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‘We’re a culture, not a costume’: Students launch poster campaign against ‘racist’ Halloween costumes

25 October 2011 General 49 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


Halloween is a time for parties, dressing up and having fun with a bit of harmless – but scary – make-believe.

But a group of college students are taking a stand against some costumes which, they say, can cause hurt and humiliation to people from minority ethnic groups.

Students Teaching Against Racism in Society, an Ohio University student group, have created a poster campaign to highlight the racial stereotyping all too common in Halloween party dress.

'We're a culture, not a costume': This campaign to counter racist Halloween fancy dress was created by a student group at the Ohio University called Students Teaching Against Racism   Read more:

'We're a culture, not a costume': This campaign to counter racist Halloween fancy dress was created by a student group at the Ohio University called Students Teaching Against Racism

The campaign, headlined ‘We’re a culture, not a costume’, shows images of people of different ethnic groups holding up images partygoers whose costumes they say lampoon their cultures.

Above each image, the posters read: ‘This is not who I am, and this is not okay.’

They have provoked an online row over whether the costumes are actually racist, or whether they are just in good fun.

One blogger who wrote about the posters two days ago had to disable comments on her website after she got 3,000 views and comments from ‘rude, racist people.’

On the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind blog, Melissa Sipin wrote of the campaign: ‘These posters act as a public service announcement for colored [sic] communities.

‘It’s about respect, human dignity, and the acceptance of other cultures (these posters simply ask people to think before they choose their Halloween costume).’

She added: ‘What these costumes have in common is that they make caricatures out of cultures, and that is simply not okay.’

‘This is not who I am, and this is not okay’: The posters highlight the crass racial and cultural stereotypes that emerge in Halloween fancy dress each year

One poster shows a young Arab-American man holding up an image of a Halloween reveller wearing Arabic dress and a suicide bombers vest.

Another shows a Native American man holding a picture of two women with paint on their faces and feathers in their hair holding a sign reading, ‘Me wantum piece [sic]… not war.’

A third poster shows an Asian American woman holding up a picture of a woman dressed as a Japanese geisha girl, with silk kimono and heavy white foundation.

On the Huffington Post, where the story has also been reported, website comments were split over whether the costumes could be judged offensive.

Many could see nothing wrong with dressing according to racial stereotypes: A user going by the screen name Masterkcb1 wrote on the site: ‘People need to get a sense of humour, and quit taking everything so seriously.

‘If I can’t dress like a bandito then nobody can dress like a ghost because I don’t have a tan and I find it offensive.’

Original post: ‘We’re a culture, not a costume’: Students launch poster campaign against ‘racist’ Halloween costumes


  1. For goodness sakes get over yourselves. Little kids have been imitating ethnic costumes for decades on Halloween. Enough of the oh so tender feewings. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. I’m sick to death of all the whining. If North American culture is so darn difficult to tolerate there are alternatives.


  3. It is NOT okay. I find it HIGHLY offensive when people wear feathers and other bull like that trying to play Indian and cowboys. Poking fun at centuries of genocide and oppression are NEVER okay. It is racism, and just because some people have never felt it and don’t know a damn thing about it does not mean that everyone should just “relax”.

    Commercializing stereotypes and racism is not okay, it is disgusting.

  4. Allow me, please.

    “For goodness sakes get over yourselves.”
    First, way to not employ a comma in between “sakes” and “yourselves.” This small introduction proved more about your inner workings than anything else.

    “Little kids have been imitating ethnic costumes for decades on Halloween.”
    I dressed up as a lot of things. A cowboy. A Ghostbuster. A Ninja Turtle. Hell, I even dressed up as a homeless guy. But not once did I dress like any of these signs, because I found it to be in poor taste. What you personally think about it is irrelevant, and the American freedoms that you’re obviously trying to champion (without directly stating so) have more to do with exercising your own self-restraint than proud reckless abandon. Dressing yourself up as a caricature of something like a puerile racial/sociological stereotype isn’t cool, it’s just plain stupid, and frankly, only a stupid person would find that to be okay. There’s no wit involved, and only a knuckle-dragging Neanderthal finds beating people over the head with clubs interesting. In fact, there’s a great costume idea for you. You’re welcome.

    Oh, and if any kid was allowed to do so, their parents have issues.

