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Muslims protest at mosque attack in Switzerland

14 November 2011 General 26 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

A dead pig and four pig heads have been found buried on the site of a future mosque in an anonymous anti-Islam attack, police say.

The attackers sent anonymous letters to the media in the region near the mosque site in the town of Grenchen in canton Solothurn.

In the letter they said they had also poured 120 litres of pig’s blood on the ground, saying it was a test of Muslim faith whether the mosque would be built on the land afterwards.

The Islamic Central Council of Switzerland   said it “condemned the profanation of the site of a future mosque”, adding: “With this act, a line has been cross and Islamophobia has attained a new level.”

Grenchen mayor Boris Banga described the attack as “horrible and abominable”. and agencies

Original post: Muslims protest at mosque attack


  1. This pigs head looks so nice! I do not know why some non muslims think that we will freak out if we see a pig or a pigs head! are not they educated enough to know that the only reason we do not eat the pig is because we were ( Praise be to Allah) commended by Allah not to eat it. On the other hand we are glad that we dont since this animal is filthy! So these idiots think if we see a pigs head we go mad. no we dont, we simply remove it! you STUPID person who did that!

  2. Wow. A test of faith? Seriously?

    I hope they at least paid for the pigs. We had a friend who raised pigs (non-muslim) and he and his son had to guard the pen at night all through October so people wouldn’t sneak in to get free pig blood.

    And they think Muslims are weird.

  3. I do have to say that I do not like the name of your site. The whole equation of Phobia with anything that people do not like is a misnomer. I do not have to be afraid of something in order to not like it. I am not a fan of Muslim principles and I do not wish to be forced to adhere to or accept their principles. The Crusades were Christianity’s response to Islam being pushed upon the world in a forceful manner and if great care is not taken soon and if the forceful push of Islam is not stopped I see another push that will once again beat Islam back into the stone ages.

  4. So, will muslims still build the mosque where pigs blood has been spilled ?

  5. I think they believe a pig is like the cross in the old vampire movies

  6. How ironic… I received this very same idea from someone last summer as a way to deal with the ground zero mosque. Let’s see how faithful they are.

  7. yeah that’s a waste of what could be some good head cheese.


    “we simply remove it” so why is this profane? “The Islamic Central Council of Switzerland said it “condemned the profanation of the site of a future mosque”, adding: “With this act, a line has been cross and Islamophobia has attained a new level.”” wasn’t some homeless guy charged with a hate crime for puttting ham on a mosques doorknobs? seems the most serious crime here could be littering?

    so who called the cops and why?

  8. Brad Wilcox.

    You have been watching too many movies, were you made redundant from work. Maybe you spend your whole day at home like my old grand ma watching TV. If we close the oil pipelines you will end up walking or riding donkeys, you idiot!

  9. Greg, please do not wait for our answers and go to islamic websites to ask your questions.

    try the above if you want to find out.

  10. m2

    We do not care if they put pigs in mosque properties, Obviously if we see the perpetrator we will call the cops. Don’t these people understand that we are not allowed to eat the damn animal. if it is left on our properties we will simply remove it and life carries on! Everyone keeps calling Muslims the weird! God So many people are attacking Islam only to find out that the number of converts does not stop increasing! sorry Anonymous, Greg, Brad etc.. Don’t you realize that even after so many centuries that Islam was sent, it never stopped growing. The religion of peace!

  11. Um, but you all can burn American Flags, take 5 breaks a day for your prayers and reduce productivity and protest any thing you want? You can tell other people that their religion is false, and kill cartoonists for drawing a picture of mohamed? No, I don’t think so. Deal with it just like we have to deal with you.

  12. Bobby you seem to be a funny guy, I really liked your statement about stopping productivity 5 times a day!! when we pray it takes us 5 min a pop! Those who go out to smoke take them 15 min. don’t you have break times at work? I hope you are not used as a slave, cause that is illegal in America. Anyway we do not have to deal with anyone, we are just getting on with our lives happy with all the people of all faiths living around us, My christian neighbors know Islam through me and my family, they like us and know that there are some ignorant people full of racism shit out there! Excuse my french!

