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Nutty Professor Maurice Moshe Eisenstein: Racism and Anti-Muslim Hate

17 November 2011 15 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Nutty Professor Maurice Moshe Eisenstein: Racism and Anti-Muslim Hate

We did a piece on the despicable anti-Muslim bigotry spewed by Professor Maurice Moshe Eisenstein a few days ago. Sadly, it seems we did not capture the full breadth of his hate-mongering. While we were able to expose his linking and liking Pamela Geller’s genocidal anti-Muslim website Atlas Shrugs, we failed to show some more of the direct and insidious comments he has posted in the past, both on his blog and on his personal Facebook page.

In this screen shot, Eisenstein calls Muslims barbarians, and says there is no future in Arab countries run by Muslims:


Here Eisenstein curses Prophet Muhammad, and says Muslims look upon the Earth as flat:


Here Eisenstein reveals what he thinks about those Muslims at Purdue who are part of the MSA:


This is radical extremism. Period. Imagine if Eisenstein’s last name was Abdul, and replace Muslim with Jewish in the above comments, how long would such a professor last at the said institution? This is a serious breach of the integrity Purdue University by a faculty member and should not be condoned, as it has thus far by the university administration.

There is more to the hate filled banter of Eisenstein, just visit his ironically named blog, Speaking Truth to Power.

Here he sounds more like Halal Pork with all the talk of “snakes”:

The Arab Spring that was Always an Expected Winter

Spring and Arabs, i.e. Muslims, is like talking about friendly cobra snakes. There is no such thing.

Egypt is under the greatest influence of Islam as a terrorist religion than it has ever been, with no countervailing force.

Arabs are only friends of Arabs. (If you doubt that ask any Hindu.) There is no option in the Arab world of supporting so called human rights. The only place that it came close was in Turkey (I know it is not Arab; but, it is Muslim.)

If one thinks that this is relegated to Facebook, think again, he is spewing the same stuff in the CLASSROOM. He states below that Arabs and Muslims haven’t contributed anything to society in 2,000 years, is that what they want professors teaching at the university?:

According to one YouTube commenter this wasn’t recorded by students but was shamelessly put online by Eisenstein himself:

nasserorion Its not recored, he shares all the lectures on his online courses

Protests at the University have continued, and hopefully these brave students will continue to pressure the university to respond properly:

Anti-Muslim comments made by a PUC professor on his public Facebook page and during his class lectures have led to campus-wide outrage and student protests.

Energetic chants such as “No more Eisenstein, Eisenstein must go!” and “They say get back, we say fight back!” echoed throughout the courtyard between the Gyte and SUL buildings on Nov. 9 and 10. Students held signs and handed out transcripts of Eisenstein’s Facebook comments while expressing their opinions as others came and went between classes. Approximately 50 to 70 students took part in the protest.

PUC students Wala Issa, Jessica Tabor and alumni Chris Ramirez started the protests by organizing with other students in response to the anti-Muslim comments and alleged religious harassment from Eisenstein. During the exchange of comments on Facebook, Eisenstein called Issa a “Jew hater” after she posted a separate link in defense of Muslims and the Islamic religion. Issa said her intentions were to show that anyone can take an article and misinterpret it.

“He believes that we are targeting him as an orthodox Jew, [but] this has nothing to do with that. We are just offended about things that he said, which were calling Muslims terrorists and saying that the prophet Muhammad was an idiot,” said Issa.

Aside from the comments made on Facebook, Issa has previously filed two personal complaints to PUC officials against Eisenstein. The first complaint was filed on Aug. 31, to History and Political Science Department Head Richard Rupp, Dean of Liberal Arts and Social Science Ronald Corthell and Linda Knox, associate director of Affirmative Action at PUC. The second was filed with Corthell on Sept. 21.

The first incident involving Issa and Eisenstein occurred on Aug. 30, the first day of the Muslim holiday Eid al-Fitr. Issa said Eisenstein made comments during a classroom lecture where he allegedly stated “Muslims are corrupting the world and the only thing Muslims are good for is their food.”

Representatives of PUC’s Social Justice Club and the Muslim Student Association both said they plan to file separate complaints in the days to come.

Alshammari said he and the MSA joined the protests after they saw the comments made by Eisenstein on Facebook and said he believes Eisenstein should be fired over his remarks. He said that students came to the protest and told him Eisenstein has not only insulted Muslims, but Hispanics, blacks and other minorities as well.

Sociology Professor Alan Spector attended the protest on Nov. 10 and gave his opinion of Eisenstein’s comments.

“Professors have a right to their own opinion, but the question is whether or not it creates a situation in the classroom where students feel like they’re not going to be judged fairly or graded fairly,” Spector said.