    “Enough of the oh so tender feewings. Imitation is the highest form of flattery. I’m sick to death of all the whining. If North American culture is so darn difficult to tolerate there are alternatives.”

    If imitation is the highest form of flattery, then I’ll act like you: you’re what’s wrong with North American society, so please leave. It’s people who share your insular, closed-to-everyone-but-yourself mindset that makes American culture to easy to look down upon by the rest of what would be a more civilized world by comparison. If you don’t think that’s true, and that people are more xenophobic and flat-out disrespectful in other countries than the U.S., then you should be doing more than talk about taking the high road. You should actually take the high road if you truly believe that, and see that your mindset makes you look like, for lack of a better, more appropriate term…a douche.

    I hope you found that flattering.

  5. @anonymous. This mocking of other cultures is bad because the people who are doing it are doing so out of sheer ignorance. I understand your comment and I completely agree but with one condition. The people who wear such outfits must be able to explain the culture behind the outfit. Obviously most people cannot fulfill this criteria which makes all of the racial/ethnic costumes fall.

  6. BOO!(frikken) hoo….

  7. I disagree, people do not have to explain anything about a culture they are dressing up as. Some people just want something to be upset about. People dress up as many things. Dressing as a Suicide bomber is not culturally insensitive its simply having some fun with a serious topic. Dressing as an Indian does not indicate any racisim it simply means that indians capture peoples imagination and its fun to dress up. As to the language used with the dress up its making more fun of old television more than it is Indians. The world is out there and people are going to emulate things and people(s) they find interesting, scarey, endering, challenging, or whatever. Sure some people may be raciest but they are a tiny few and they come in all colors, ethnic, and cultural backgrounds.

    I think the group making these posters are misguided. I would not be suprised if the group was sitting around thinking of something they could do to make themselves known and one of the students had this idea and the group just ran with it. I say dress up and enjoy, and if you happen to meet someone who does not like your costume ask them why and talk about it. Lets face it the number of people upset about this issue is, more than likely, going to be even smaller than the number of people who dress up for the purpose of upsetting any particular group.

  8. So my son is half Mexican, and for one Halloween, I dressed him up in cultural Mexican attire. There was nothing mean spirited about it. When he was running I told him to hurry up to cross the border. It wasn’t because I don’t like Mexicans- obviously I don’t dislike Mexicans, I have a baby with one.

    I think it’s the manner that it’s portrayed. If I strapped a bottle wrapped in a brown paper sack and told him to act drunk I could see why that would be offensive.

    My joke I made about crossing the border was funny because it’s a joke about something that’s not funny at all. Sometimes humor is a coping mechanism.

    I do applaud these students though- if they really are offended by these costumes it’s good that they say so. And if I were black I would be hella offended by the “black girl” costume up there. So it just seems really subjective to me.

    If I saw someone dress up as a valley girl or a Stepford wife or white trash (or any other stereotype associated with white women)I would not be overtly offended.

  9. I think stuff like this is quite subjective. Opinions on where the line should be differs from one person to another. Take for example, if someone were to make light of incidents like 9/11. I’m sure majority of Americans would be quick to speak up and deem that inappropriate and would not find any humour in that. It’s similar to this really. Some people feel like it’s inappropriate because it’s personal to them. To each their own

  10. @/ Wow . Really?

    Thank you for your arrogant and smug appraisal. I may not be perfect, but I seldom resort to ad hominem attacks instead of a good argument. Name calling only makes the user appear ignorant.

    And I’m with “Susannah”

    BOO! (frikken) hoo!

  11. ima hold a pic of a white guy dressed as a zombie cause im white and that isnt what i am.i mean really.this campaign is a joke.a bunch of PC idiots who are nothing but prudes.

  12. people arent dressing up to mock a culture..they are dressing up because thats what you do on HALLOWEEN..doh

  13. What are all you wet backs slant eyed towel head spear chuckers crying about we are just having a little fun degrading you and your culture while we celebrate the pagan holidays

  14. Just a note: Islam is a religion not a culture. I don’t agree with demeaning costumes, cultural, religious, political or otherwise. But this is an important distinction as it opens up an entire realm of people who could be offended by costumes.