    Anyway Look around and see for yourself if all what is going about Islam and Muslims really has an honest basis for the numerous attacks we are receiving. Do the Math Mr funny!

    As I said it elsewhere, you like it or don’t, Islam is growing, people from all faiths are converting to Islam, and you know why? Because people like you keep making so much noise about it, so other people want to find out about this scary religion and only to find out the sweetness within it and the way of life that it offers. So guess what happens? They return to Islam and then what? people like you freak out even more. May Allah guides you Bobby!

  13. Salim, I wish they would close up the Oil pipelines. We have more than enough Natural Gas, Propane, domestic oil to run our vehicles. I have thought for quite a while that the way to solve our energy problems would be for the president to mandate that 100 Percent of our desiel trucks be converted to natural gas and 50% of our automobile fleet be switched to Natural Gas or Propane. Tax Credits could be given to stations that added the necessary pumps. It is crazy to use so much foreign oil. The only problem with this would be the arab countries that depend on the income and now have populations so large that without the oil income mass starvation and thirst would ensue.

  14. Criley,

    Mass starvation I would not think so, The Lavish life of corrupted middle eastern and African presidents(supported by the west and america) will in fact be affected.
    Back home we have what we need for our lives. we do not see the fruit of oil, it is only for those at the top, and when people revolt they are then called terrorists. Well this year miracle happened and they were backed by the west! I wonder what is behind it. The french have already signed a 36% of the total oil revenue to go to France. I guess it is all about money and oil and you are dreaming of closing the pipelines, I guess you live in Cooko land! . Anyway just to answer you, We wont starve, I guess it will be the best thing that can happen. The governments will start helping small businesses to prosper, and more people will be at work. I guess you will go over looking for a job too since even now there are millions working in the middle eastern and african countries.

  15. Well I am glad that finding another fuel source would not cause problems in the Middle East. One Less thing to worry about.

  16. salim,

    “We do not care if they put pigs in mosque properties, Obviously if we see the perpetrator we will call the cops.” so where does it say they saw the perpetrator? agian why does the “Islamic Central Council of Switzerland said it “condemned the profanation of the site of a future mosque“” say this. so much for carrying on life.

    “when we pray it takes us 5 min a pop” so why all the lawsuits?

    “find out the sweetness within it” they must be reading tyler simonds version of the koran, because i find brutality within it.

    tyler here’s the hadith i was referancing:

    Volume 8, Book 82, Number 794:

    Narrated Anas:

    Some people from the tribe of ‘Ukl came to the Prophet and embraced Islam. The climate of Medina did not suit them, so the Prophet ordered them to go to the (herd of milch) camels of charity and to drink, their milk and urine (as a medicine). They did so, and after they had recovered from their ailment (became healthy) they turned renegades (reverted from Islam) and killed the shepherd of the camels and took the camels away. The Prophet sent (some people) in their pursuit and so they were (caught and) brought, and the Prophets ordered that their hands and legs should be cut off and that their eyes should be branded with heated pieces of iron, and that their cut hands and legs should not be cauterized, till they die.

    “the religion of peace” it gets funnier and funnier every time i hear or read it!


    so what is it that camel urine is supposed to cure? do ya’ll still drink it. maybe i should get into the urine import business with the growing muslim population?


