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Bomb alert over Muslim jogging in weight vest

6 October 2011 General 23 Comments Email This Post Email This Post
Stopped ... Goudarz Karimi and his weight vest

Stopped ... Goudarz Karimi and his weight vest


A shocked student was stopped and searched by armed cops after he was mistaken for a suicide bomber – while out jogging in a WEIGHT VEST.

Stunned Goudarz Karimi, 25, was simply on a mission to get fit when he was forced to remove the 30kg personal training vest so it could be checked for explosives. Officers were called by a concerned member of the public who reported seeing a man wearing what he thought was a bomb suit.

The shocked Iranian was then advised by police to wear his coat over the outfit when using it in the future. He said: “I’m 100 per cent sure that if I was blond with Caucasian skin type nobody would have noticed and said anything about it, but I am of dark skin complexion and from Iran and I’m sure that is related to it.”

Oxford University student Goudarz, who was training in the city at the time, added: “I felt a bit like my rights were violated. The police told me to take my vest off and to go home and I don’t see why I should.”

Original post: Bomb alert over Muslim jogging in weight vest


  1. Shouldn’t this student blame Muslims who actually wear suicide bomb vests for his troubles?

  2. ^Why should he blame them; has there ever been any such incident in this country? that would apply if he were in those countries where that does happen..

  3. It certainly looks like a bomb vest to me. I would have called the cops if I had seen him. The fact that there has been no incident in the US is irrelevant due to 1)our media exposure to individual suicide bombers, 2)the hundreds of thousands of US veterans who are trained to be suspicious of people wearing bulky vests, and 3)our 9/11 experience with suicide attacks.

    The fanatics and jihad crazies are to blame for ALL of the Islamophobia in the US and abroad. They have caused it deliberately, and hope to increase it as Islamophobia serves their evil agenda. All Muslims must unite against them publicly, very visibly, and noisily. Islamophobia, in time, would become a minor nuisance if the faithful would rid themselves of this curse of the extremists.

  4. This is blatant racism that is endorsed by the GOP and Tea Party.

  5. People are just scared. It is why a gym bag left by a bench is swarmed upon by the bomb squad. Overreactions are everywhere even though the need for such reactions do not seem necessary. The man should just continue to Jog and the police should simply tell callers that it has been investigated.

    Then again he could be a crafty Iranian practicing with his weight vest until one day he puts on his real vest and jogs into the crosswalk full of school children and using the name of God becomes the Martyr he has always desired to be, spending his eternity having sex with many virgins as his reward.

    Of course this observation is just pure speculation based upon no facts or past history. It is drawn from simple imagination, and though there are no precursor events that would validate this reasoning we must guard ourselves against all Imagined acts for if we can imagine them the devious terrorist mind will implement them. My solutions are as follows.

    1. Only sell weight vests white American Christians or Atheists
    2. Set up a program to determine the loyalty of African Americans who wish to buy the vests and color code the vests to show they have been vetted. (Black Muslims could be a problem)
    3. Detain and question all non white foreign nationals who have purchased or used such vests in their “purported get fit schemes”
    4. Register and place trackers in all such vests. Using the patriot act demand entry and access to place of residence and storage of such vests by American Security Forces so that we can protect Americans from the foul threats these vests introduce.
    5. Encourage Elementary children and High School students to look for such vests around friends and family and reward them if they find an unregistered vest and turn such vest into police.
    6. Public and school training events to educate the public about the dangers of such vests and the mindset of the foreign and maybe domestic terrorist who is trying to get their hands upon them.
    7. A public service campaign explaining to the public how these measures enhance our freedoms so that law abiding citizens can engage in family activities without the fear of death or injury.

    Of course since I have recognized and put forth a plan to deal with this problem I think I should receive the government contract to deal with such matters as this post makes me the foremost expert on the subject.

  6. To blame Islamophobia on terrorists is like blaming racism against black people on black gangsters. It is in itself racist and taking away from the people who NEED to change, and that is the racists and Islamophobes themselves! I mean, should I cower in fear every time a white man walks by me because I am Native American? Should I call the cops when I see one, fearing that he may take my land? No, because I realize it is stupid and no one really does that anymore. Just like virtually no Muslim terrorists exist on this Land, some may, but the same can be said of virtually any group of extremists and radicals. It is solely the Islamophobes fault as they can stop their hatred, nothing Muslim terrorists or moderates do will change that.

  7. Islamic terrorists are responsible for ALL of the current problems Muslims are experiencing in the West.Until Muslim terrorists started killing innocents and celebrating the murders, people viewed Islam just like any other religion.There have been plenty of incidents and attempted incidents in the US.There was 9/11 in which 3000 Americans were slaughtered by Muslim terrorists. There was the Fort Hood shooting in which a Muslim soldier murdered 13 unarmed soldiers. There was the attempted Time Square bombing, the attempting Christmas tree bombing and the attempted Christmas airplane bombing all by Muslim fanatics.Just because Muslim terrorists have not used bomb vests in American (yet) that doesn’t mean that law enforcement should not guard against that despicable tactic.People used to say no attack was ever carried out in America by an American Muslim until Muslim Americans started carrying out terror attacks.

