fine. You idiot.

    If we check his origin, he could have had Muslim grand parents. I guess he is not a good reader.

  3. Are you two seriously holding grudges against the man FOR clarifying his statement? I agree, his first statement was in bad taste, but if that’s not the way he truly meant it, then why keep around useless anger at him? It seems very juvenile to me.

  4. Salim

    “Mr.Cain we have a wedding next weekend, can we borrow your head to use as a drum, it is hollow inside it would do the job fine. You idiot.”

    Just stop talking. Even when you’re sarcastic you seem violent.

  5. Here is a Muslim I would not want in my cabinet. There are a lot more but I don’t have the time or space.

    “Khamenei also called Israel a ‘cancerous tumor’ that should be removed.”

  6. Lovethemmoonbats

    I’m not telling you to believe anything, but exactly what do you know about Israel throwing white phosphorous into Gaza, starting a blockade which starved thousands? Israelis and jews aren’t the problem, it’s the gov. Did you know an Israeli soldier laughed in my face and pointed a gun at me at 10? One Israeli soldier tried to pull off my scarf as i walked by, and just type in “Palestine children” on youtube, and see what you get.

    By the way, Palis are both Christian and Muslim. Of course, kiling of children is wrong but if its the religion you don’t like look at the christian kids, they go through the same crap. The Israelis have this thing with “gentiles” especially if their Arab. Muslim or not, what they’re causing these families shouldn’t be allowed.

  7. And I don’t like this Cain dude so much, but at least he knows there are some muslims who are good and serve the country. Like the muslims in the CIA (i know a guy who knows a guy) and in the US army. But Cain should stop acting like so many Muslims want to blow themselves up. Not many do. We like life as it is. We know God’s not gonna send us to Heaven if we kill ourselves. Suicide is haram anyway.

  8. Elle,
    I am not violent and never was, but some people are really taking opportunity to slander all the Muslims like if we were dirt. but again as I told you before i do not have to report to you nor owe you anything, simply do not read what I write. You would live.

    Love Them Moonbats

    DO we have weak hearts, Muslims are insulted day and night you did not worry about that, but you are crying about what Khomeini Called Israel, do you need a towel to dry your eyes?

  9. salim I was watching glenn beck (don’t ask) and he started crying when Muslims lashed at Israel for obvious reasons lol he really got like so emotional I’m like you big baby they kill people for fun and you cry for their sake?

    id have to find the link but it was both funny and disturbing

  10. Yeah Elle please send the link, I want to see that Idiot (Excuse my language) cry. To be honest one would ask did ever this person get sober?

    Anyway Say Al hamdoulillah we are muslims and proud of being Muslims. with all the hatred that is administred against us, still we do not cry like they do.

    Glenn incha Alah will be resurected with Natanyahu and all their clan. Ameen

  11. WOW!!! LOL..Bigots get invided on popular shows now??? Allelluia anti-muslim hate!!!!!!!!!…….And LOL some more, Bibi Natanyahu?? Funny how now a days american politicians are getting lessons from the biggest Terrorist on earth and its apartheid regime.
    Be sure “legal” terrorist bibi would never ever rent a single room in Jews ONLY areas to a person like Cain. AHHH!!! The irony Izzz fvantazzztico

  12. Cain has a good business strategy but the way he talks is always taken as a nonsense shit and that is why most of the people dislike him.

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