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“Christmas Tree Tax” Conspiracy Theory to Prove Obama’s “Islamicness”

11 November 2011 General 16 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

(Media Matters)

Days late to the artificial war on Christmas trees, Fox News contributor Tammy Bruce is accusing President Obama of displaying “contempt for Christianity” by levying a tax on Christians that she says is rooted in Muslim tradition.

On November 6, the U.S. Department of Agriculture approved a plan initiated by tree farmers during the Bush administration to levy a fee on large tree farmers. The assessment was intended to fund a marketing campaign promoting fresh Christmas trees. Media conservatives quickly launched a false attack on the Obama administration, which subsequently announced that the industry-backed fee would be put on hold.

Bruce dismissed the undisputed fact that the fee was sought by tree growers, modeled on similar USDA initiatives including the “Got Milk?” and “Beef: It’s What’s for Dinner” campaigns. Pointing to the innocuous fact that the Obama administration has issued decrees honoring the Muslim holiday, Eid al-Adha, Bruce instead argued that the “checkoff” fee — sought under a 1996 farm act — is further evidence that Obama is “pandering to Muslims” while showing “contempt for Christianity”:

Oh sure, the Fed is saying it was a marketing fee for the Christmas tree “industry,” to supposedly improve the image of the apparently much hated and dreaded tree. The fact is it was a tax meant to fund a board appointed by a federal agency targeting one religion and one religion only — Christianity.

There is a precedent for this — in the Muslim world it’s called the “Jizya” — a tax levied on non-Muslim citizens in the Islamic world, allowing them to practice their religion while being “protected” by the Muslim state.

In our case, it seems more like an atheistic federal government looking for tribute by those pesky Christians who dare to think there is a higher authority than the permanent political class.

Bruce’s vitriolic screed is being promoted at Fox Nation as evidence of Obama’s “War on Christianity.”

Original post: “Christmas Tree Tax” Conspiracy Theory to Prove Obama’s “Islamicness”


  1. The anointed one has displayed outright contempt for Christianity on numerous occasions, in fact at any chance he gets while doing his best to muslim butt kiss at every opportunity. This Christmas tree tax is no surprise at all. He’s just showing his true colors and that he is no friend of America.

  2. @ Anonymous.

    Give us about 10 years and you will be living in an Islamic state, we will probably call it the Islamic United State of America, ( does it sound good to you Anonymous?). I agree with Obama This Tax will stop farmers from wasting so many thousands of trees every year. The earth will stay green like this (thanks to the wisdom of Sharia and Obama :).

    By the way the tree has nothing to do with Christianity but a pagan tradition! Anyway I guess you better start learning about Islam so that if you want to convert you will know quite a bit about Islam the religion of peace. We will probably build a huge Islamic center in Beverly Hills so that I wont have to drive long to go say my prayers!

  3. Anonymous, not gutsy enough to air your hate publically by using your real name? And you expect to be taken seriously?

    Did you even bother to read the article? First of all, this tax was proposed by the actual tree growers and was under BUSH, not Obama. Better learn to read before trying to spill your vile of hate here, buddy.

  4. Jennifer, it is obvious that Anonymous did not actually read the article, it is obvious that he his not gutsy enough to, as you so eloquently stated, to air his hate publicly and it is also obviously that his knowledge of Muslim history in general and of the jizya specifically is as abundant as his personal courage.

  5. Typos — I need more coffee!

  6. There faux trees.There is no reason to cut a real one.Save the trees for the earth.

  7. @Salim,

    Its unsurprising (since I have had this debate with numerous Muslims) how many misunderstand the tradition of the Christmas tree. Perhaps if you read more about St. Boniface you might appreciate the historical reasons behind the tradition, it actually was promoting Christianity by opposing literal tree worshippers. Same goes for Halloween and every other holiday that isn’t Eid.

    Using your logic, Muslims must be celestial worshippers for using the moon and stars for decorations during their celebrations and on their flag. Even though people in Mesopotamia did worship that way, they found Islam a superior religion to those earlier ones but carried over cultural traditions using celestial symbology.

    The fact of the matter is this, public ecumenical understanding has a long way to go and its because of these petty misunderstandings, irreligious growth has prevailed. The one true religion is that we are all children of God and our relationship with Him has variances.

    Symbols are merely used to enhance and embellish the feelings and emotions by reminding us of our traditions and cultural roots… not for the function of idol worship as that is opposed by both of our religions.

  8. @ Pamela,
    As much as I approve of the idea that we should be good stewards, I still support the use of Christmas trees for two reasons. One religious, as it symbolizes triumph over icon worship and everlasting life.

    The second reason that I support it is that loggers and the wood industry are sustainable as we do practice strict policies in replanting trees in America, two or more for every one.

    Now, when we import wood products from the developing world, they use unsustainable practices. Ironically, I am pretty confident that most of furniture in your home was imported from Africa or Asia. Products that likely were ogged for palm oil or soy bean monocultures that forced indigenous populations from subsistence living into generational slavery on plantations.

  9. Trees are a renewable resource Pam, people grow the trees in order to cut them. They plant as many as they cut as they are in plots by age and maturity.

