Sunday, July 25, 2021   

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“Behead Those Who Convert” Says Hindu Leader Pravin Togadia

Can you imagine if a Muslim had said this?

Behead those who convert Hindus: Togadia

(Indian Express News)

VHP international general secretary Pravin Togadia on Monday called for a new Indian Constitution that allows for “anyone who converts Hindus to be beheaded”.

The fiery speech, seconded by right-wing leaders, came towards the conclusion of the three-day Akhil Bhartiya Dharmaprasar Karyakarta Sammelan-2011, held a few yards away from the controversial Pirana dargah on the city’s outskirts, where he stayed during the event.

Workers of the VHP from across the country had gathered here, many of them staying in the dargah premises for the three-day conference, causing a lot of anxiety for the police, Monday being Eid-ul-Azha.

Asaram Bapu’s son Narayan Sai, who also came for the concluding ceremony on Monday, said, “I would suggest that we Hindus should include Buddhists, Sikhs and Jains because their line of thinking is no different from Hindus, except for a few small habits.”

Meanwhile, the Saiyed families residing in Pirana village offered namaaz at Imamshah Bawa Dargah on the occasion of Eid-ul-Azha amid tight police security.

Around 120 families belonging to the Saiyed community reside in Pirana village and consider themselves as descendents of Imamshah Bawa. There is a controversy surrounding the Imamshah Bawa Dargah, whose trust is run by seven members of Satpanthi group, who were originally Kutchhi Patels and converted to this sect, and three members from the Saiyed community.


  1. i think a muslim has said, that. well something similar.

    my favorite close minded quote from my favorite “hate site”.

    “‘ I would have killed them according to the statement of Allah’s Apostle, ‘Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him.'”

    can’t we all agree to move past these ancient texts and ideas. all true believers are scary.

  2. No true believers are scary. If they are, then they aren’t true believers.

  3. That is messed up!! we need to practice tolerance for all different religions.

  4. Sadly, yes, I can totally imagine if a Muslim said something like this. I wish I couldn’t.

  5. That is why religious governments are a bad idea be they Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Buddist, and so on. The people in charge get drunk with the power and authority they wield over peoples public and private lives. At some point God will rule the world but until then we are better off with a Caesar.

  6. Fundamentalists of all creeds need to be stopped.

  7. It is so worn out, hating another human being because of the way they worship God. Not that familiar with Eastern Religions….but Judaism, Islam & Christianity are all inextricably twined together, all worshiping the SAME GOD, the God of Abraham, yet hating and killing each other in the Name of that very same God.

    The way I worship God is my business, mine and God’s. Worry about your own relationship (or lack thereof)

  8. Muslims say this sort of thing all the time and act on it too. Theocracy is death. Why in the world can’t muslims grasp what their reps are saying and why people detest them?

  9. Islamophobia – that strange phenom which has jumped out of the bony heads of the kuffar for no reason at all. Get real.

  10. Cutting off peoples heads does seem extreme maybe they should copy the Muslims in Morocco and simply send people to prison for 15 years for converting to a different faith. Its clear that Muslims are much more tolerent than Hindus as they do not always kill the converted.

  11. Criley

    I kinda agree. Partially. Once in spain there was a great muslim empire, everyone was happy and fed and i literally mean everyone. Christians jews and muslims all lived peacefully and shared plenty of interests and good times. I believe it was utman bin affan or omar bin alkhattab who was told that the charity could not be distributed because no one needed it. So they decided to use the money to marry those who wanted. To but didnt have enough for big weddings. Anyway sometimes they work but in islam one thing rings clear, aristocracies arent permitted. Saudi arabia, which claims ti be ever so holy, is breaking that rule. So when you ask wats wth saudi arabia and i answer the king, ill mean spiritually.

    Anon: do you kno the people to be called kufar first were the quraysh ie arab pagans that mistreated orphans and widows and cheated and battled and drank and fornicated and etc. Not westerners which means ajnabiyeen in arabic. Kufaar are disbelievers in god. Christians and jews are not kufaar. Imagine anon. Calling out your own people for idolatry and materialism and cruelty. Jesus did it. Moses did, abraham, etc. The quraysh were literally from mekka, mohammads own tribe and family. His two uncles abu lahab and abu jahal are condemned to hell for their cruelty. Oh if only you studied islamic history youd know.

  12. I like to tell to everyone not every muslims are bad or of the good religion that teaches us the humanity and love like other religion.but some of the people having name ali,muhammed was doing some worst thing rest of the innocent peoples are suffering by that.

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