  17. criley,

    you sound like t boone pickens. first natural gas doesn’t transport well. you ever see offshore rigs and there is a big flame shooting of the side. that’s them burning off the natural gas. it’s not economically viable. plus even after you compress it or liquify it, it doesn’t give you the same power that desiel does. i’m no mechanic but i don’t think you can just magically convert the trucks. i used to design data centers and we put in standby generators for backup power, and to get the same kilowatts from a natural gas genset as a diesel you needed about twice the engine size. i think you would be better served converting all the yankee homes that still burn number 2 diesel for heat to natural gas or propane first. then go biodesiel. jatropha is the future. you got any land in kentucky? not sure if it will grow that far north? but really none of the altenitives to oil are economically viable til gas hits at least $4 a gallon. salim maybe crazy thinking the arabs could support themselves without their 64% take in oil money. but it would be interesting to find out. i guess he is referancing libya there? i guess he believes in mana from heaven? easy to do from beverly hills. the vegtable vender in eygpt could have used some oil money.

  18. m2 you end up in a dead end road in every subject. I guess your heart is there for confrontation only, yet I see that you spend enough time looking for the truth. May Allah guides you to Islam!

  19. I feel sorry for the poor pigs. They are intelligent animals.

  20. salim,

    “m2 you end up in a dead end road in every subject” how so? i dono’t see it, but obviously i think much differently then several people on this site. how would energy independence and global food markets be a dead end? but yes i’m quite confrontational.

  21. m2,
    Yes you are quite confrontational and so am I. Anyway answering your comment to Criley, well if the Arabs stopped selling oil, surely the west will be hurt and please do not tell me that would not be the case, however if we think that will ever happen that we also believe that pigs fly. That comment had started as an answer to I do not recall who it was but to some racist person here. however I wish the Arab world starts to less rely on oil revenue and pull their sleeves and start being more productive else where, however in my view there is so much money generated from oil so that the leaders can fill their pockets and save enough $$ for their off off off off off off springs in the coming generations. so what would they bother!
    Well since you advised Criley on his energy procedure, Me I would rather advise the american sub divisions to go more CCHP as a tri-generation cooling, heating and power combined, as one central system by subdivision, something we had never tested in Texas!

  22. m2

    Yes I actually do believe in mana and salwa (something I never tested), however the same race of those who had it coming down from heaven still disbelieved and tried to kill Jesus Christ peace be upon him. I am sure you know what I am on about. I can see you have been reading the Cow chapter!! keep reading my Allah open your heart to Islam!
    Have a nice day!

  23. salim,

    of course the arabs shutting of the oil supply would hurt us. but it would force us to alternitives, whatever proves to be best or some combination. sorry, i guess i just can’t help myself in always wanting to disagree with people. i don’t think cchp is applicable to subdivisions. not densely energy intensive enough. it’s a business campus applications, universities, factories, hospitals etc. like the new wtc better have it. i’ve been in several energy plants employing cchp. then again maybe, perhaps a purpose built subdivision with the energy plant in the center with a pinwheel architecture eminating out??? maybe? go for it! build one. as for how many generations they can feed with their oil money reserves. i don’t know? you can really burn through some money feeding tens of millions. but i do agree, look at that i can agree with people from time to time, they aren’t going to shut it down anytime soon. yeah, i’ve read the cow, twice actually. hell i posted the whole thing on here. that reminds me, where was i at? 3:30 i think?
    you have a great day!


    does that sound right to you 3:30?

  24. m2

    “so what is it that camel urine is supposed to cure? do ya’ll still drink it. maybe i should get into the urine import business with the growing muslim population?”

    Well I have never had it however what ever Mohamed peace be upon him said, I am sure there is goodness in it and I am sure this can be proven through analysis of the urine.

    Now somehow you getting into an import business, I guess you will be swamped with questions about it, so I guess you will have to try it first and I hope you will give me your feed back.

    Anyway I have worked in Medical labs on energy work where biologists did the R&D, and believe me I would happily drink the urine compared to the smelly medical drugs they were preparing. So you see, sometimes for the right cure, we need to have some strange things that are smelly, yet we thank god that he cured us through them.

  25. it doesn’t matter wat religon is wat just and try 2 b civilissed people

    oh and bebe i agree with you!!!!!!!!!!

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