    Salim you keep on talking about pagan symbols. Musims have their own problems in this sense. The honor killings you guys state are based upon traditions older than Islam yet Muslims still kill their own family members. Many of the evil activities that Muslims are engaged in, people in this forum state are not Islamic in nature and thus cannot be attributed to being a Muslim. Do you not think that Islam should get rid of its members pagan practices first before worrying about a lighted Christmas Tree that harms no one and brings much joy to children all over the world? Or do you think that the killing of a girl that has become to westernized or is dating a non Muslim does bring joy to all of Islamdom and is a tradition worth saving?

  10. Well Christians may have adopted a “pagan” Christmas tree but they don’t worship a pagan rock. And I’d call stoning rock pillars and calling them the devil somewhat a pagan ritual , wouldn’t you? Not to mention the relic that looks like a vagina.

    And Christmas tree farms are set up to be renewable. The trees are grown to be cut and new ones are planted yearly. Personally I don’t like cutting a live tree, but I can’t fault Christmas tree growers if they are being sustainable.

    And “Jennifer”, sweetie, take your self-righteous criticism and stuff it where the sun don’t shine.

    Willie boy, who’s talking about jizya or muslim history? It’s obvious to me you did not bother to read my comment.

  11. “…imagine if the federal government even contemplated, let alone announced, a tax on Muslim prayer rugs. For some reason, however, taxing a popular symbol of Christianity used during a significant holiday was thought to be perfectly fine by this administration.

    Oh sure, the Fed is saying it was a marketing fee for the Christmas tree “industry,” to supposedly improve the image of the apparently much hated and dreaded tree. The fact is it was a tax meant to fund a board appointed by a federal agency targeting one religion and one religion only — Christianity.”-BNI

  12. Anonymous our prayer rugs are already taxed as non tangable goods. The tree tax was proposed BY growers to help stop th ewaste of the trees that are over cut each year. Did you know that there are huge farms that cut hundreds and thousands of trees a year? they start cutting right at the end of summer and beginning of fall and store the trees in huge coolers or lakes to keep them fresh. so next time you by a big company tree remembe rit may actually have been cut 2 months in advanced or more and then literally cooled to near freezing to keep it “fresh” also some farms practice dyeing the trees to keep them green…

  13. I doubt very much that 0.15 cents a tree will stop tree growers from over cutting but it certainly does come across as yet another attack on Christians by this administration. I’m sure they were more than willing to jump on that bandwagon.

    As for your prayer rugs, if they’re from out of country of course there will be a tax or duty charge. The trees are NOT from out of country.

  14. Anonymous,
    Didn’t the Book of Revelations tell you not to add or subtract from your religion? I don’t believe Jesus asked you to incorporate a Santa Claus or Christmas tree. Helena did mention that lots of trees our cut every year. Besides, if it is only 15 cents, than u r just being a baby. They tax alcohol too. Who worships a pagan rock? That is just part of the ritual Muslims use to signify are fight against Satan, related to the story of Abraham. And, the Black Stone is a significant feature of the Kaaba, stated by Muslims to have been placed there by Ibrahim (Abraham) and Ismail (Ishmael), a stone from paradise sent by the angels to Ibrahim. Muslims don’t worship the Kaaba. Prophet Abraham built the Kaaba in worship of one God. Those who face this direction are showing they worship the God of Abraham. This establishes unity about which direction the Muslims face, to establish unity. We don’t worship the Kabaa.
    The Christians are the ones with idols, even though they were told not to create idols in the image of a man, woman, or any living creature on Earth. You create idols of Jesus and WORSHIP HIM, even though he never said to worship him, he said worship one God. And you use these excuse to justify your claims that we are the same as you. You twists the facts like you did with slavery. The crescent moon means we follow the lunar calender, not your sun calender. And btw, Jesus was not born on December 25. There are no proven records because the Christians did not keep proper track of time. The established his birthday on that day to have unity with the Roman pagans who worship the Sun God Horus on the same day.

  15. Anonymous, Please do not loose it, if you are here to upset any muslim you can with your evil racist comments, then you should not be so weak and sensitive. Already that you do not have the guts to at least show your name I guess at least be strong to take counter comments.

  16. M.Bennett You have misstated Christian beliefs. First there are Catholics and Protestents and many varying views within them just as there are within Islam itself. Most educated Christians admit that the Roman Church placed various holidays on the same dates as pagan holidays to aide in the conversion to Christianty and to overwhelm the followers of the older beliefs. The importance is in the celebrations not the dates. From what I can tell All Christians believe in one God. The Catholics believe in Saints which they pray to hoping the Saint will intercede with Jesus->God and give their prayer special value. They do not worship the Saint. Note. I am not a Catholic but I believe this is the case. Protestents and Catholics do not state that Jesus is God but that God used Jesus, his son, to forgive the sins of men and that his sacrifice ended the need for all other sacrifices made by men in pursuit of forgivness. As a result of this sacrifice all intercessions to God must be made through Jesus as “none cometh to the father but through me.” Protestents do not pray to Saints nor do they need a priest to intersede for them to ask for forgivness but they do pray to Jesus for forgiveness as he intercedes between man and God. From what I understand Muslims pray directly to God as they do not recognize Jesus as anything more than a prophet. Jews also pray directly to God as they do not recognize Jesus as the son of God. The Christian statement Jesus is Lord is not the same as Jesus is God, which to my knowledge no Christian says.

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