Tabor, who described Eisenstein’s comments as “hateful,” said, “The university has policies on student academic honesty, yet it appears that faculty members are not held to the same standards. Clearly, Eisenstein believes his university protected “bully pulpit” gives him the freedom to promote his bigotry.”

Loonwatchers should continue to support the students with letters, emails and phone calls to the university. This sort of hate filled bigotry and racism is damaging not only to the school but most importantly to the students who deserve a real education.


  1. Why are muslims so astonished when their hatred and extremism is thrown back at them?

  2. It is clear the man clearly does not like Muslims but that is no reason to fire the man unless he has used his position to unfairly assign grades or to treat Muslim students unfairly. There have always been activist professors some take popular stances others unpopular stances being on the other side of the issue may give you the right to call for dismissal but should not give you the expectation of dismissal.

    Lets look at the Mohammad is an idiot comment. Muslims are not going to like it because it insults their number one prophet. Muslims willingly state the Jesus is only a prophet and is not the Son of God. For Christians this demeans the status of Jesus within a religion that does not even accord Mohammad the status of a prophet. Should any Muslim or person that states that Jesus is not the son of God be dismissed from their positions? The students are demanding that the name of Mohammad be treated with respect by peoples who do not even acknowledge that the man was a prophet. Why should he or anyone else treat Mohammad’s name with respect as they are not of the Islamic religion? Why should any Jew treat Mohammad’s name with respect?

    Lets look at his comment of there is no future in Arab countries run by Muslims now look at this link from an Arab official.

    This article states that 70 percent of Arab youth wish to move from Arab countries as there is no future there for them. The professor did not say anything that Arab officials have not admitted to in terms of a problem that needs to be dealt with.

    I do admit that stating that all Muslims are barbarians is over the top but many people agree with him as examples of barbaric Islamic activities is on the news weekly if not daily, after all who can forget the woman killed because Jones burned that Koran. If that was not an act of barbarism then I have the term misdefined. The majority of the people in this world are silent regardless of religion, however, the 60+ million Muslims in this world that commit or support violence are not and it is easy to over generalize when confronted by the sheer numbers and violence of these peoples.

    One cannot go to a university and expect ideas and traditions that are important to you to be respected all the time. Many professors and academics disparage Christianity on a regular basis but it is no call for their removal as you can learn just as much from people who disagree with you as from those that do agree with you.

  3. i hope justice is served . He should not be able to teach at any schools. before he goes and make his remarks on muslims , hispanics,blacks and so on he should look into his own culturial sociaty . the real terroist are the zionest jews . look at whats going on in palestine all the killing they do to women and children but he doesn’t comment on that . no one should say anything about anyone’s race or religion unless it a positive thing . The Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w )taught if you don’t have anything nice to say then say nothing .

  4. Let’s look at Morocco since a constant Muslim responder used this country as a model Islamic country who is a friend of the United States. First they arrested Jamaa Bakrim for preaching Christianity within its borders and because he converted from Islam to Christianity. He is serving 15 years because of his faith and has served 5 years to this date. A document was signed by 7,000 Muslim religious leaders in April of this year supporting the deporting of Christians from Morocco.

    “Between March and June authorities expelled 128 foreign Christians in an effort to purge the country of any foreign Christian influences. In April nearly 7,000 Muslim religious leaders backed the deportations by signing a document describing the work of Christians within Morocco as “moral rape” and “religious terrorism.” The statement from the religious leaders came amid a nationwide mudslinging campaign geared to vilify Christians in Morocco for “proselytism” – widely perceived as bribing people to change their faith.”

    So a Christian speaking of his views is committing Moral Rape and religious Terrorism. How do these statements compare to the professors? Not to mention the Muslims involved are taking action to impose their views. If only these Muslim Clerics could be stripped of their robes and taken from their position of influence the world would be in better shape. However, Muslims support their statements and believe their ideas should be implemented. What I notice is that in Muslim countries only Muslims have freedom of speech so long as they tow the Islamic line. What I do not like is Muslims in the United States trying to stifle free speech because they do not like what is being said. I do not agree with everything the professor says but he has a right to say it and he has earned that right to say it at the University level. Should a pro Islamic professor be fired if the critiques the Christian religion or disparages the notion of Jesus as being the Son of God? A Muslim would say no because they believe he is speaking the truth. As a Christian I think he is speaking heresy and should be dismissed and not allowed to abuse others of the Christian faith.

    This professor should keep his job and the students need to keep their perspective.

