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Fake Nigerian Christians Burnt Alive Photo Resurfaces on Facebook

19 October 2011 12 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Fake Nigerian Christians Burnt Alive

Fake Nigerian Christians Burnt Alive Photo Resurfaces on Facebook

It looks like the myth that Geller was pushing some months ago about Muslim hordes incinerating Nigerian Christians is resurfacing once again, this time on Facebook.

A blog by the name of Waffles at Noon covers the re-emergence of the photo:

A horrifying photo has surfaced on Facebook, one that claims the dead, charred bodies in the photo are Christians burnt alive by Muslims in Nigera. A common caption reads reads:

Christians burnt alive by Sunni Muslims in NIGERIA…(Posted by Jillian Becker in Africa, Arab States, Christianity, Christians burnt alive by Sunni Muslims, Islam, Muslims, jihad)…..PLEASE SHARE IT OR JUST UPLOAD YOUR OWN…BUT SOMEHOW SPREAD IT IF YOU’RE EVEN 1% CHRISTIAN — It is still not over yet! —

Waffles goes on to cite our piece from April that points out the fact that the picture is a fake.

Below is our post exposing the absurd falsity of attempting to pass the Congo gas tanker explosion as an example of Nigerian sectarianism.


Pamela Geller Watch: Ties Gas Tanker Explosion in Congo to Electoral Violence in Nigeria

Pamela is claiming in a blog titled, Nigeria: Muslim Hordes Mass Slaughter Christians that a gruesome picture is evidence of Muslim violence against Christians in Nigeria (be warned the picture is gruesome):

A terrible and horrifying picture indeed.

Pamela brags that she wrote about it “first” back on April 19, and then wonders “why” is America fighting in Libya to restore a “universal Caliphate?”


It turns out however that the above picture is not evidence of some “Muslim rampage” in Nigeria! The charred bodies are a tragic result of a tanker explosion in the CONGO!! A whole other country the last time I checked! Here is the evidence from (I give you the Google translation since it was originally in French):

The explosion, on July 3, a tanker in the town of Sange, South Kivu, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) has resulted in 235 deaths.

Here is the original French language report where you will also find more pictures: RDC : les images atroces du drame de Sange au Sud-Kivu

You will also see an interesting picture of Muslim UN soldiers, possibly from Pakistan helping to respond to the tragedy.

Here is a report from Reuters with some more pictures:

(Reuters) – At least 230 people were killed when a fuel tanker overturned and exploded in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, unleashing a fire ball that tore through homes and cinemas packed with people watching World Cup soccer.

Officials said on Saturday the explosion late on Friday also injured 196 people, adding that the death toll could rise.

They described scenes of devastation in the town of Sange, where houses were burned and bodies littered the streets. Some people died while trying to steal fuel leaking from the tanker, but most were killed at home or watching World Cup soccer in cinemas.

Many of the bodies were charred beyond recognition.

United Nations helicopters began airlifting injured people to hospital, while Congo’s army, which lost a number of men in the blast, has sent soldiers in to help with the rescue.

“Our latest numbers are 230 dead and 196 injured,” Madnodje Mounoubai, a spokesman for the U.N. mission, said. Congo’s government also gave the same number of dead.

Marcellin Cisambo, governor of South Kivu province, where the incident took place, said the blast occurred when the fuel truck overturned, leaked fuel and then later exploded.

It was not immediately clear what caused the initial accident or later blast, but local people said the truck, which was part of a convoy, stopped when the road seemed to crumble, toppling the vehicle and spilling fuel. Fire then erupted.

“It’s a terrible scene. There are lots of dead bodies on the streets. The population is in terrible shock — no one is crying or speaking,” Jean-Claude Kibala, South Kivu’s vice governor, said from Sange, which is between the towns of Bukavu and Uvira.

“We are trying to see how we can coordinate with (the U.N.) to manage the situation and how to take the wounded to hospital,” he added.


Roads in the area are notoriously bad after years of war and neglect in the vast central African nation.

“Some people were killed trying to steal the fuel, but most of the deaths were of people who were indoors watching the (World Cup) match,” Cisambo said.

There have been numerous similar accidents across Africa, where crowds gather around fuel tankers involved in crashes, only for the tanker to explode.

Millions of football fans across Africa were watching Ghana, the continent’s last team in the World Cup, play Uruguay in the quarterfinals of the tournament on Friday evening.

