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Muslim ‘terrorist Barbie’ comments slammed

31 October 2011 General 10 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Muslim ‘terrorist Barbie’ comments slammed

A Radio New Zealand host’s reference to a “suicide bomber Barbie” doll for the Muslim market has been labelled hateful and divisive.

The comment was made by host Paul Brennan while standing in on Jim Mora’s regular afternoon show last Thursday. Brennan had been discussing niche Barbie doll products for adult collectors when panelist John Bishop said there was “a huge market in the Muslim world” and asked why there couldn’t be “a terrorist Barbie”. Brennan then suggested a “suicide bomber Barbie” that came with a little belt.

Radio New Zealand has cautioned the presenters about inappropriate remarks after receiving 13 formal complaints over the exchange.

One complainant, Gisborne councillor Manu Caddie, said he was surprised to hear such stereotypes on the national broadcaster and had to check he wasn’t listening to talkback radio. “I thought it was pretty hateful kind of comments and not particularly helpful or the kind of thing we want to be promoting in New Zealand,” he said. “I think we’ve done well to create a fairly tolerant, multicultural society and those kind of comments aren’t going to help promote that kind of openness and diversity.”

Mr Caddie said people were free to air their opinions but he expected higher standards from Radio New Zealand.

New Zealand Herald, 31 October 2011


  1. This is being so STUPID! I guess we Muslims now should start manufacturing barbies wearing fighter jets pilot huniforms since there has been so many muslims killed by non muslim pilots lately!
    No we are not at such a low level. This broadcaster must be a looser and might be loosing his job, so he had to be innovative to make his voice heard! Poor Idiot looser!

  2. Great Salim, I hear on this forum all the time how Islam practiced in other countries such as the one this woman was arrested in is not how Islam should be practiced. These are nations that force their religion and beliefs on other people. You can say that is just all you want but it is not. Christians do not even agree that Mohammad was a prophet yet Sharia will penalize Christians for stating their beliefs while pretending to “tolerate” other religions. If Muslims are one body, which are your words, then are all Muslims responsible for the violence that some Muslims are perpetrating? This is why I maintain my belief in free speech: what you and others would call hate speech would lead to people like this woman being locked up in places other than these backwater Muslim countries that have no concept of how to treat people that do not believe or worship just as they do. That is why I support the man who made the barbie comment which as meant to be funny and I support Gellers/like minded people right to have conferences and get their message out even if people do not like it. It is why I support the KKK being able to have meetings though I think them scum. It is why I support the Muslim right to worship as they please in the United States but I do not support any restrictions on what can be said about Allah, Mohammad, the drawing of pictures, or burning of any books. I do not believe that anyone in the United States or rest of the world should give up any long held free speech rights because Muslims as a body or individually do not like the speech or because Muslims will riot or kill over the speech that is given or the right that is exercised.

    Hate speech is the arresting of a Christian Woman who publically states her views and Muslims as a body supporting that arrest as allowed under Sharia law while stating Sharia law is just. A Martyr is a Christian who publically shares her beliefs and is willing to be jailed or killed for their acts while carrying out the Great Commission. Not someone who kills themselves or encourages others to kill themselves and others to make a point or for political gain. Hate speech is the killing of a mother with young children because a man in Florida burned a Koran. Hate speech is the demeaning of a woman who is raped under Islamic law because she did not have the proper escort. Hate speech is the arresting of a 90+ year of woman because she is hungry and had to go to the market without a male relative because they were all dead. Hate speech is Islamic countries supporting the burning of thousands of bibles written in Arabic while protesting the burning of one Koran. Hate speech is when any Imam or any pastor stands in the pulpit and demands the death of any individual or group of individuals. I can go on about hate speech all day long. What it is not, is individuals stating their views in such a way that they do not call for death or violence against any one person or group of people. The speech can defame every belief that you and I hold dear but if it does not rise to that level I support the right of the speaker.

    Question Salaam. If the United States passed a law making it a crime to convert people to Islam or to teach others Islamic doctrine would you follow it? If your answer is no why should people of other faiths bow to Sharia under similar circumstances?

    I personally and publically support this woman and oppose the medieval and bigoted attitudes of the Christianaphobes who want to punish her for stating her beliefs. I will also state that I believe that anyone who thinks this punishment is just is also a bigoted Christianaphobe.

  3. Oh my: my internet went down while I was writing this comment: I mistakenly placed the comment on the wrong article when it came back up: I am sorry

  4. very well said //criley401

    If you want to see hate speech read the Koran.

