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KFC – Koran Fried Chicken

15 November 2011 General, 12 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Disintegrating BNP tries to revive fortunes with ‘Koran Fried Chicken’ protest

The BNP reports that it held a demonstration in Wakefield on Saturday against halal chicken being sold at KFC restaurants. The protest was attended by “members and officials from across Yorkshire”, we’re told – which, judging from the photographs accompanying the article, amounted to no more than seven people. The BNP might also like to reconsider posting this picture from the protest, which appears to be encouraging motorists to drive through one of the BNP demonstrators. Excellent advice, it must be said.

KFC – Koran Fried Chicken

Yorkshire British National Party activists gathered in Wakefield on Saturday to voice their disgust at the local KFC going halal. The group were jointly co-ordinated by West Yorkshire Organiser Darren Lumb and Rachel Firth.

Members and officials from across Yorkshire came to support Darren and Rachel in their campaign against the sale of halal meat to locals. Cllr Doug Ward said: ‘We need more protests like this. Some people didn’t even know what halal meat was, never mind the fact that they are eating it.’

The fast food outlet refused to discuss the matter with the group. They said that they had the correct notifications in place and, because of the demonstration, the police were being called.

The supposed ‘notifications’ consisted of one transparent sign on the door in Arabic.

Many people were in complete disbelief that the company sold halal meat, and turned their cars around. One woman said: ‘Why aren’t there any signs? I’m never coming here again.’

Mr Lumb commented: ‘It’s absolutely disgusting what these restaurants are doing in supporting animal cruelty in West Yorkshire.’

Deputy Yorkshire Regional Organiser Danny Cooke said: ‘It’s shocking how many people are blissfully unaware what they are eating and supporting. Darren and Rachel have done a fantastic job taking the message to the people here in Wakefield. This is a perfect template for others, and I strongly urge other branches and regions to do the same.’

According to KFC’s website, the chain is running a ‘halal trial’ in 96 of its stores. In these outlets, all meat has been killed according to Islamic slaughter methods, with a verse from the Koran recited at the time of slaughter by an ‘appropriate person’.

The trial is set to run ‘indefinitely’.


  1. Umm….. yeah, say no to ‘Halal’… Say no to animals being treated humanely.
    Say yes to animals being brutalized and living under horrible conditions…
    The ignorance of people never ceases to amaze me…

  2. I guess some people really get bored on weekends and try doing something fun!

    Don’t these people know that the only different thing between the way we slaughter and the way they slaughter is that when we slaughter we say “In the name of Allah most gracious and most merciful”. and don’t they know that the one they call the father of Jesus is the one we call Allah. Basically they hate the one they think is the father of Jesus peace be upon him. I guess Jesus will be really upset with them!

    The above statements upsets the BNP members and has nothing to do with religion since we never see them on Sundays lining up outside any church, but always seen outside the pubs. I guess their religion is bottle and hatred!
    If I were them I would at least go to church on Sundays to maybe prove my point and then maybe believe what I stand for!

  3. I would have no concern eating the meat. I guess my question would be: Does all the chicken business now go to Muslim owned or supported slaughter houses? Are the contracts being awarded or given because other facilities cannot meet the Halal standard? I actually have several questions about the matter but I will keep it short this time.

  4. why they againts halal food?actually the restaurants will have more customers from different religion since they offer halal meat.if KFC doesn’t offer halal meat,Muslim can find other resources which meet the needs of Muslim society…

  5. they just wanna get into the media i suppose. lol

  6. Do these people realize that the way Muslims slaughter animals, is actually the least painful method for the animal. Also did you know the way Muslims slaughter animals has been tested compared to other techniques of slaughtering animals, and studies show the way Muslims do it is cleaner. Ignorance truly is bliss isn’t it. These people are so obviously racist it’s not even funny, just because something is connected to Islam they have to protest it and deny.

    Kosher and Halal are the same thing also. That is why Muslims will shop in Jewish stores and buy kosher items. So if this KFC was Kosher Fried Chicken, would they be protesting? I think not. Even though it would be the same thing as the Halal meat.

  7. i can only imagine the article titles if atlas on drugs or jihad leave your sanity at the door watch covered this, lets see maybe along the lines of “chicken jihad” or probably “sharia fried chicken coming to a city near you.”

  8. KFC does not care about their feelings and cares more about the number of customers walking into his restaurants.

    These people are simply Racists, absolutely nothing to to with religion. Look for them on sunday you will find them in the pub instead of the church.
    I guess the only way to make them leave the property is to offer them a drink somewhere else.

  9. Who cares KFC is cack anyway give me a dixy chicken any day of the week (and they’ve been bustin it halal since day 1!) 😉

  10. Well Salim you have some pretty strong feelings on the matter. Not all Americans are religious. Some make the mistake that just assumes that most Americans are Christian. Many identify with a religion but they do not attend church nor do they try to follow its tenets. Some Christians are very conservative and believe that Muslims and Christians do not worship the same God and thus the prayer over the food is akin to an evil ritual or prayer being stated over it. It is bad but much less worse than going out and killing people in the name of God as some misguided Muslims do. As to Kosher foods these same Christians believe that the Jews are Gods chosen people and thus Kosher food is ok as it is God Approved.

    Now I would have no trouble eating Halal meats, Kosher foods, or going to a pork BBQ so long as the food is prepared to required safe standards. If I owned a business with a large Muslim Population I would serve Halal foods as I would want to serve my customers needs. Different people have different views. You may not like their views but understanding them is important. One gets no where simply by insulting people.

  11. This campaign is just one sign of stupidity.

    Think about it: “Say no to that which is permissible!” That makes absolutely no sense!!

    This foolish campaign is just a measure to demonize Islam and anything related to Islam.

    Do they also run “Say no to kosher” campaigns as well?

    criley: For once I understand where you’re coming from, though I disagree with the premise that Jews, Christians and Muslims pray to a different God. Muslims cannot eat food over which a prayer has been invoked to any other deity, except Allah. The only exception is when necessity forces us to do so. Even then, we should call upon the name of Allah before we eat said foods and only what is necessary.

    So, if they’ve got their g-strings that much in a bunch over eating halal foods, they can opt to eat elsewhere. With all of the swine and swill joints in the Black neighborhood, I have to drive around to find a place decent enough to eat. Now, they’ll have to do the same.

    Big deal.

  12. nice to see you muslims getting upset about people protesting against halal meat if kfc was selling meat that christians prayed over and wasnt killed the way muslims thought it was. and you found out that your children was eating none halal meats you muslims would go on the war path claiming racism against islam. Us christians have a right to know plus are GOD isnt your god fact.

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