  5. Some of the comments above are the reason that this site exists.

  6. CheriB that is an innocuous statement could you be more clear?

  7. Nate
    I agree not just a palestinian but as a human being.

    And this guy probably forgot that algebra was created by a muslim guy named al-jabr and avicenna who was known to write the most insightful book abt self hygiene and health (and the europeans shoul be grateful) was actually a muslim scholar named ibn sina and the idea of enlightenment (renaissance) came from the increasing amount of muslim discoveries? Everything from astrology to health to algebra and back around. Oh and we also use arabic numerals. Our one is your one, your three is our four, our five is your zero, our nine is your nine our six is your seven. And so on.

    ١، ٤، ه، ٩، ٦

  8. Elle is doing the tired old muslim thing of hogging all intellectual creation and should read more. Give SOME credit to other civs, this bragging is crazy.

  9. There is a muslim delusion based on 3 fallacies:

    1. Muslims invented everything
    2. Muslims used to rule the world
    3. Muslims have the perfect system for the world

    1. No, they didn’t, 2 No they did not even rule all of Spain 3. Demonstrate first in the islamic countries the perfection of which you boast

    Similar to the Nazi master race delusion and the communist perfect system delusion.

  10. Y was my comment deleted?
    And no i didnt say muslims created everything. The chinese gave us silk and paper for example. The europeans gave us amazing literature like that of shakespeare.
    And where does it say they ruled the world? Eveyone knows they didnt.
    They ruled andalus and grenada. Those parts of spain.
    Yes nazis. Yes. ما ابيخك

  11. Islam isnt a master race because its a religion and not a master? I didnt say ooh we did everything not at all but we definitely contributed. And look at the hagia sophia church in turkey, it used to be a mosque. Look at the structure and architecture its amazing. Anyway, 3. I didnt follow. Rephrase please.Its because islam calls for education and a drive for learning that muslims ever made tHe discoveries they did. “seek knowledge from the cradle to the grave” a hadith we kno that tells us to love learning and grab at an education.

  12. Hagia Sophia was first a Byzantine cathedral, than a mosque, now a museum. Cathedral in Cordoba was first a Visigoth temple, then a church, then a mosque and now a cathedral. Recently some muslims barged in there and started a prayer fest trying to seize it back I suppose. Maybe we should have a mass in Hagia Sophia.

    Muslims at first sought knowledge and made contributions and then were intellectually killed perhaps by their leadership.

    I often see articles by muslims who are dreaming about the perfect Islamic state and besotted by the idea that muslims invented everything.

    Actually, the Chinese invented everything. Everyone else is just in imitation. Have also read that all language stems from Chinese.

    The human race has almost gone extinct several times. Maybe there was a remnant that survived in China. Muslims don’t seem to want to credit the Greeks, Romans, Chinese, etc. with anything.

    The world was a pool of ignorance before Mohammad and the Koran? Please wise up.

  13. No anon muslims Give credit to plenty of people but we as peopleINDIVIDUALs we gave thing to this world
    I kno hagia sophia was a church but the arches with لا اله الا الله certainly didbt come from the spanish. And i wasnt saying the world but the middle east of muhammads time was allll ignorant. People chose aristocracies instead of fair leadership and the rich took over the poor, people battled over trees and camels while they push away orphans (read surat al maun) and treated people less fortunate than them like dirt. It was called the jahiliyyAh for a reason, which means age of ignorance. They practiced female infanticide too. If that isnt ignorant i dont kno what is.

  14. As someone who has been on the Purdue University Calumet for some years, let me inform you all that Eisenstein has also made hostile comments about blacks, about Mexicans, and even about other Jews. He has also said that “when a woman says ‘no’ she doesn’t necessarily mean ‘no’” and that the charge of sexual harassment is only appropriate if a woman is physically raped.

    He is entitled to his opinions, but when he uses the power of his position as a professor to force students to listen to insults and sexually oriented comments, that is over the line. As a political science instructor, he should be allowed some leeway to say something things that may be “offensive” to some people, but when a climate of intimidation is created, and when whole ethnic groups and religions are condemned, leading to the suspicion that he probably cannot evaluate them properly nor that a student from any of those groups cannot sit in his classes without fear of PREJUDICED discrimination —- that is not “free speech” — that is taking the power given to him by the state of Indiana and using it for personal reasons.

  15. @ Purdue Calumet Observer: You are trotting out all sorts of false accusations. I too work at PUC and everything you say here is false. You disagree with Professor Eisenstein because he is unapoligetically Jewish (conservative — not the liberal social justice type Jewish person that academe is accustomed to) and because he is unapologetically conservative. Tell me — what is more harassing — making pointed and harsh comments about Islam and Mohammad on facebook or running a modern-day lynching as the students did when they held a forum to blatantly and openly lie, harass, and otherwise defame Professor Eisenstein. You sir/madam have a double standard. But given then fact that most Professors do (after all, Christians can Catholics can be called Fascists on our campus and no one bats an eye at it — oh, because the liberal mindset agrees with it).

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