Sunday, July 25, 2021   

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Queensland: mosque protest turns ugly with pig’s head posted on fence

Queensland: mosque protest turns ugly with pig’s head posted on fence

The battle to stop a mosque being built in a Gold Coast hinterland estate is turning nasty, with a pig’s head posted on a fence and signs publicising the Islamic project vandalised. The Sunday Mail believes police were called after a pig’s head splattered with red paint was hung on a fence at the site.

The incident has sparked fears of a protracted hate campaign against the Muslim community. The words “terrorists” and “Go back to Afghanistan” were scribbled across planning signs outside the property in Alkira Way at Worongary. A resident, who asked not to be named, told the Sunday Mail: “This place will become a war zone. There are old people living here who are scared.”

Police at Mudgeeraba were called to remove the pig’s head and have spoken to residents about the unrest in their quiet rural suburb. “We’re aware of an incident at that address. We are continuing to investigate,” a police spokesman said.

Sunday Mail, 23 October 2011


  1. I find it funny that people always put a pig head on something when they don’t want Muslims to do something they act like a pig is like a cross in the old vampire movie’s

  2. Thats terrible

  3. This is too ignorant for words!

  4. A real pig’s head? That’s revolting! A pig’s head isn’t something you can just go buy; you have to actually go and kill a pig to get it. I can never understand how a person can harbor enough hatred to commit such a grotesque, hands-on act against someone.

  5. Muslims are operating in stealth mode; they have a hidden agenda and a large number of them have gloated in saying that they will succeed in their mission to islamise australia and, indeed, the world! Islam is not a peaceful religion; in fact it is more than a religion, it is a political movement! Do your research, open your eyes, look at the atrocities that are committed in the name of Allah. Democracy is considered evil by islamists. We are considered the “infidels” and we are frowned upon; muslim children are taught to hate westerners. Honour killings are taking place all over the world. Christians are being killed in Egypt by muslims. Islam is forceful and does not tolerate people of other religions. It forces itself onto people; you are given a choice of either converting to islam or dying. The writing is on the wall and people need to wake up to themselves before it is too late. Sharia law is already being implemented in australia, the muslims are now wanting to introduce the full extent of sharia law in australia; look that up and find out what it entails.

  6. Go live in Lakemba for a week and see if PC views change … Besides that , an Holly animal ( to Muslim ) will not stop a mosque being built .. They will just clean it up and bless the ground again …

  7. Sharia law is already being implemented here in australia in the form of halal livestock slaughtering in which animals are NOT stunned; they are slashed in the throat and then hung upside down by one leg to bleed slowly to death! There is no excuses for this macabre treatment of animals in this day and age but muslims demand it based on their religious beliefs which are based on outdated scriptures given that stunning was not in existence a few hundred years ago! Meat purchased at Coles & Safeway is halal BUT it does not carry the halal logo so unsuspecting consumers are purchasing meat that has been slaughtered in this cruel manner; meat that has been blessed in the name of Allah; that is egg on the face of Christians and atheists alike for obvious reasons! Other food products being sold are also halal and consumers are having to pay a higher price for a supposed “minority.” Muslims have complained about Santa Claus, the crucifix, the national anthem, serving of bacon at public functions, xmas carols, wanting to hire a public pool for only themselves so councils have had to have special muslim days where westerners are not allowed to attend, need we remind you of the Cronulla riots; there is so much proof that muslims cannot and will not assimilate. Do your research and awaken yourself to the reality that is Islam.

  8. If the politician’s would listen to the people , they wouldn’t have to resort to such nonsense. Some still believe pork will stop the occupation. They are deluded.

  9. I love it lol Go little piggies go 🙂

  10. Those muzzies have picked the wrong country to try and takeover, us Aussie’s will always fight for freedom, but come on the pigs head is funny. It had to be a real pig otherwise the muzzies would not have been insulted lol

  11. It’s always amazing to me when ignorant non Muslims speaks about the “agenda” of Islam. Apparently all
    Of the churches in the Muslim world are really just fake buildings….lol. I lived in Senegal for 5 years.
    Never saw any hate crimes against any non Muslim and Senegal is 98% Muslim….lol. stop being so
    Stupid. I am a revert to Islam…it just makes more sense than ANY other faith out there, but you
    Won’t know as long as you are too afraid to check it out….:)

  12. @Jayden:

    I’m not here to contradict your beliefs. As far as I’m concerned, you may believe whatever you want. My question is: What do you plan to do about it?

    If you really think that Muslims are trying to take over the world, what do you have planned to stop them? Are you going to kill them? Try to humiliate them out of your country with threats? Basically do everything you can to terrorize them?

    Do you see what that kind of thinking leads to? And why people on this site are concerned by people who think that way?

  13. kara,

    what makes you think you can’t buy a pigs head from a buther?

  14. Debbie,

    “it just makes more sense than ANY other faith out there”, maybe so. but that doesn’t necessarily mean it makes a whole lot of sense.

    as for “Never saw any hate crimes against any non Muslim and Senegal is 98% Muslim”. looks like the joe’s were spreading corruption.

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