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Judge backs schools in suit over ‘Islam is of the Devil’ shirts

3 October 2011 General 20 Comments Email This Post Email This Post
As Wayne Sapp, left, answers questions during a video interview, his daughter, Emily, a student at Gainesville High School, displays the back of her T-shirt. After being brought to the dean's office, Sapp, who attends Dove World Outreach Center on NW 37th Street, was removed from school for wearing controversial attire.

As Wayne Sapp, left, answers questions during a video interview, his daughter, Emily, a student at Gainesville High School, displays the back of her T-shirt. After being brought to the dean's office, Sapp, who attends Dove World Outreach Center on NW 37th Street, was removed from school for wearing controversial attire.

By Cindy Swirko

The Alachua County School Board did not violate the free-speech rights of members of Dove World Outreach Center when students from the church were sent home from school for wearing T-shirts bearing the words “Islam is of the Devil,” a district court judge ruled Friday.

Senior District Judge Stephan Mickle wrote that the U.S. Supreme Court has consistently held that the First Amendment rights of students while they’re in school are not as broad as the rights of people in public forums.

Mickle wrote that school policies to prohibit clothing that can cause disruptions are not a violation of constitutional rights.

” ‘Islam is of the Devil’ presents a highly confrontational message. It is akin to saying that the religion of Islam is evil and that all of its followers will go to hell,” Mickle wrote. “The message is not conducive to civil discourse on religious issues; nor is it appropriate for school generally.”

If Dove World members had worn the T-shirts in a public place other than schools, Mickle added, they would likely be within their rights.

Alachua County school district spokeswoman Jackie Johnson said the T-shirts, which were worn by students at several schools and at a high-school football game, did cause disruptions.

“Our stance was that we have not only the right, but the obligation, to protect children from any potential disruption caused by those T-shirts,” Johnson said. “We did have a couple of situations where disruptions actually did occur.”

Among them were incidents at a Gainesville High-Eastside High football game when a Muslim student felt threatened and called parents to be picked up. Johnson said other parents began to complain, leading to those wearing the T-shirts to be removed from the stands.

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  1. Look at him Bigtty.

  2. That was a good ruling, the parents, children, and church should have known better. The changing of hearts and minds in regard to any faith does not begin with insults. These children thought they were representing Christanity, but instead they, more than likely, soured many peoples views on the religion. Taking a flawed message to school like this where it could have started fights and injuries was further proof that none of the people involved thought through their actions. Dove Ministries need either better leadership or more educated leadership.

  3. of the devil? Islam preaches forgiveness and peace for everything BUT the devil, stupid. really, just stupid.

  4. Criley, This is the true face of the situation and this is history repating itself.

    – In 1099 the crusader killed more than 70 000 Muslims when they entered Jerusalem, even The army leader sent a message to the pope UGUR II and told him our horses are swimming in the blood of the Muslims.

    – In the 15th century when Omar entered al Quds he found the crusader had changed the places of worship places where they collected their trash.

    -Napoleon he turned the Azhar mosque into stables for his horses and where his soldiers used to get pissed. Where is Napoleon today? Where is he? Praise be to Allah, al Azhar Mosque is the eye of the Islamic

    All the other nations despised the jews except the Muslims, and now they are doing this.

    Criley, Muslims do not need teh pitty of anyone, but the blessing of Allah.
    Again as in one of the meaning of on of the verses says that they said the hands of Allah are tied. They do not spare anyone.

    I just highlighted some of historical facts, however even the Christians start seeing the types of venomous people they are. That is the fact.

  5. salim

    Jews aren’t vemonous, not all. some like max blumenthal seethe light alhamdulilah, he has good videos on youtube, ones called “feeling the hate in new york” i think, he’s really cool check him out. anyway, its the sahyuneen, the Zionists and the idiots that follow them.

  6. aside from Israel and stuff, that bigot and his ignorant daughter deserve that and humiliation in front of god, you think it’s silly but imagine on the day of resurrection and your drowning in your own sweat upon seeing God in his thrown listing every single sin you’ve comitted, and calling you out and humiliating you and judging you harshly. I hope all them bigots get that, I hope they experience it and see where they’re headed after the grave.

    Such ignorant jerks

  7. Its very sad to me that people who are practicing bigotry confuse it with Christianity. There is nothing to support their behavior in the words of Christ. People have been dominating and killing in the name of Christ for centuries. It is not what he intended and it is in fact evil. Thou shalt not kill is a tenant of many religions. yet we continue to hurt and kill each other and call it good. How skewed.
    One cannot proclaim religion. One needs to practice it. Few do.

