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On Veterans Day, State Rep. Rick Womick (R-TN) Calls For Purging Muslims From The Military

15 November 2011 General 12 Comments Email This Post Email This Post
State Rep. Rick Womick (R-TN) speaks to ThinkProgress at an anti-Muslim conference in Tennessee

State Rep. Rick Womick (R-TN) speaks to ThinkProgress at an anti-Muslim conference in Tennessee

By Eli Clifton and Lee Fang

ThinkProgress filed this report from the “Preserving Freedom Conference” in Nashville, TN.

State representative Rick Womick (R-TN) has made no secret of his anti-Muslim views. A New York Times article from July described Womick on the statehouse floor, warning his constuents that Islamic law was the most urgent threat to their way of life. But in an interview on the sidelines of the “Preserving Freedom Conference” at the Cornerstone Church in Madison, TN, Womick went to new extremes to paint Muslim Americans as dangerous and seditious.

In the interview, which took place on Veterans Day, Womick told ThinkProgress that “I don’t trust one Muslim in our military” and “if they truly are a devout Muslims, and follow the Quran and the Sunnah, then I feel threatened because they’re commanded to kill me.” When asked if Muslims should be forced out of the military, Womick responded “Absolutely, yeah.” Read the exchange:

FANG: What about the thousands of Muslims that are still in the military that are veterans, that are translators, that are active personnel. Is there some sort of policy solution that you’re advocating? […]

WOMICK: Personally, I don’t trust one Muslim in our military because they’re commanded to lie to us through the term called Taqiyya. And if they truly are a devout Muslim, and follow the Quran and the Sunnah, then I feel threatened because they’re commanded to kill me.

CLIFTON: You believe they should be forced out?

WOMICK: Absolutely, yeah.

Watch it:

Original post:  On Veterans Day, State Rep. Rick Womick (R-TN) Calls For Purging Muslims From The Military


  1. Hey Mr Ignorant

    It seems that you have been reading Pamela Geller sites when she spoke about takiya! well you have just mentioned sunnis, We do not have takiya, Go and do a better search in the shia sect, you might find something!

    If you want to attack Muslims and use their own religion as a weapon to attack them, then at least learn a little more the weapon you are using. When one with no previous knowledge of guns plays with a gun, the gun may misfire and the guy may get hurt; the same things is happening to you here! you are trying to play with the knowledge of a religion that you have not studied and guess what, your action has misfired back at you and showed you are an Ignorant person.

  2. I agree with Mr. Salim…Salam Alikum brother, this ignorant piece of humanity called a state rep is just as i said…ignorant…he needs to go and get an education on what he is talking about before he opens his mouth about something he has no knowledge about….Tho i am a revert to Islam since 2004, american born and raised, that is 1 of the first things we are taught about Islam..Thou shall not kill…killing is not allowed in Islam as most of us Muslims kno this…and for those Muslims in our military…keep up the good work brothers and sisters…stay safe and thank you for all that u have done so as we can keep our freedom of choices…Allahu Akbar…walikum salam

  3. Sami, Al salam aalaikoum,

    People like Mr Ignorant here think that we Muslims will keep out mouths shut if we see a Muslim person about to do something stupid and illegal. Surely we will not sit back and keep quite and surely act against it and will stop or report the person.

    Don’t they know it was reported that Prophet Mohamed peace be upon him said in the meaning ” be of help to your brother either wrong is done to him or he is doing wrong. So his companions asked him on how they would help him if he was doing something wrong as they could not understand that, he said by stopping him of doing wrong”

    So Mr Ignorant I am giving you an answer from Islam why We as Muslim will in fact stop any wrong doers, surely not for your Ugly eyes but based upon our religion.

  4. Excuse me, have you even read the Koran?! I highly doubt that this guy is knowledgable in the ways of religion. Impeachment is necessary.

  5. If you ask me, the fact that he’s still alive says something. (like maybe Muslims aren’t commanded to kill?)
    And he should be thankful that there are Muslims that are willing to serve the country despite all the hatred. He really needs a lesson in trust.

  6. we need more muslims in the military. especial arab speakers.

  7. marti sami,

    “killing is not allowed in Islam as most of us Muslims kno this” then shouldn’t ya’ll be pacifist? clearly killing is allowed in islam. muhammad killed many people.

    mr. bennet,

    check out Number 4194.

  8. m2
    go and join why aren’t you giving the example by doing the first step!

    Hey m2, are you a christian or a jew? what about the christian crusaders? and did mohamed peace be upon him kill for pleasure? Go read the Islamic history.

    don’t simply point the finger, so Read, then judge, then speak out.

  9. I think there is a lot to learn from this man’s views and quite a bit to learn from the views of others on this page. Islam defines itself daily to many people, as a result many people will agree with this representative simply because it sparks of common sense within the current time frame in which people feel threatened. Peaceful followers of Islam are going to have to find a way to take their religion back by redefining the way people look at Muslim perpetrators.

    Looking at these posts one person is calling for impeachment because she does not agree with the representative. Another simply insults people, and a common theme is that people should learn more about Islam before critiquing it. Well People are going to listen to the news, experts, and church pastors to learn about Islam just as you listen to people you know or trust to tell you about other religions. Very few people are going to take a class or find a way to study Islam in the detail you seem to wish them to. So insulting people and telling them they should not comment or form an opinion because they are not Islamic experts does not work. Even experts within the Muslim religion do not agree on many basic beliefs. Until you can counter the news reports and show Muslims actively acting against these terrorists people will form opinions based upon what they see and read about Muslims doing.

  10. creily muslims have been doing that,8599,1969662,00.html and its just alot of people mainly the fanbase of geller and spencer who consist of nutjobs who find that violating muslims civil rights as an acceptable tactic of terrorism prevention and probably booby trap there pillows so a muslim does not magicly appear and attack them in from there and the moron in the article either never bother to look for those kinds of things or pass it off as “taqiyya”.

  11. salim,

    “go and join why aren’t you giving the example by doing the first step!” too old.

    “Hey m2, are you a christian or a jew?” those are my only two choses? i’m agnostic.
    “what about the christian crusaders?” brutal, ungodly to say the least. seriously the crusaders again. is there some pamphlet they hand out at mosques.
    “and did mohamed peace be upon him kill for pleasure?” i have no idea? i guess it could have given him pleasure when executing people. how could anyone know?

    “Go read the Islamic history.” working on it. but one could spend several lifetimes trying to learn everthing about islam.

    “don’t simply point the finger, so Read, then judge, then speak out.” somethings you can read and come to a judgement right off the bat. for instance i judge that we shouldn’t lash or stone people, for any crimes. i judge that we shouldn’t allow 10 year olds to marry. i judge that if you allow polygamy you should allow polyandry. i judge that male and female heirs should be equal in the eyes of the law.

  12. m2,

    I hope you will have enough life to reach to the end of your search and no need for several lives. I really hope you will find the truth, and of course you have right to questions. An answer to your approach, when you mentioned about you do not agree with 10 year old getting married! if you are about the prophet Mohamed peace be upon him, well all his life was with wisdom, Do you know that after he passed away his wife was like a scholar for the rest of her life and that his companions used to go ask her questions about Islamic issues. Well this is just one point when we do not see it when in fact there is a lot of wisdom in it!

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