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Cain: Majority of US Muslims share extremist views

15 November 2011 General 10 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

By Justin Sink

Herman Cain said that he believes a majority of American Muslims share extremist views in an interview published on Monday.

In an interview that included a few eyebrow-raising comments, Cain’s exchange about American Muslims may get the most attention.

“I have had one very well-known Muslim voice say to me directly that a majority of Muslims share the extremist views,” Cain said in an interview with GQ.

Asked if he thought this individual — whom Cain would only identify as “a very prominent voice in the Muslim community” — was right, Cain said that although he found it hard to believe, ultimately he trusted his adviser.

“Yes, because of the respect that I have for this individual. Because when he told me this, he said he wouldn’t want to be quoted or identified as having said that,” Cain said.

In March, Cain made waves when he said that if he were elected, he would not feel “comfortable” in appointing Muslims to his Cabinet.

The interview — which included questions from GQ‘s food critic — also touched on some of the culinary themes that have permeated the Republican nominating contest. Cain famously described himself as not the flavor of the week or month after his rise to the top of the polls, joking that instead he was Häagen-Dazs’s black walnut, a flavor that “tastes good all the time.”

The GQ writers challenged Cain to assign flavors to his competitors and Cain obliged, labeling Mitt Romney plain vanilla and Texas Gov. Rick Perry rocky road. He was then asked what flavor Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) would be:

“Michele Bachmann … I’m not going to say it. I’m not going to say it,” Cain said.

But pressed by his interviewers, Cain relented, saying that Bachmann would be “tutti-frutti.”

“I know I’m going to get in trouble,” Cain said.

The interview was conducted at Capitol Hill pizzeria Seventh Hill, and Cain — the former CEO of Godfather’s Pizza — was asked what he could tell about a man from the toppings he ordered.

“The more toppings a man has on his pizza, I believe the more manly he is,” Cain responded. Pressed, he laughingly elaborated that “the more manly man is not afraid of abundance” and that a pizza piled high with vegetables was “a sissy pizza.”

The GQ comments were the latest in a string of questionable jokes and comments that might have derailed other candidates. Cain acknowledged as much, asking the GQ writers, “That probably wasn’t politically correct, was it?” at the conclusion of the interview.

At last week’s Republican presidential debate, Cain referred to former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) as “Princess Nancy,” but walked back the name almost immediately after the debate.

So far, Cain’s candid remarks and allegations of sexual harassment that have surfaced in recent weeks have done little to ding his popularity. A pair of polls released Monday from NBC and Battleground both show Cain still leading the Republican field.

Original post: Cain: Majority of US Muslims share extremist views


  1. He has stated that he would never allow a Muslim to advise him…… wants them removed from the country if they will not renounce their God——– NOW he has a ‘secret friend’ that is a ‘Prominent Muslim Leader’ and this leader has become a traitor to the Muslim people by telling the great and wonderful Herman Cain the plans so he personally can save this great nation…………………..

    Someone needs to explain to this man that God does not like people spreading rumors and lies about his people……… black, white, green, or orange with purple stripes, we are God’s people. How will he explain in the end of days that he thinks it is Cain’s way over God????

    God hates ugly….. and Satan creates it in peoples hearts with greed, lust and hunger for power above all else

  2. Hopefully this man will be our next president.

  3. so cain what happened to “not letting muslims advise you” or are you just trying to find ways to distract people from that scandal your going thru?

  4. Melinda
    you wish he will be your next president? why aren’t you having any …? I guess you must be quite ugly!

  5. Melinda,
    I guess you will have whatever plus the Pizza! more on fat!

  6. I find it disgusting that someone who is hoping to become an elected official can still speak out in bigotry like this. Where are the ramifications?

  7. Let the man speak! The more he talks, the more he shows that is he just a blow-hard bigoted baffoon!

  8. I’m willing to bet that this prominent adviser lives in Cain’s head.

  9. “But pressed by his interviewers, Cain relented, saying that Bachmann would be “tutti-frutti.””

    Finally, something that moron and I are on the same page about.

  10. Hypocrite. Misinformed. Blind.

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