  15. Salaam is that sarcasm? Who would have thought?

  16. That’s it, the first kid dressed up as a suicide bomber on Monday night gets twice the candy!

    Lighten up you dopes, it is Halloween!

  17. When you get butthurt by the small things like this, it makes the big things seem less important. Kind of like crying wolf.

  18. where’s the classic pregnant nun costume?

    so you’re telling me there are no black gangsters? no geishas? native american’s never put feathers in their hair or paint on their faces? never been an arab suicide bomber? never been bandito’s?

  19. Anonymous and to others who agree with him,
    If children are taught to dress up like this than it only proves they are being fed stereotypes. If you only listened to stereotypes and people who say bad things about other peoples cultures you only learn to hate (like someone I know). Suppose I dressed up as an African American with raggedy cloths, cuts and bruises, with the words nig*** printed across my chest? Yeah and bombs strapped to an Arab is not. Bad example? yeah, only because no one is racist enough to do that in today’s world because that is racism against African Americans and people are careful not to insult them like that. U should do the same.

  20. @ Muhd

    In all my years, I have never ever seen anything close to what you describe, someone “dressed up as an African American with raggedy cloths, cuts and bruises, with the words nig*** printed across my chest”. In fact I’ve never seen anyone dressed up as a slave. It simply tasteless and who in their right mind would wish to open themselves to all sorts of contempt? Most of us would never even think of it.

    But the romantic image of a sheikh from Aladdin’s lamp or a brave Indian warrior or a charming Japanese geisha in her regal garb or even the naughty image of a pregnant nun on rollerskates….now that’s the stuff that Halloween has always been made of. It’s our time to play and there is absolutely no evil intent. Perhaps those who cannot bear it should look to reside in a country where Halloween is NOT celebrated.

    I’m sick of sacrificing my culture to suit some idiot’s tender little feelings. Hear this, I will not commit cultural suicide to appease anyone, so once again , just get the heck over yourselves. Contrary to popular opinion, the world DOES NOT revolve around you or your religion or your political ideology or your feelings, nor should it.

  21. OMG I know I said I supported traditional dress up but look at this article;

    I am from Kentucky and they are making fun of me and my culture. I need a camera and a poster maker to show people that I am not a hillbilly and even if I am I do not dress as those darn bigoted raciest maker funner people say I do at least most of the time. I mean I admit I don’t wear shoes much but lots of cultures go without shoes. I may talk funny to some people but I never notice it much when I am home where I grew up. People can make fun of overalls and straw hats but its hot here in Kentucky and those silly baseball caps just do not do the job while air flows better in my OHGOSHBYGOSH overalls to keep me cooler. Its like people think hillbillies are stupid but most everyone I know went to high school most of them even went after they turned 16. I would bet a nickel to a donut that we are as smart as anyone out there and twice as smart as any Hoosier walking the streets. They ought to put a fence around the whole state and take their basketballs away from them. I will tell you that after reading this article to some of my friends who have a little problem getting around some of the words we all agreed that these college kids are right. I have two friends who are married and they are going to dress up in their Sunday best with their 12 children and make a poster showing that were just normal family people and send it to these students. They told me that tomorrow they are going to sell some of their food stamps so they can afford to make the poster and send it.

    Personally I’m going to dress up as a Hoosier and walk around all night pretending to try and dribble a basketball. I don’t even know why they try to play the sport, they should just play soccer since the basketball seems to bounce off their feet more often than the floor.

    I am sold, people should just dress up as witches, ghosts and Hoosiers for parties or Halloween every thing else is out in my book.

  22. soo the sign reads “This is NOT who I am….so if that’s not who you are…why are you offended?? Get over yourselves

  23. For Halloween, I will wear a costume offensive to my own ethnicity. It will be a bearded man in a muscle shirt holding a wooden stick.

    The whole campaign is benign. People are free to dress up however they want and if someone gets offended it’s their problem. We should all learn to laugh at each other because humour is needed more than ever.

    On a side note, Islamphobia today… You and similar organizations are using Muslims for your own political gains. You are telling them they are victims and then pretend to empower them. You are not helping and instead, they become bigger targets and often, YOUR revenue.

    Tell them that everyone is an equal and that they can live without special needs. After all, you wouldn’t treat someone special because of ethnicity, something that was not a choice and yet, treatment varies as a result of something they are able to control. Just by giving them special treatment you are already viewing them as inferiors. Now, is that not TRUE Islamophobia?

