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‘No ragheads’ response to plan for Islamic centre in Illinois town

A notice of public hearing sign marks the Will County site that the Islamic Center of Naperville wants to buy, annex to Naperville and someday build a mosque on. (Chuck Berman, Chicago Tribune / October 7, 2011)

A notice of public hearing sign marks the Will County site that the Islamic Center of Naperville wants to buy, annex to Naperville and someday build a mosque on. (Chuck Berman, Chicago Tribune / October 7, 2011)

‘No ragheads’ response to plan for Islamic centre in Illinois town

Timoth Sylvia, pastor of HOPE United Church of Christ in Naperville, first noticed the signs saying “Vote No to Mosque on 248” early this week.

The signs relate to the possible annexation into Naperville of a 14-acre property on 248th Avenue just south of 95th Street. The land is currently owned by the United Church of Christ’s national organization. However, the Islamic Center of Naperville is working to purchase the land and get it annexed into the city. The site includes a four-bedroom house which United Church of Christ used for offices before moving to its new location at 1701 Quincy Ave. in Naperville this summer. The rest of the property is farmland.

The annexation was discussed on Wednesday night at the Naperville Planning and Zoning Commission meeting. The meeting may have been the spark for those who put the signs up in the area.

Sylvia said he got word Monday that signs had been put up on the property. He said one sign put in the front yard of the property said “No Ragheads on 248”. “It was just disheartening,” he said. There were also signs saying a basic “Vote No to Mosque on 248” on utility poles up and down 248th Avenue, he said, and also along stretches of Route 59 in Naperville.

Naperville Sun, 6 October 2011

See also Chicago Tribune, 7 October 2011


  1. Religious freedoms for all…unles you don’t believe what we do!!!!

  2. Now, this is a clear case of Islamophobia. Good to expose it. Reminds me of the disgusting things being said in the Tennessee case. Fight on!

  3. freedom of religion includes ALL religion

  4. you don’t see Muslims calling nuns ragheads…

  5. freedom of religion is a basic tenant of the american constitution and culture, as is freedom from religion. islam by it’s nature imposes religion on people. i’m not saying don’t let them build a mosque, of course they should be allowed to build a mosque. the more we keep all ideologies out in the open the more we can discuss and choose as a nation how we want to shape our culture.

    “He who fights monsters should see to it that he himself does not become a monster.” — Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil

  6. I agree that signs such as this are insulting but it is still better than having to read a headline such as this which seems to support Mike’s statement.

    Sure it is not America but how often has it been stated in this Forum that Islam allows others to practice their religion. This is reflected in the Afgan constitution “it also proclaims that “followers of other religions are free to exercise their faith and perform their religious rites within the limits of the provisions of the law.” but according to the state department its not happening. I know this is not America but it worries me how much power “fringe Muslims” seem to have in every Muslim dominated state. I do not know what the answer is, though I have given my thoughts toward it in the past, but Islam seems to be its own worst enemy when it comes to generating “Islamaphobia” in any society that has television or daily newspapers.

  7. As a non-theist, I believe that all religions are based on superstitions and myth. That being said, I also feel that if people want to believe in them, then a civilized society should let them. The only difference between Islam and Christianity is believers in each one have different names for their imaginary friends.

  8. elle,

    you’re right i don’t see muslims calling nuns ragheads. in fact i’m sure that no muslim in history has ever uttered a derogatory comment towards someone of another religion or culture. well you did say i was lower than an animal. some might consider that derogatory. personally i thought it was funny. you know what they say, sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me, and if you’re standing next to a suicide bomber you will almost certainly die. no, muslims have shown themselves to be above name calling. they are people of action.

    “Prof Joseph’s sister, Mary Stella – who is a Roman Catholic nun – was with him when the assailants launched their attack with an axe, knives and a petrol bomb.

    “They also attacked our 83-year-old mother before fleeing,” she told the BBC. Both women suffered minor injuries.”

  9. //m2, //m2 is your correct name right? What is your point exactly? If you can find a “Muslim in history” who has ever uttered a derogatory remark then that proves your point that they should be hated and driven out of whatever white Christian utopia you believe you live in? Or was the cheap suicide bomber comment supposed to mean that all Muslims are or support suicide bombers? No one is that stupid. That would be like my saying that all white Christians such as myself support the USA killing over 966,000 innocent people in the Middle East in the past most recent wars to say nothing of the systematic Imperialistic rape of the entire region over the past 30 years by the US and the UK. I’m willing to be you watched the UK and US terrorist attacks from some privileged perch safe somewhere on TV and didn’t lose people close to you like I and many other New Yorkers did, right? Even losing friends and a great priest wouldn’t reduce my brain cell count enough to blame a religion for the acts of terrorists. Hopefully no one is blaming Catholicism alone for the millions the US has killed in the Middle East in recent history.

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