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Hannity Hosts Anti-Muslim “Hate Group” Leader To Analyze Events In Middle East

22 October 2011 General 4 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

by Terry Krepel

On the Friday edition of his Fox News show, Sean Hannity invited Pamela Geller, head of the anti-Muslim group Stop the Islamization of America, to discuss events in Libya and the Middle East. The Southern Poverty Law Center identifies Geller’s organization as an anti-Muslim “hate group,” and Geller herself has an extensive history of hate speech and extremist rhetoric — both of which she brought to her Hannity appearance.

Geller engaged in her usual anti-Muslim ranting, declaring that Sharia law “discriminates against women and non-Muslims, it restricts the freedom of speech and freedom of conscience.” After being asked by Hannity how many Muslims are radicalized, Geller replied, “I don’t think they’re radical, I think they’re devout.” She seemed to think Moammar Gadhafi had been doing just fine as Libya’s leader: “I think we have to question why we went into Libya. Libya had, after the Bush doctrine, abandoned their unconventional weapons, abandoned their WMD, was selling oil to us, less than the Saudi Arabians. I mean, why did we go into Libya then? Why didn’t we go after the real devil?”

That “devil,” apparently, is Iran. Geller declared that Iran was “the only site of the real Arab revolution,” with protesting women in “lipstick, high heels, lipstick, and hijab.” (Most residents of Iran are ethnic Persians, not Arabs.) She then outrageously asserted that President Obama “did nothing, he mowed them down in the street.”

Hannity, meanwhile, joined in the extremist spirit, phrasing the question of how the United States works with the post-Mubarak government in Egypt as, “How you do think with evil people? What do you say, ‘Please be nice? Pretty please? Sugar on top?’ ” Hannity then said, “You know what I would do if I was President Obama? I would join with Israel and knock out Iranian nuclear sites tomorrow.”

Original post: Hannity Hosts Anti-Muslim “Hate Group” Leader To Analyze Events In Middle East


  1. Geller has been on Hannity and the Fox Business Network many times that’s nothing new. She’s also correct that sharia discriminates against women and non-Muslims while restricting freedom of speech and freedom of conscience. One need only look at countries where sharia forms the basis of the law to see how women and non-Muslims are treated.Women imprisoned or whipped for being raped. Death for leaving Islam or criticizing Islam.

    Geller is also correct about Libya.As bad as Gadhafi was there are real questions about the new “leaders” of Libya.Contrast the capture of Saddam by US troops with the capture of Gadhafi by the mob in Libya. Saddam was pulled out of a spider hole, put on trial and executed. Gadhafi pulled from a drain pipe beaten to a pulp, driven around like a hood ornament before being shot in the head.Libyan have been seen posing for pictures next to Gadhafi’s corpse. I remember Muslims complaining when footage was shown of Saddam being examined by a US doctor I’ve seen no such complaints by Muslims about the footage of a bloody beaten Gadhafi. I don’t care that Gahafi is dead though I think its interesting to note the contrast in the response by Muslims to a man being examined by a non-Muslim doctor and a man being executed by Muslims.

  2. If there’s one thing about Pamela, it’s that she does her best to always present the truth. And rant she does, who wouldn’t when they see their country being attacked from within on a daily basis. But her rants are not anti-muslim, like most of us her rants are anti-islam. She is not a bigot she is a warrior who fights to protect her country and it’s freedoms and for that I applaud her.

  3. Anonymous,
    I see…she is anti-Islam…not anti-Muslim. I can see clearly now that Pamella is a racist because she seems to think Muslims are an ethnicity like Jews. That is totally wrong. We are called Muslims because we believe in the revealation of the Quran and our religion is Islam. You can be black, brown, yellow, red, or white and it does not matter. She obviously doesn’t realize her own mistake (yet again) that a practicing Muslim follows the teachings of the Quran. OF COURSE YOU ONLY look at the 1% that sounds violent, but taken completely out of context. In Islam, we are told to worship One God, give regular prayer, give regular charity, be good to our parents, the orphans, and the travelers. To not transgress, to adopt forgiveness and ignore the ignorant.

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