For many, who have no electricity at home, makeshift cinema halls are the only option for watching the football.

“My children were watching the football match in the cinema and then they ran out to see the petrol,” said Kiza Ruvinira, who lost three children and his sister-in-law in the blast.

“I went out to see what happened and I found my three children’s bodies myself. I don’t know how to go on.”

Mubaya Mumasura also lost three family members: “I don’t know what to do with myself I am so sad. I want the government to assist all the victims and help us.”

Congo’s weak government has difficulty providing even the most basic services, so U.N. peacekeepers began airlifting some of the wounded to nearby hospitals and aid workers were called in to help with medical treatment.

“The national Red Cross is working on collecting the bodies and taking them to the morgue, but the priority is obviously to take the wounded to the hospital,” International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) coordinator Inah Kaloga told Reuters.”

Kaloga said aid workers were trying to identify bodies before they were buried, but many were completely charred.

“It’s a catastrophe,” said Captain Olivier Hamuli,” spokesman for Congo’s military operation in South Kivu, adding that 13 soldiers had been injured and another 10 were missing.

The Kenyan driver of the truck is being held by the police.

Alain Ilunga, deputy CEO of Congo’s storage and distribution company, which is already investigating the incident, said the truck was carrying 49,000 liters of petrol at the time.

(Writing by David Lewis; editing by Ralph Boulton)


  1. Way to cheapen 230-odd person’s deaths, Pammy.

  2. yes, the picture was misidentified by “The Hive Daily” and others were misled but the fact remains, muslims are slaughtering Christians on a daily basis in muslim majority countries and many times that includes burning alive.

    “NIGERIAN HORROR: Charred corpses line the roads after radical Muslims go Nuts
    ****CORRECTION ON PICTURE: It has come to our attention that the below featured picture of the charred bodies is not related to the below news story. They are separate events. We apologize for this mistake. Please link to here to view the story related to the picture: We thank our readers for the heads up****”…..from ‘The Hive Daily”

  3. Anonymous,
    Yeah right. U are most definitely not sorry. You continue to support people like Pamella Geller who purposely spread misinformation for the sake of demonizing Islam. She is quick to blame the Muslims, without confirming her sources. She has continued to do this, and continues to do this, and unless strong evidence comes back to bite her, she will never admit she is wrong. You still support her? Why? She doesn’t care about human rights, she is just out to get Muslims.

  4. strange to make up news. all you have to do is read the real news and you will see muslims killing muslims and non-muslims all the time. hell they blow up a mosque in pakistan almost every month.

  5. Whoa M2,
    You really have no idea what a terrorist is. I guess the word Muslim and terrorist mean the same in your dictionary. At least I know how limited your vocabulary is now. The proof that they are killing Muslims and non-Muslims should show you they are not really Muslims. But I guess your hatred has blinded you like anonymous.

  6. Don’t know what’s the truth but anyhow humanity and morality are lacking these days among people and these are especially so in African, Arabic and some part of South Asian countries where females and poor people are tortured, killed, burnt, suppressed, oppressed, murdered, harassed and so forth in the name of religions, cultures, customs, and tradtions. Instead of this, we have to promote the culture and religion of humanity, morality and love and affection. It seems to me that our early schooling at the household and societal levels are very poor I suppose because we don’t teach to our childre what things need to be done and what not, mainly moral education is lacking in our parenting system.

  7. This is a warning bell for us… We need to understand that no religion teaches to kill……..

    We need to accept the fact… That the one who commits crime is only a criminal..not a Muslim, nor a Hindu, neither a Christian.

    Hope People understand the fact….

  8. Its not about islam or christianity……its all about international politics….now for oil
    …nd probably for water after yrz..

  9. Its really a matter or shame on our part…that we blame other religions i.e. Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Hindus, Jews,…etc.etc…. but we never blame the people responsible for this. We blame our neighbours, but we never blame our son who became a ‘bad boy’ over the period… We have become insensible stones because of our insecurity and always wanted someone to be blamed for our idioticies and inefficiencies… so sad !

  10. you must read this.

  11. I have checked this story I found that this is the picture of fuel tanker accident in Congo. The news of Christians and Muslims clashes is totally base less, a rubbish.
    please check this link for complete story

  12. Its not fake. Here’s an example of what these savages are capable of;

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