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Protests Against the Bigotry of Purdue Professor Maurice Moshe Eisenstein

12 November 2011 12 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Protests Against the Bigotry of Purdue Professor Maurice Moshe Eisenstein

Professor Maurice Moshe Eisenstein is a tenured associate professor of Political Science at Purdue University Calumet. He is under fire from student protesters for past and present remarks targeting various groups but particularly Muslims.

This is how a local paper described the events:

Nearly two dozen students demonstrated Wednesday outside Purdue University Calumet in protest of a political science professor who they say made racially prejudiced remarks verbally and on his Facebook page, particularly targeting Muslim students.

The student who organized the protests is one Christopher Ramirez. Ramirez believes that prof. Eisenstein purposefully posted inflammatory remarks aimed at Muslims on his Facebook page on the Muslim festival of Eid-Al Adha:

Christopher Ramirez, who organized the protest, pointed to associate professor of political science Maurice Eisenstein’s Facebook page, where he posted a picture and comment Sunday about 100 black Christians who were killed by radical Muslims. Ramirez said the picture and comment were posted on the first day of Eid, a traditional Muslim holiday.

Eisentstein for his part believes he is the victim of a conspiracy by Jew-haters:

They say I teach religion in class. I believe the person who started this is a faculty member, and I believe that many of these are her students. I am the only one who comes in every day with a kippah (a cap) on. I don’t know the answers to your questions. I made myself available. No one spoke to me. They are saying all of these bad things about me, but they wouldn’t talk to me.”

Maurice Eisenstein, who believes he is being targeted because he is an Orthodox Jew.

Actually, it would seem professor that the students are quite right to take umbrage at your Facebook postings. Viewing it today, we captured this screen shot of what we assume is the offending post that has riled up the student protesters:

It is quite condescending for a political science professor to coach his view of the sectarian violence in Nigeria in such black and white terms as “decide if you are with the radical or civilized people,” clearly he is generalizing about Islam and Muslims, and casting them in the “radical” and hence “uncivilized” camp. Students who saw this posting and read it in the context of the professor’s past statements can be excused for thinking he meant to tar all Muslims.

Yet, what we found even more egregious and definitely inexcusable is the link the professor posted just a few scrolls down on his Facebook page. It is a link to the hate site run by the fanatical queen bee of Islamophobia, Pamela Geller’s AtlasShrugs:

This is inexcusable. Pamela Geller is not only a radical anti-Muslim but a racist to boot, if you don’t believe us (there’s ample evidence to believe us), then maybe you will take the word of the ADL and the SPLC. Such a link cannot be a mere faux pas, it’s akin to linking to the neo-Nazi Stormfront website, and the administration at Purdue University Calumet should take a stronger stand than it has:

“Purdue Calumet by its nature as a public university welcomes and encourages the exchange of thoughtful and diverse views and opinions. Likewise, the university does not condone expressions that are considered offensive, intolerant or disrespectful.

“That stated, certain, recent unpleasant comments exchanged between Associate Professor of Political Science Maurice Eisenstein and others have been communicated on the Professor’s personal Facebook page. In no way do these comments reflect the university’s position and commitment to tolerance and respect with regard to the right of free expression by all individuals.

“Nonetheless, though Professor Eisenstein is a tenured faculty member, tenure has no bearing on the nature of free expression, as guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution, that Purdue Calumet faculty members choose to exercise on their personal Facebook page. Neither are there Purdue Calumet policies and regulations that extend to personal Facebook pages.”

Such mealy mouthed pronouncements from the administration do nothing to help. Loonwatchers should let them know that they should review the professor’s treatment of his students, not only due to the protests but also the troubling links the professor maintains. Ask them if they would be okay with a professor linking to neo-Nazi websites? And then inform them of the disgusting, bigoted, racist, genocidal comments Geller has made, as well as her associations.

Here is the contact page for the University:


Purdue University Calumet
Office of University Relations
2200 169th Street
Hammond, IN 46323-2094

1-800 HI-PURDUE, x.2400
Locally within Indiana & Illinois


Contact the professor as well:

219) 989-2688
Office: CLO 294

B.Sc. Purdue University,
M.A. Purdue University,
Ph.D. (1993) Purdue University

Video of the Student protest:


  1. While I find Prof. Eisenstein’s views disgusting, he has the right to his views and it would be a horrible violation of academic freedom for the college to act against him because of them.

  2. Does he make these remarks in class? If it is on his facebook page I do not see why he should lose his job. Many people agree with Geller should they all lose their jobs if they state their beliefs? Should only the very rich or very poor be able to give their opinions as they are the only ones that would be immune to being fired if their beliefs are unpopular? Where is thinking like this going? I know where it went in Muslim countries, Christians cannot even try to spread their religion without the threat of arrest or worse. The students have a right to protest and the Professor has a right to his beliefs. Does anyone here think the students should be expelled from the University because of their opposition to the Professor? What if the number of people that support the professor is much larger would that be a good reason to expell the students? Are we simply going to claim the students have a right to free speech and expulsion is wrong but the professor does not have the same right thus he should be fired?

