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California: man pleads guilty to attacks on clinic and mosque

10 October 2011 General 2 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

MADERA, Calif. — A Madera County man is facing time in federal prison after pleading guilty to firebombing a Planned Parenthood clinic and to vandalizing a mosque.

Prosecutors say Donny Mower pleaded guilty Friday to arson, damaging religious property and to a law that makes it a federal crime to damage the property of a reproductive health services facility.

In pleading guilty, Mower admitted to throwing a firebomb into the Madera Planned Parenthood Clinic in September 2010. The fire from the device caused more than $26,000 worth of damage.

The 38-year-old Mower also admitted to throwing a brick at a Madera mosque about a month earlier. The brick damaged the facade of the mosque.

Prosecutors say the arson conviction could send Mower to prison for five to 20 years, while he could get one year each on the other charges.

Mower is scheduled to be sentenced Jan. 6.

Original post: California: man pleads guilty to attacks on clinic and mosque


  1. Now let a Muslim fire bomb something and its terrorist this terrorist that front page news but some one other than a Muslim its just arson

  2. salaaam

    remember that norwegian guy that killed 90+ people? Because he “feared Muslim attackers” or something? Imagine he’d been Muslim. Same thing. the word terrorist is now reserved for Muslims, but really it means anyone who terrorizes people or a nation. This guy in Cali I hope he rots in prison. And I hope Bin Laden rots in hell. I think it should go both ways.

    It’s like a redneck who’s calling a Muslim a sand nigger, an AYRAB (a filthy and derogatory way of saying Arab-and keep in mind MOST muslims aren’t even arab) and a rag head if she’s a lady. So we can’t call you a hillbilly, a product of inbreeding, a _______. I feel that word is too derogatory for this page, but its ok for them to call us all those things? Now I don;t think in that racist, and crude manner^^ to call people those things because its rude but here they are saying whatever the hell they want. Imagine if people went around calling every black person a nigger, every german a nazi, and so on. Not right, and it goes the same for Muslims and Arabs.

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