    But look! We are moving to special treatment for ethnicity because we are worried about costumes depicting other ethnic stereotypes. Where is the ad with the American? The fact that we want to give every other ethnicity to me us TRUE bigotry.

  24. Are you kidding? Who cares!!! Always whining about something. It’s “OUR” culture and quit trying to KILL everything about the West. You have your OWN countries, you OWN offensive intolerance ideologies, and you can do whatever you want in your OWN countries. If you don’t like it there are more suitable locations to YOUR ideologies.

  25. waaa waa have a whinge and get over it, don’t go out on halloween then, jeez, pc has gone waaaay too far

  26. umm to those saying its ok then you must not of looked at the costumes depicted. AND there are some western cultures that are depicted in those posters ie the native americans with the mispelled sign….i went as a native american to a party once bu ti twas in a fully ethnic 1800s reproduction outfit and I AM part native american!! theres a difference between dressing slutty and trying to drag a culture into it and dressing to highlight a culture. and as a poster said above you wouldnt see a person in raggidy clothing with the n word across their chest so why is it ok to make fun of these cultures? what happened to vampires and pumpkins and princesses? i dont do halloween anymore and yet i still see children dressed as prostitutes and suicide bombers and othe rin appropriate things!!

  27. My boyfriend is Indian and I am white. He dressed as a redneck and I dressed as an Indian. I live in a community where 60% of the population are aboriginal and not one person complained and we got many complements from both sides. We are both not racist, we both respect ones culture. Everyone who thinks this is racist is a racist themselves for thinking that every white is racist.

  28. I am a Muslims and do not really care if an ignorant person wears an Islamic dress when going to a halloween party. As far as I know There is nothing in Islam that says he/she is not allowed so why should I say No? Halloween is a pagant festival that the christians are celebrating it, and dont even know what they are doing is wrong, instead of complaining about what they are wearing we should instead teach them how their actions are even against christianity. the Media should help but I guess we do not see any of this in the media because it is a commercial thing.

    Having said I did not care, and if I were to celebrate Halloween (I pray to Allah that I will never do that in my life), I would probably wear a nice suit like if I was a salesman selling cars or motobikes and would simply have a woman in bikini next to my product! (We Muslims see that some women in the western coutries are used as a marketing item and that is LOW LOW LOW)
    I guess we would find negative things in all types of people!(but excuse me I guess that is Freedom and giving the same right to women)! why we never see a naked dude in those magazines? I guess one kind of equality huh?!

  29. First Holloween is not a holiday, Second Christians and most others do not celebrate it as a pagan holiday as there would have to be thought behind the meaning of the holiday and an effort to honor those thoughts. It is celebrated superficially as a night to dress up and have some fun. There are no lessons taught to children about it, there is no doctrine attached to it. The hook is simply scary things and costumes which all children like in moderation. To attach any meaning to this night is simply reaching. Academics can teach us a lot, but knowledge does not confer meaning or adherence to an archiac set of beliefs. The night makes a lot of children happy including children whose families do not have a lot of money. Everyone can participate, everyone can get “free” candy and if you walk out your doors and look you see a lot of smiles and people just getting along. For families who do not have the cash to do much on Thanksgiving or have little money for Christmas these are the nights their children will remember best.

  30. @ Criley,

    You talk about it weeks before, you plan for it, you go buy the costumes, you buy the sweets, you buy the drinks, you invite you friends, you party however you do not celebrate it, hummm Strange! I guess the same mathematics as 1+1+1=1. Anything to satisfy your the desires of your thinking!!

  31. Well yeah Salim, but there is no time off for it as it is not offically recognized as anything but a tradition. Christmas is a holiday, Thanksgiving is a holiday, Fourth of July is a holiday, Memorial Day and so on…: These days are celebrated and the reasons for the celebrations are taught and have meaning. Halloween has no real meaning its just fun for most people. However, Salim you look at it any way you want to.

