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Conservative Shock Jock Reels Off Islamophobia’s Greatest Hits

10 October 2011 General 4 Comments Email This Post Email This Post
Bryan Fischer

Bryan Fischer

by Ryan J. Reilly, TPMMuckraker

Conservative shock jock Bryan Fischer whipped out his best anti-Muslim rhetoric at the Values Voter Summit on Saturday.

Some highlights:

“Christians and Muslims do not believe in the same God.”

“I believe it’s important that we have a president who understands that Islam is not a religion of peace, but a religion of war and violence and death.”

“Every single Mosque in America is a potential recruiting or training cell for Islamic terror.”

“The greatest long-term threat to our security and liberty is not radical Islam, but Islam itself.”

“This is not Islamophobia, this is Islamo-realism.”

“The more devout a Muslim becomes, the more of a threat he becomes to our national security.”

Video reel:

Reporters caught up with Fischer after his speech, where he was asked about his comments that there weren’t any “Muslim attacks” in America because baseball fans started singing “God Bless America” during the seventh inning stretch instead of “Take Me Out To The Ballgame.”

“We have not had mass casualties,” Fischer explained, “and we’ve had literally dozens of these Islamic terrorist attacks that have been stopped or frustrated. Fort Hood happened because of political correctness.”

I asked Fischer if he credited God with stopping failed terrorist attacks on the country like the attempt by the so-called underwear bomber.

“Why not? You’ve got a better explanation?” Fischer said. “I mean the guy was incompetent,” he continued.

“I’m not saying I know that, I’m just saying maybe we had some help.”

Original post: Conservative Shock Jock Reels Off Islamophobia’s Greatest Hits


  1. Another Idiot

  2. Extremist Christianists if they’re Not stopped, will come to full power in 2012. Mark my word, if this insanity is Not stopped in near future, the US will be on the verge of a civil war, between the radical, Talibangelist Christianists and the Liberals. Just like the old civil war had to happen to liberate the slaves from their forced, cruel chains. This time around i hope the disgusting, bigoted chains of warlords Christianists, that are holding back America and Americans will be broken forever,

  3. Wow, I am a Christian. Am I seeing the makings of Christianaphobia on this website? The man is a radio host that panders to people who worry about this type of thing. It is how he makes his money. He does not represent the views of most active Christians in this country. Sure Christians do not agree with the Islamic religion. If they did they would become Islamic but it does not mean that they want Muslims to drop dead or to take up arms against them. It simply means they disagree it is that simple. Now in many peoples world views it seems that most Muslim countries do not have their act together and are greatly influenced by extreme elements in the Muslim religion. These elements do not talk as much as they act on their beliefs, thus it is scary to some people. Much as you seem to be scared of these extreme Christians. The difference is that we in the U.S. are a secluar society and Christanity does not have the influence and affect that extreme elements in Muslim countries seem to have. You will not be seeing Christian suicide bombers anytime soon, and if one does turn up you will not find christians stating the man did gods will and is now in heaven due to his actions.

    Anyway Sahra try not to become a Christianaphobe over the actions of people who are using religious ideas to make money for themselves. There is a lot of Christians who will say a lot of negative things about the Islamic Religion but would be glad to have you over for dinner and would enjoy your company. Disagreement with a religion and its message does not equate to dislike of its followers or engender any violence toward them. There are always nuts out there and sometimes they cluster up and call themselves something including Christians but it does not make them so and it does not make them grounded in their alleged faith.

  4. criley401

    This Bryan Fischer is scary, because nearly every GOP presidential hopeful, is cozying up to this man, and the “family” assocation that he is part of. It’ not that this man “panders to people who worry about this type of thing:, the danger is that the GOP panders to him and his ilk.

    This man is a racist and a bigot who condones the genocide of non-Christian people. Don’t believe me ? Then google “Bryan Fisher, native Americans” where he launches a rant against Native Americans, claiming that they had no rights because they weren’t Christian. AFA pulled it off their website, (with no explanation or denounciation) but other websites have captured his screed before it was pulled, so you should have no trouble finding this article.

    This man blames gays for the holocaust, claims that the first amendment only applies to Christians, (and Mormons aren’t Christian according to him) and believes that genocide of non-Christians are A-OK. He is no better than the Islamic extremists he condemns, and yet nearly every GOP presidential hopeful is lining up to get interviewed by him on his show, and are pandering to him and his base. THAT IS SCARY.

    I don’t want to live in an America, under Sharia law, and I don’t want to live in American under Christian Dominionism or Christian Reconstructionism either. In other words, I don’t want to suffer death by stoning, wheather it is at the hands of Muslim Extremists, Christian Extremiststs, or any other group of whacko extremists.

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