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Spanish girl thrown out of exam for wearing headscarf

11 October 2011 General 18 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


A Spanish schoolgirl has been expelled from school during an exam after refusing to remove her Islamic headdress or hijab, school officials said.

“They told me to remove it… they humiliated me in front of my peers,” she told El Mundo newspaper.

The 14-year-old girl, who lives in Madrid, decided to wear hijab this summer.

Her parents became outraged by the expulsion and described it an “abuse,” reporting the case to judiciary officials.

This comes while there are no clear guidelines prohibiting the wearing of headscarves in state schools in Spain.

Muslims currently account for just over one million of Spain’s 46-million population.

Muslims in Spain have been witnessing a growing trend of Islamophobia as e hostility towards the expressions of Islamic symbols and practices grows in the European state.

The discriminatory policies on the rise in Spain clearly breach the country’s Law of Religious Freedom, as well as the International Human Rights law.
Original post: Spanish girl thrown out of exam for wearing headscarf


  1. The third world country of western Europe that is only surviving with the help of the rest of Europe is trying to show that it as well is fighting Islam out of Europe. Try to create jobs to fee your children instead of worrying about scarves on children’s heads. stupids they have to go read history and find out the knowledge and justice that was brought to them by the Muslims

  2. My heart is with her, but Spain is also a nation well known for it rampant anti-Jewish sentiment as well. Spain has always been a nation of very narrow minded people who destroyed indigenous peoples in central and south America.

  3. ^^Kerry, does it matter if they hate Jews too? Im not being insensitive at all, I’m saying as a whole, this country as well as other European countries should get a frickin’ grip and understand that Jewish and Muslims should BOTH be treated right. But I don’t see a lot of anti-Jewish sentiment anymore. It’s mostly against Muslims. By jews. I’m sorry, Ms. Berger, but I must ask you….after the Arab Muslim leaders let the Jews back into Palestine after the Romans kicked them out, don’t you think it’s biting the hand that feeds you to hate on an Arab, Muslim or not, people? I mean, from any place, actually? Doesn’t have to be Palestine, and I’m not trying to offend you or anything. I just want an honest opinion.

  4. I am ashamed to be spanish, even in America spanish people are so ignorant. Telling me im trying to be something im not lmbo because I chose Islam over the traditional spanish Religions talk about ignorant. That situation if Allah pleases will only make her wanna wear Hijab more as it did me. Allahu Akbar

  5. salim,

    no doubt their economy is not doing well. but if spain is a third world country, what does that make pakistan? maurtania? afghanastan? somalia???????

    yes i’m sure the spainish are greatfull for islamic justice. i imaging many of them are lining up for their 100 lashes. some for their stonings. don’t they eat more pork per capita then anyone? don’t think your laws took? perhaps they have forgotten the caliphate of cordova? maybe they remember things from 7 year ago and not 700+

  6. m2

    You have to know one thing. All those lashes and Stonings only apply to very certain and very bad crimes, AND AND in the time of the Prophet if you asked for forgiveness from Allah (like real begging on your knees forgiveness from God, you’d have to never do it again and for some you’d have to ask forgiveness from the person you wronged or people) you might not be persecuted, but you will be told to leave, or work it off. Of course, the prophet would see if they had been forgiven from Allah because gabriel would come to him sometimes, so without the Prophetic wisdom, it would be hard to tell, so the caliphates after Muhammad and the first 4 were kinda nuts.

    And that’s why we call them “al khulafa al-rashideen” Which means the righteous caliphates because they had been WITH the Prophet and they knew his judgements by heart and they knew just about everything the prophet would have done because they witnessed it firsthand. Anyway, everyone after Abu baker, Umar, Uthman and Ali were corrupted and thats why you have idiotic govs. like Saudi Arabia. And the bombing thing? You obviously haven’t realized that all the bad stuff “Muslims” do now, pales in comparison to what the Jews and Romans did to Jesus, what the Quraysh did to Muhammad, the Pharoah to Moses COMBINED. And you have to know this is nothing like the REAL Islam. At ALL.

    And I’m not getting the whole 3rd world country Salim….Spain? I mean look at it! Then look at Haiti or something. There’s a BIG difference.

  7. Elle most of us worry about what is happening now and now what happend hundreds of years ago.

  8. I am sorry, the comment should have stated most of us worry about what is happening now and not what happened hundreds of years ago.