  8. everyone has to read the pbs documentary on Islam, SO good, it explains everything from the Mslim wars to the very beginning to the deat of the prophet’s death and what happened after

  9. *watch

  10. watch the message

    its a movie about the beginning of Islam ad how it spread

    really really good film

  11. Elle,
    Thanks for your advice, I know not all jews are like that, I studied with them and now work with them and we never had a problem. It is the zionist scums that are at the head of this new culture BS. Look We Muslims we are even allowed to marry jewish women, If I was married to a jewish woman would I be telling her “good morning venom Darling I love you”. I meant those who want to see the muslims in a blood path and then go to cry to mommy about what had happened to them, what a pathetic way of life. UGHHHH

  12. Here is a strange one for you.

    I absolutely believe the words on the T-shirt but I would never let my child out of the house wearing it.

  13. moonbat, seriously?? you have a child??? OH! DEAR GOD!!! WHY WHY, have you Put an innocent child in the care of such hatefull sick soul?? but then again God, only you knows the reason, maybe you have a better design for moonbat? so that when he sees he’s child copying his hate, he will soften-up and finally realize that is was Wrong of him to hate fellow humans because of their religion, i sincerly wish that awakening will happen for him or her, Insha-Allah. But for now i cant hepl but feel sorry for the kid.

  14. Yea lovethemmoonbats

    We’re so of the devil. We believe that everyone but Arab Muslims are evil and should be killed. We hate Americans and we call them kaafirs and that’s all we ever preach about in the quran. We worship the devil and call on our pagan moon God Allah to guide us OFF sirat almustaqeem.(the right path) We hate people of all faiths and religions, and we ESPECIALLY can’t stand Jesus. Oh we hate him.

    NO. ^^That is the common misconception everyone seems to believe these days. First of all, Muhammad himself never hated anyone but Satan, and he instructed never to hate anything more than the devil, the epitome of evil. And no, we don’t believe that. we weclome people of all faiths and colors with open arms, or at least we should, the racism thing you sometimes see is very unfortunate and very unislamic. And no one has the right to kill another, why? Allah made every life a precious gift, and only He gives it and takes it away. Murder, especially for no other reason but hate, is disgusting in both Allah’s and the sane muslim’s eyes. We don’t hate westerners, despite what terrorists say. We have Muslim westerners, right? And if you look in the Quran, you’ll see there’s no mention of “westerners=al gharbi”, and those who say kafir means westerner is an idiiot, because the first people to be called kafirs were the very tribe of Muhammad because they were pagans. They had no belief in God or a resurrection. So are people in the middle east, the Quraysh who mocked the prophet day to day, were they westerners? Obviously not. kaafir means unbeliever of God, that simple. Staghfurallah (God forgive me) we do not worship anyone but the Lord and allah isn’t some pagan moon god, ‘allah’ itself is the arabic word for God and christians in the middle east use it, but it stuck with the Muslims because we started out with the Arabs. We also aren’t supposed to hate on people of other religions especially jews and christians because they are like cousins to us, they have similar beliefs in their books. We call them the people of the book, and I agree its sad that Muslims and Christians will attack each other and hate each other but we really aren’t supposed to. Didn’t Jesus (and Muhammad but you wouldn’t believe it) teach love and peace? And last but never least, our beloved prophet Jesus. In Arabic and Farsi AND Aramaic his name is Isa, but we love him and his patient mother Mary. I’m currently reading up on the story of the Virgin Mother, in Islam we praise and revere Jesus, he was a loving soul and a rghteous one. And mary is the only woman in the Quran to get her own surah. Not khadijah or Aisha, both Muslims, but MARY, a jewish woman who bore the Christian savior.

    Anyway, yea thats not surprising. Some people hate Islam but they won’t let their kids broadcast it. Its their bumper stickers that do the trick

  15. @Sallim:

    These shirts have nothing to do with Jews– they’re based of the message of the same Christian pastor who was burning Qurans. Reflexively blaming Israel and/or the Jewish people for everything is no less ignorant than islamaphobia.

  16. ZT

    sorry, me and Salim were carrying on a conversation about Israel and Palestine we started on another article. Hope it didn’t offend you

  17. Allah is above error, Islam is Peace and Peace is Islam, wether you like it or not everybody see Ameria as the most Evil of our time,but there time of destrution is near,the final Victory is for Islam

  18. jamiu,

    “wether you like it or not everybody see Ameria as the most Evil of our time”. whose everybody? wait a second what am i doing. there’s no argueeing with that kind of logic. start training with your weight vest.

    allau akbar.

  19. elle,

    finally got around to watching your video. first you did notice the white hair guy from umass (i think) said what we know has been screened throughout the years. nor did it answer a whole lot of questions. muhammad clearly destroyed alot of cultules though. i noticed the great mosque of damascus was built over the church to john the baptist and the dome of the rock was “prime real estate”.

  20. Freedom of speech has just been taken to far what about peoples feelings. What ever I feel about soneones Religion or anything else would first off being dealt with consideration of the individuals feelings. I would never want to disrespect someone just because our views of something is different. May Allah have Mercy on us all.

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