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AlJazeera English: Footage Shows a Dead Muammar Gaddafi

20 October 2011 10 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

AlJazeera English: Footage Shows a Dead Muammar Gaddafi

When NATO backed rebels entered Tripoli in late August, it spelled the end of the Gadaffi regime. His reported death today marks the symbolic end of the Gadaffi era. There is no shadow of a doubt that Gadaffi was a dictator, that much is clear from numerous human rights and amnesty reports.

Now marks a new beginning for Libya.

Unlike the Egyptian revolution, the Libyan uprising was tainted by Nato’s involvement; it was not a victory purely by the people, of the people and for the people. It is hoped that the forces of self-determination and true democracy will prevail over those trends that are either open to, or already have been co-opted by foreign interests.

Needless to say, the Islamophobes are already instigating the doomsday scenario. Robert Spencersays in a blog post titled, “Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Gaddafi has been captured”:

It is likely that the new America-backed regime will compete with the Gaddafi regime in its hatred for America and the West, and become noted for being even more anti-American than he was.

It goes without saying that one should take Spencer’s words with a heavy grain of salt, after all such pessimism on his part is born not out of a true analysis of Libya as it is today but out of a deep seated hatred for Islam and Muslims. For Spencer Muslims can only ever live under dictatorship and oppression.

Footage shows Gaddafi’s bloodied body

Footage obtained by Al Jazeera shows the body of the former Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi following his death in Sirte.

Al Jazeera has acquired exclusive footage of the body of Muammar Gaddafi after he was killed in his hometown, Sirte.

Abdul Hafiz Ghoga, vice chairman of Libya’s National Transitional Council, confirmed that the ousted leader had been killed on October 20, 2011 near Sirte.

“We announce to the world that Muammar Gaddafi has been killed at the hands of the revolutionaries,” Ghoga told a news conference in Benghazi.

The news came shortly after the NTC captured Sirte after weeks of fighting.


  1. There’s not much to celebrate because what’s waiting in the wings is much worse.

  2. In a normal world they take the prisoner to a hospital where he can recover from his wounds. After the recovery he is then charged, incarcerated and then tried for his crimes. If the death penalty is an option and Muammar is sentenced to death, then so be it. In the civilized world vigilante justice is wrong.

    Congratulations Barack and Hillary, these are the murderous thugs that now run Libya.

  3. Annonmous, Thanks for your negative side, I guess had a serious lack of affection when you were a kid.

    Love Them Moonbats: I guess you have father mother tortured in front of yourself then buried under concrete!

    In a civilized world?? is water boarding techniques used by the CIA accepted method? Until now I thought we are living in a civilized world. SO do some maths before to start jumping in your pants.

  4. You’re welcome Salim but forgive me, I know the truth often hurts.

  5. “Islamic Sharia law would be the “basic source” of legislation in the country and that existing laws that contradict the teachings of Islam would be nullified.”

    And so the islamic horrors begin, that didn’t take long, did it?…………. Told you so.

  6. Salim, your post does not make any sense to me. I never said anything about waterboarding. Do the math? What are you talking about?

    I sense a lot of hate in your tone.

    Could it be the magic mushrooms you have been putting in your salad? I thought that was a no-no.

  7. Love ThemMoonbat,
    No hate in my tone, did not mean to make it sound as such, however the waterboarding was an example that even the USA which is supposed to be a developped country, they cross the lines! it was an example to for you.

    YEah I do eat muchsrooms, and I do not recal I am allergic to them

  8. OOoh, legalized polygamy, no interest and sharia….I’m ever so glad we helped Libya with “democracy”…./sarc off

  9. salim,

    moonbats is talking about pyscodelic mushrooms. doubt you’ve eaten them.

  10. OUCH!!!!!

    “In recent days, images have emerged from video footage of the moments after Col Gaddafi’s capture that appear to show him being sodomised with a pole or knife.”


    why are the libyians asking nato to stay?

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