Wednesday, June 16, 2021   

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Another anti-Islam rant from Dawkins

Richard Dawkins

Richard Dawkins

Quote of the day comes to us by Richard Dawkins:

But for a woman (especially a woman) voluntarily to JOIN such a revolting and misogynistic institution when she doesn’t have to always suggests to me massive stupidity.

I would argue for him to think the above suggest not only massive stupidity but cultural supremacy.

Another anti-Islam rant from Dawkins

The Independent has an article entitled “Women & Islam: The rise and rise of the convert”, which reports that “record numbers of young, white British women are converting to Islam”. In the comments we find the following observation by celebrity atheist Richard Dawkins:

“Whenever I read an article like this, I end up shaking my head in bafflement. Why would anyone want to CONVERT to Islam? I can see why, having been born into it, you might be reluctant to leave, perhaps when you reflect on the penalty for doing to. But for a woman (especially a woman) voluntarily to JOIN such a revolting and misogynistic institution when she doesn’t have to always suggests to me massive stupidity.”


  1. Sounds reasonable to me.

  2. umad dawkins

  3. Absolutely agree with him. Why would any woman voluntarily want to wear an hijab when most Muslim women want to throw theirs away? Why volunteer to allow your husband to beat you if he wants or take other wives? These women are dumb.

  4. All Muslim women do not wear hijab and Muslim men are no more violent than any other men. Talk about what you know.

  5. @Sally, the hijab isn’t actually required. And no one actually takes other wives in Islam, and there are strict rules if you do. The beating thing is a personal choice and has nothing to do with Islam anyways, so I don’t know where you’re coming from.

  6. @Sally – you sound like you need some sense/manners beaten into you

  7. Way to talk through your ___ about things you don’t know. My husband is a native Arab and I’ve never met a man with better manners, a kinder disposition, more willing to put himself out to meet my slightest whims and more delighted to protect and provide for me and my children. And yes, we are muslim. Gee, being stupid sure did work out well for me!

    Yay ignorance!

  8. (Love the pic they chose to head this article, by the way.)

  9. Probably easier to get married in muslim society.

    For years social thinkers in the west have been tearing at marriage and the family and religion with tigerish teeth, as if the best thing in the world to be is a single college professor who loves communism and hates his/her mother, or that having as many sex partners as possible is a worthy goal.

    One of the things these women say is that they were drinking too much and couldn’t form lasting relationships with men.

    Joining a Christian environment might have done the same thing for them. At some point they may loose their faith in Islam, but converting is done I think mostly to get married. Sometimes it works well.

  10. 1 John 5:12-13 “He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life. I write these things to you who believe in the name of the Son of God so that you may know that you have eternal life.”

  11. Ibrahim. Sorry but Hijab is an obligation in Islam. Remember you will be asked on judgment day about what you say about Allah’s religion. Please read in the following site.

    I hope you were not trying to please Sally, don’t worry about her, she has no knowledge about Islam and seem to be throwing lies right and left,

    Sally go look for Harry!plz

  12. Hey Sally even christian nuns cover their hair!! lol

  13. I guess the white English ladies have enough of seen themselves used on magazines and other X rated materials as objects to please MEN. However they realize how Islam is a pure protection as it calls for modesty and chastity. Now people who would not mind using them just to relieve their needs can not take it and complain that these English ladies are now covering and so they can not see their molded bodies in some revealing clothes! Sorry guys!

  14. I need to add that I know there are millions of non Muslim women who cover and dress modestly however I guess they other white ladies who convert simply want to cover fully!

    Sally, some Reverts to Islam observe Islam more than those who grew up into it because they read about it and learn more so their actions is based on knowledge. No they are not dumb!

  15. I think the women may feel protected until they are slammed with some of the ideas producing the news stories.

  16. Dawkins and his fellow tools have proven repeatedly that they’re tone deaf to the fact that no religion is a monolith. Why anybody listens to him anymore is beyond me.

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