  32. Anonymous,
    My bad, I guess I really should respect a culture where people dress up as monsters and go around begging for candy at night. Secondly, I never said the world revolves around me. The slavery idea was just one idea. Maybe it was not a good example, but you can see plenty from the pictures above which are distasteful. Choosing your cloths carefully is normal. You have a certain minimum dress code in places where you work or go to school so as not to offend anyone. I suppose you don’t like a moral reason without a logical reasoning? Logically people don’t need to wear cloths at all, cause we are just another type of animal..but you would get arrested for walking around naked in the US. Are they trying to force their culture on you? NO! It is a moral reason. If you are that insensitive in your culture towards other cultures it only shows your discrimination.
    BTW, Halloween is a pagan holiday from Ireland and Scotland, so I don’t understand why the Christians celebrate it. Of course they have added other pagan ideas to their own Christian holidays too, like the Easter bunny and Santa Claus, so it does not come as a surprise to me anymore. And the Christians are told at the end of the Bible not to add or subtract anything from their religion, but hey, guess what, they still do.

  33. Western people are too ugly to be geisha.. that’s why we’re offended.

    I’m sure there are are a lot of people who will be “whiny” “upset” “offended” etc about that comment.. but hey, it’s just in fun, so get over it.

  34. Criley, we did not say a recognized day such as Christmas, We are talking about celebration here. Well ask your own friends! if that is celebrating or not!

  35. salim
    These people don’t even have enough love and fear to not ascribe a partner to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala so do you think they will give up on celebrating the pagan holidays the adopt

    45:23 HAST THOU ever considered [the kind of man] who makes his own desires his deity, and whom God has [thereupon] let go astray, knowing [that his mind is closed to all guidance], [24] and whose hearing and heart He has sealed, and upon whose sight He has placed a veil? [25] Who, then, could guide him after God [has abandoned him]? Will you not, then, bethink your­selves? –

  36. I guess we just look at things from a different perspective. Some Christian pastors agree with you. I maintain that if you ascribe no meaning to a day then no harm is done. But your right Salaam we have different beliefs when it comes to religion which is why I am Christian and your Muslim. Your statement about lack of love and fear in relation to God is over the top and shows you to be arrogant and disdainful in terms of other peoples religious beliefs. Perhaps it is not my heart that has been hardened.

  37. criley401
    You don’t even make any sense just because you don’t want to accept the meaning and history of a this day doesn’t mean it doesn’t have one. It a known fact on the history of this day. It like someone saying they don’t attach any harmful effects to poison so it’s ok to drink and thinking they won’t die.

    as for not having love and fear how about you try and keep the first
    three commandment to start off.

    1I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of the land of Egypt, out of the house of bondage. You shall have no other gods before Me.

    2 “You shall not make for yourself a carved image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth; you shall not bow down to them nor serve them. For I, the Lord your God, am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers on the children to the third and fourth generations of those who hate Me, but showing mercy to thousands, to those who love Me and keep My Commandments.

    3 “You shall not take the name of the Lord your God in vain, for the Lord will not hold him guiltless who takes His name in vain.

  38. what i dont get, is why the dude in the first pic admitted to being a terrorist. like really, this stuff is STUPID, dressing up as a terrorist for holloween has NOTHING to do with the country that the terrorists come from. unless the owners of this campaign are trying to say that EVERYONE in certain countries are terrorists.
    the geisha one. i dont see how thats racist at all, not like its making fun of them. and again, not all asians are geisha’s.
    the black one is just funny. (im black so i can say what i want).
    that guy doesn’t even LOOK native/aboriginal/indian.
    and so theres a mexican guy. thats slightly offensive i guess, but fuck man, stop being pussies. people need to stop taking everything to heart and just stfu about shit. you dont like it, dont talk about it.

  39. If it affends you, I’ll dress up as something from my religion that these students might say is “offensive” I’ll dress up as a viking!!

  40. If that type of thing* and i’ll be offensive to my culture* hate keyboards:(

  41. Everyone makes fun of other cultures, the poor white people have no minority language which is not understood by the majority. Lemme give u examples – 2 Arab people mocking a white in their language is racist. 2 Indians mocking black people in their language is racist.

    So its better to mock outright public, than to do it behind someone’s back. For all those offense takers – YOU are the ones who cultivate racism, YOU make a big deal out of small things. Its when you take offense, that the fun begins. So as long as you do take offense, the so called “racism” nurtures in kids as they grow up, watching other races getting mocked.