  3. You had 2 dozen students protest out of what-30,000. Pretty poor turn out. This article reads that they were upset about something he put on Facebook concerning the killing of 100 plus people and it reflexs badly on Muslims. I check the story out, even Al Jarez back this story up. So maybe I’m looking in the wrong place, but were is the problem. Radical Muslim KILLED a 100 INNOCENT people.
    I realize that all muslims are not killing people. But unfortunately there are elements that is using islam to farther there goals. Muslims must stand up to these people, or they will continue to be looked at. By remaining silent you maybe looked as just as guilty.

  4. “But unfortunately there are elements that is using islam to farther there goals.”

    They are not only using islam, they are using muslims to further their cause. As long as muslims refuse to oppose the radical elements in their “religion” they can consider themselves complicit in every evil deed committed by the radicals. Meanwhile the breeding and colonization continues. What happens when the radical imams issue fatwas or put “the call” out?

    One only has to look at Europe to see what’s coming to North America if things don’t change. How many no-go zones in France? Britain? How many demands for those areas to become sharia compliant? The writing is on the wall, one only has to read it.

    And as far as the professor goes, he has a right to free speech. He has a right to his own thoughts & opinions and as long as he is not attempting to force them on his students he should not be punished. There is still freedom of speech in this country , although minorities seem to be more free than the rest of us and the OIC is doing it’s best to change that.


  5. um yeah anon muslims have stood up to oppose the “radical elements” just examples fatwas against terrorism and,8599,1969662,00.html

  6. Actually, the professor took down the posts that were the most offensive. That one you have up there is rather tame by comparison. The post that caused the controversy referred to Mohammad as an “idiot.” Prof. Eisenstein followed up by saying “may his name be cursed.”

    His FB page is NOT private. You don’t have to be “friend” to see his page.

    When several people expressed outrage about the professor’s comments, he called one of them (a student) a “Jew-hater”.

    So yeah, he’s entitled to his opinion and he has the right to express it, but his comments were deliberately inflammatory, libelous (to the student) and completely disrespectful.

  7. The facts are pretty clear, Muslims are killing Christians in places like Sudan, Nigeria, Egypt, Indonesia,India and other places where Muslims rule.Prof. Eisenstein’s comments are true and he has every right to express his opinions.Why aren’t those students speaking up for those who are being killed by Muslims? It seems to me that these students and many like them from other colleges have joined the ranks of creating a climate of hate toward Jews and the state of Israel. It’s vogue to be anti-Israel and anti-Jewish.The slogan,”First comes the Sabbath people then the Sunday people” is a reality in this day and age. Who speaks for those Christians who are being killed? I find it interesting,that its an Orthodox Jewish professor who is speaking out not the students.

  8. Islam is not a religion! It is a Theocracy. It is a Political System…..a way of life. It’s founder was a pedophile, rapist and murderer. Islam only began to grow when he used jihad as a means of forcing his “religion” on others. When will the world see that their goal is total world domination? There is absolutely NO TOLERANCE in Islam!

    Muhammed was evil to his core. His followers are as well. This Professor deserves a medal for his honesty and courage in teaching the truth. Those wishing to persecute him should actually read about Islam and Muhammed. THEIR ignorance will lead to OUR demise!

  9. @william
    and you shouldnt forget islam also causes wizards to join dark lords, created the deceptecons, and gave rise to rule of emporor palpatine. oh and just look what this evil bad muslim is doing

  10. Muslims are always being called on to condemn this or that supposedly Muslim act of evil. When was the last time Christians were required to condemn The LRA (Lords Rebel Army of Uganda)or Jews required to condemn the terror of israel against Palestinians??

  11. Well I would not like to be paying XXX of $$ and have this Cult preacher as a lecturer. I guess the dean of university should do something about it! Period!
    I guess he should be sent back to where he belongs.

  12. Followed the link to the underlying Washington Post/AP story and the only identifiable religion of the victims was a police officer who was on his way to pray at mosque and was shot by this pro-sharia radical group.

    What side are you on in that circumstance is a legitimate question, the muslim who was killed or the muslim who was a killer. It doesn’t help that the question of religious court jurisdiction is answered so differently by sharia courts than by the more familiar jewish and christian religious courts where “strange” and “outlandish” results are mostly firewalled off from the US by hierarchical rules. Islam’s chosen a different path, as is its right, but it is a path that has both advantages and burdens. One of those burdens is that it is not immediately obvious which judgments will be received positively and replicated locally. So you have to explain, over and over because people “over there” have been doing stuff to scare americans since forever and your judicial system is largely unfamiliar.

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