  9. alhamdulILlahi Robil alamin for this publication,for I am rest assured that,that young lady has had good deed recorded for her, though it is untold of any citizen of any counry in d world,then it is left for spanish humanitarians to take charge….frm Nigeria

  10. Criley, histroy repeats itself. there are those here in the us calling to put ALL muslims in camps or on boats out of here…. did you know 75% of the muslims here are citisens of the us and most of them were born here? and yet they want to do to the muslims what hitler did to the jews…. does that sound ok to you?

  11. helema not just muslims, christians, and even Jewish Israelis who try to stop them. Muslims aren’t the only victims, that’s what you gotta remember. Oh, and Arab Jews (known as Sephardic Jews) sometimes get attacked in Israel due to some of their complexions, and even something as simple as them saying just one arabic word. I’m sorry I though Jews were supposed to care for each other but I guess the element of hate the Nazis implemented on them is now engraved in their hearts.

  12. Wat I’m saying is it happens everywhere. Christians and Jews who like us are shunned. Anyone who sees our side is unloyal to America, or unloyal to Israel, terrorist haters.

  13. lol I meant terrorist lovers, like they call the ones with sentiment toward muslims terrorist or sand lovers.

  14. elle,

    “All those lashes and Stonings only apply to very certain and very bad crimes” ok, can you name them? i must be reading the wrong material. (that wasn’t too sarcastic was it) but seriously i’ve seen on several muslim websites that you stone a person for three crimes, murder, adultry and apostaty. the last two i don’t think are crimes. adultry is grounds for divorce in most states but that is a civil matter. and agian the opening of the 24th surah prescribes 100 lashes for consensual sex between adults. again i don’t think that is a crime.
    looks like someone disagreed with one of the rightly guided?
    Sahih Bukhari

    Volume 9, Book 84, Number 57:

    Narrated ‘Ikrima:

    Some Zanadiqa (atheists) were brought to ‘Ali and he burnt them. The news of this event, reached Ibn ‘Abbas who said, “If I had been in his place, I would not have burnt them, as Allah’s Apostle forbade it, saying, ‘Do not punish anybody with Allah’s punishment (fire).’ I would have killed them according to the statement of Allah’s Apostle, ‘Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him.'”


    you with salaam? for killing apostates? muhammad was. don’t go against muhammad, there is a great fire in which men(plus women) and stones are the fuel.

  15. salim,

    s & p downgraded spains credit rating today. 4th world here they come. you know what is funny. i think many muslims are happy to see economic troubles in the west. but what is ironic about that is if greece actually defaults with spain and portagul and possible italy to follow, the real suffering will be in subsahara africa first north africa second and india third. then pakistan, china and then the middle east. all the muslims who have been out breeding the infidels will find them selfs in lands that can’t feed them. the non oil exporting countries will have no markets for their cheap labor and gulf states won’t have wheelbarells of cash flowing into the desert. oh yeah throw southeast asia in between pakistan and china. be careful what you pray for.

  16. To M2, juts so you know medival chrisitan spaniards used to kill does who converted from Christianty, they would encircle them and throw javelins at them…until they died.

    In medival spain at least in some cases each religion had their own law. And as you obviosuly know, stoning adulterers is a biblical punishment.

  17. swed,

    i believe it. ..strange given their long history with the javelin, i don’t see a spaniard among the top performers? must be their third world training facilities holding them back.

    but seriously, do you think that it is a good thing for modern nations to have multiple sets of laws? so if the muslims in dearborn want to create an “islamic court”, they should be allowed. so you think an islamic court should be allowed to lash or stone (“god’s” punishments) someone as a punishment. maybe you aren’t familiar with the american constitution? but there are a couple of clauses that stand in the way of such a thing. seperation of church and state, and cruel and unusual punishment.

    yes stoning (rajm) is biblical and islamic. muhammad orders the stoning of people in several hadiths. and one of the “rightfull guided caliphates” is reported to have said that rajm was revealed to the prophet and it should have been in the koran. and he is worried that it will be forgotten, and that muhammad and the companions carried out the punishment and that muslims should continue to do so.

  18. elle,

    how do you translate zina? do you think the 24th surah abrogated stoning? it’s funny in muhammad asad’s translation and explaination he claims in the preface that there is no abrogation in the koran. but then he translates zina as both adultry and fornication, thus appearently abrogating rajm from the hadiths?

    salaam or salim,

    didn’t one of you once say you know what you get with islam, that’s why it’s the fastest growing religion?

    check that it wasn’t a caliphate just a companion, Ubada b. as-Samit. my bad.

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