    We are all people man, just humans, in different colors and culture! See the beauty of it!

  42. Oh please, people, you can be offended, it’s your right, but don’t stop the fun.

    Either me or my cousins are descendents of every continent except Australia and South America.

    The Asian says something funny about the American who says something about the Black who says something about the European…

    Heck, Filipinos, German, Irish, Austrian, Navajo, Mexican, African (I don’t know WHERE it didn’t come up)Japanese, French, and American.

    And that’s all I know for sure.

    I grew up in tolerance, we didn’t care and we made jokes. And being a huge mix myself, I don’t care when others comment or when someone wears something to offend someone.

    Hey John, {racist slur}!


    All I got was that the person was shallow and can’t think of anything better.

    Sure, it can get annoying, especially since it can come from coworkers too.

    But it’s not just white people being racist. Heck, most people period I’ve met aren’t racist. But my mom was subjected to racist discrimination growing up and even at work. It was a black woman discriminating against another woman… who wasn’t black.

    Does she hate black people? No. Do I hate black people? No.

    Race does play a role unfortunately. The black woman wanted more black women. Not a Native American Navajo woman who was more qualified.

    But 4 of my cousins are half black, I live down the street from their black grandma. We visit each other 4 times a year. No hard feelings.

    Whites do get hit as well, it is just more specific and was more prominent 200 years ago.

    Oh Irish drunk man, who could forget him?

    My uncle is one, actually. And it’s fun because we make fun of it, he makes fun of something from us, in the end we laugh and be merry.

    So, coming from a mixed raced person, please don’t ruin other people’s fun. Please don’t.

  43. re: the hillbilly dress up party comment. The issue is when people of one race dress up as a different race. Dressing up like a stereotype of your own race/community is a different ball game.

    Painting yourself brown to look like a black person is straight up racist.
    Dressing like cultures that are oppressed due to the results of mainstream society is weird and typically rely on stereotypes that perpetuate a myth that these cultures aren’t “real” or “matter”.

    For those who have said, “go find another country that doesn’t celebrate halloween”, for mexicans and native folks, this is our country. What a silly thing to say.

    If anything it shows your lack of understanding of cultures within your own country. Please go get educated (read a book!) and stop the “wah wah, i just wanna dress up and have fun” argument. It’s idiotic and senseless and promotes prejudice and racism.

  44. Native Americans did dress like that at one point.

    Japanese people love the kimono. They also like samurai, cherry blossoms, and giant robots.

    The suicide bomber is a part of Islam, whether the moderates like it or not, they can’t hide the fundamentalists. Hezbollah clebrates the suicide bomber like we in America recognize the Medal of Honor.

    How else would a person wanting to be black for Halloween make that happen? It’s okay for a white person to act and dress and listen to the same things as black people, blatantly stealing their cultural identity, but brown makeup is too far?

    A Mexican person riding a mule is not unheard of in areas of poverty, though they are more likely to use it for farming. They do wear those hats, and have those blankets and they also make burritos.

    What exactly is wrong with any of that?

    I’ll tell you what, someone, and it was probably a white person who has never been the subject of racism EVER tried to tell everyone else how racist halloween is. I can guarantee this professor was white because there is no hillbilly costume up there gracing a poster, because even most white people agree that racism doesn’t affect white people.

    Once again the aware white guy has to “educate” all the other races on what offends them, that sounds a lot like racism.

  45. What a waste of money for these advertisements. All it’s done for me is given me some good ideas for a halloween costume this year. Any one that has a problem with it has obviously not matured properly. You’re the racist here cause your just looking for anything you can to prod us for having a good time.

  46. Uhm, so the only one that gets to me is the Al-Qaeda guy. Just because you dress as a middle eastern terrorist does not mean you think all middle easterners are terrorists. Shouldn’t these people be happy he’s making fun of the extremist douche bags that all muslims get unjustly criticised for?????

  47. It offends me when people dress as cowboys. Which is a culture.

  48. This is the lamest website I have ever seen. Next year, I might have to try and combine several of those costumes in an attempt to offend everyone.

  49. C’mon!!!

    What’s next? Banning all images on suicide bombers, mexicans, blacks, gays and … whatever else from the net, just because it gives “someone” “bad feelings”????

    This pure attempt to censor and restrain people.

    Grow up…

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