  8. Concerned,

    so if i see a guy with a push hot dog cart in time square with wires sticking out of it. and i think it could be a bomb. i should ignore it because year to date there has never been a hot dog cart bomb? until 9/11/2001 we had never had planes flown into buildings either.

  9. Why would a terrorist run around with what looks like a bomb vest showing? Wouldn’t they already be covering it in order to sneak attack?

  10. He should not have been out jogging, it is illegal, he should have been home eating to get fat and eventually taxed according to the new fat law. lol.

  11. The reality is that right-wing extremism is more of a domestic terrorist threat than so-called “Islamist terrorism.”

    What if this fellow was a police officer wearing a ballistic vest?
    Black police officers have been killed because they are mistaken for “suspects.”

    Islamophobia, as well as racism, need to be eliminated from law enforcement and security practices. It starts be watching who trains law enforcement and security agents … and realizing that members of the general public may use racist and religious stereotypes when “faced with threats.”

  12. @hera
    once again I direct your attention to muslims “celebrating 9-11” here

  13. @criley401: Your arguments and so called solution are counter productive and would violate the rights of endowed by our beloved government to each of its citizens. I would advise the people monitoring the website to block such people seeing as their opinions do not benefit the conversation and are based on ignorance and islamophobia. Thank you

  14. The comments I have read on this article are troubling. Since when do we blame victims for the injustices against them? What is wrong with you people? Yes, the prominence of Muslim terrorist acts in the world gives Muslims a bad name. But that doesn’t mean that it’s the fault of ALL Muslim individuals!

    Timothy McVeigh. The McNamara brothers. Andrew Kehoe. Theodore Kaczynski, otherwise known as “the Unabomber”. These are just a few of MANY American people who committed acts of terrorism in this country who have no ties to Muslim people. You don’t have to prescribe to Islam to be a terrorist, to kill groups of innocent people with bombs or other weapons. The blatant islamophobia in this country is absolutely disgusting.

  15. hera

    so are you still hating on muslims in that comment or what?

  16. Eslaporte,

    Those are interesting ideas. But how does one determine whether a potential law enforcement trainer is “Islamophobic”? Is there an official “Islamophobia test” one should take prior to acceptance as a trainer? Will there be a government appointed “Islamophobia department” in place to determine one’s level of Islamophobia?

  17. I think people should read for themselves and see if Islam truly teaches peace or hate.

  18. Hey AMuslim: you need to have a sense of humor: The first paragraph conveyed my feelings toward the issue: The rest of the response was sarcastic in nature and was not to be taken seriously. I think most people understood that.

  19. Why is it when a crime is committed by a Christian religion is not mentioned. The truth is America must hate someone yesterday it was blacks and today its the Umma. Throughout the history of America it’s been hate. In the end hate will be Americas downfall.

  20. criley,

    not to stereotype by i don’t think muslims understand satire. or sarcasm. i thought it was hilarious. your shot at spencer and the wasteful spending of the milatary industrial complex or rather what has now become an anti-terrorist post 9/11 industrial complex, was especially clever. you would have thought they would have liked that. lol….
    but don’t be too clever they will block your ip address.

    as for the article. first again i think this is out of england. how come no byline? but my clues are oxford student (could be in america visiting though) and armed cops? aren’t all american cops armed? anyways he says
    “”I’m 100 per cent sure that if I was blond with Caucasian skin type nobody would have noticed and said anything about it, but I am of dark skin complexion and from Iran and I’m sure that is related to it.”” his skin looks pretty light to me, maybe just good lighting for the picture? not sure how many blonds there are in england? aren’t persians caucasians? wonder if they would have stopped andre agassi, he’s of iranian descent? wonder if there is a law suit to follow?


    guess you never heard of 7/7. oh yeah those suicide bombers carried backpacks, big dif i guess. so why aren’t the police stopping every middle easterner with a rucksack, as the brits might say? they need to get their racism down better (sarcasim).

  21. who cares

  22. JDL is a terrorist organization that planted bombs and killed people in the USA.. FBI and law enforcement need to pay attention to those criminals. US Muslim citizens are an integral part of this society no matter how much the zionists and their neocon/ Christian right slaves try to crucify the Muslims in this country.

  23. Shaloom El Falastini,

    jdl has been described as a terrorist organization by the fbi since 2001. what the fbi has to do with a guy in england i have no idea. but hopefully americas law enforcement community can do more than one thing at a time. but then again they missed 9/11 quite badly. too much focuse on elf/alf, i guess?

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