  5. There have been approximately 18,000 muslim terrorist attacks since 9/11. That’s approx . 5 per day. I’d say the the” terrorist” Barbie comment is justified. In fact I bet it would sell like hot cakes in muslim countries, maybe I should change that to “sell like felafel”.

  6. oh yes religion of peace that punchline of a website who claims muslims havent done anything against extremism which is funny because thats happened such as helping prevent terrorist attacks oh and about that “270 million died by jihad” that turned out to be a load of crap as well just in case you were going bring that up

  7. LGF as your reputable “source”, ha, ha, ha, ha……….

  8. I could say the same about “religion of peace” as a “source” of information on terroism especially when they say that the number they have displayed isnt accurate, going to them is like asking a member of the kkk about african americans and besides there cliams of islam being “screwed up religion” is quite empty as every religion has there bouts of insanity go check out the website “what if they were muslim” an example

  9. Criley,
    Muslims believe in an Ummah. It is like a family where we are all brothers and sisters in religion, regardless of race. Surah al-Hujurat 49:13. You mentioned freedom of speech so perhaps you can listen for a while b4 you make judge mental remarks about bad Muslims around the world. Here is what we believe. Muslims don’t accept any form of original sin (so being one Ummah does not mean we will inherit each others sins). We believe all children are born pure, and are responsible for their actions when they mature. If you study carefully the first 5 books in the Bible are written by “unknown” and “possibly accredited” to someone. There is evidence of authors who tampered with the religious scriptures.
    We know this because Jesus (PBUH) quoted from Ezekiel 18:20 which throws out the belief of original sin. I don’t believe Jesus came to change the Laws, I believe he came to fulfill them as he said in Matthew 5:17. If you think the story in the 8th chapter of John means Jesus will forgive all sins, it is also wrong, bcuz he did not forgive the women for adultery, he only did not condemn her (it does not mean she is forgiven).
    If he said to stone her, the Jews would have said he can’t be a Prophet of God because he had shown no mercy (God is suppose to be the most Merciful). If he does not stone her, they would call him a hypocrite for contradicting himself from Matthew 5:17, so he asked them to cast the stone if they were without sin. Jesus is familiar with ALL the punishments for different sinners. Remember Matthew 7? Judge not that ye be judged? Those witnesses themselves were guilty of many sins and did not want to be punished for them (many were also adulterers), so they left and did not give their testimony to condemn the women. They would also be judged according to the Law if they forced the punishment on her. Remember when they left? Jesus asked the woman where are those who have condemned you. She said they had left….and Jesus said he did not condemn her.
    Saying he forgave her would only prove the Jews right about him being a hypocrite (so I don’t accept that christian view that Jesus will forgive all your sins if you believe in him, this is poison introduced by Paul to take away the responsibility of sin from the Christians). I also believe in Jesus (PBUH) as a Prophet of God who told his people to follow the commandments to be saved. Read Matthew 7:21,24-27 and Matthew 19:17. Guess what? Muslims are told to worship the One God Prophet Jesus (PBUH) worshiped.
    We are to pray to him 5 times a day, Fast, give regular charity, be kind to our parents,etc. (JUST LIKE THE BIBLE), but people refuse to believe because accepting someone as Lord and savior without doing anything is easier. Let me ask you this Criley, will I go to hell for not accepting Jesus (PBUH) as my Lord and savior (becuz 1+1+1 Trinity does not mean ONE GOD), even though I worship the same God he prayed to? Maybe I don’t accept his blood, but hey if that is a sin, then surely God will forgive me too.

  10. Muhd, I am a Christian and I have different beliefs. You hold that the bible has been tampered with whereas I hold that it is a work inspired by god and dictates a clear message. I believe in one God who Jesus refers to as the Father. Christians do not say Jesus is God they say Jesus is Lord and the son of God: as the Bible states that “no one will come to the father except through me” with the me meaning Jesus. Some may disagree with me but I do not tell people that their belief system as a Jew or Muslim ensures that they will go to hell. If I was to minister to them I would simply state what the bible says and encourage them to read and ask questions. I do not pretend to know the mind of God and I do not send people to Hell. I would tell them what Jesus said about coming to the father and quote John 3:16 which starts as “For God so Loved the World”

    I believe that the only path to salvation is through Jesus. Let me state this, however, there are many faithful Muslims, Jews, and members of other religious communities who are very good people doing the best they can worshiping God and staying faithful to what they have been taught and following God’s laws as they know them. It is my hope that on the day of Judgment that Jesus will intercede for these people and gain them entry into heaven. Some, if not many, Christians would disagree with me but God is Just and I have faith in that Justice. My job is not to speculate it is to simply minister as I have been taught and believe using the bible. Conversion to Christianity is the best and only way to ensure salvation.

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