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Pat Robertson Solves Viewer’s Muslim-Chess-Set Problem

17 November 2011 General 11 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Pat Robertson

Pat Robertson

Robertson Laughs: “If It’s The Crusades, The Crusaders Are Killing The Muslims!”

From the November 16 edition of CBN’s The 700 Club:

KRISTI WATTS (co-host): Terrel says, “I have a chess set with men based on the Crusades. We’ve had the set in our house for over 15 years. My wife now says we should have nothing ‘Muslim’ in our house. I say that it’s just a chess set and is OK. What are your thoughts?”

ROBERTSON: Well, I mean, if it’s the Crusade, the Crusaders are killing the Muslims. [laughs] So what’s the big deal?

WATTS: Yeah.

ROBERTSON: I — you know, nothing says you can’t have something Muslim in your house. You’re not worshipping Allah. This is a clash that took place. Crusaders went to reclaim the holy places from the infidels, from the Muslims that had taken them over. So, I mean, that’s historic. I don’t see anything wrong with that. All right.

Original post: Pat Robertson Solves Viewer’s Muslim-Chess-Set Problem


  1. Is it strange that there are people as willing to kill Muslims as there are Muslims willing to kill non Muslims? Muslims kill a lot of people world wide in the name of God and their religion. Does one think there will be no blowback from such actions? The majority of Muslims are peaceful but a very significant number are not and they have chosen to make war on the west, as a result, nonspecific generalized speech is going to be found that makes a person seem to dislike all Muslims when it is not the case. I suggest that Cair or a Muslim organization interview Mr. Robertson and get a more definitive answer in regards to his views.

  2. It’s bigotry. If people are too stupid to say they hate radicals and instead target an entire religion, their words cannot be justified.

  3. I suppose it’s only a mortal sin if you play with the chess set and the Muslims win!

  4. criley401, the problem here is bigotry. You could say ‘some black people recruit children and use them to wage war’ and this wouldn’t mean that the majority of black people did so. However, the fact that some do would not justify backlash against black people in general – just as the fact that some white people enslaved black people wouldn’t justify backlash against white people in general.

    So saying ‘it’s okay if we’re killing Muslims’ is not right. Saying ‘it’s okay if we’re killing Christians’ or ‘it’s okay if we’re killing Jews’ or ‘it’s okay if we’re killing black people’ is not right either.

    We’re all human beings. It’s not okay for any of us to kill each other, and certainly not due to any kind of racial, gender, class, or religious bias.

  5. criley,

    Where are Muslims killing non Muslims. Irak? it is an American invasion, Afganistan? it is an American invasion, Libya? civil war. Syria? civil war. Egypt? internal conflict? So where on earth are you getting your info from?

    911, Muslims and non Muslims were killed. so where? there is a group of may be 100 or 1000 (acting wrong and they will be judged for it) compared to almost 2 billions muslims worldwide, and you want to generalize the situation. I guess you and me know that you are blind siding yourself with christianity just because you are christian. I would not surely do that if I knew a group of Muslims were acting wrong I would stop them instead of try finding excuses for them.

    If you compare the number of muslims being killed in Palestine alone you would realize the number of christians killed by Muslims would not even match.

    Us as Muslims, With all of this, we still need to be nice to christians, however remember the wrongdoers and those who kill muslims surely will be punished in hell fire if they do not repent. I know repentance means sh** to any of non muslims, however the one who created us and created the whole world ain’t sleep and will surely hold all the wrongdoers accountable for their mischief on earth.

  6. It just absolutely kills me that people like Robertson think that Muslims worship a different god. If they would just actually do some legitimate research (staying away from completely biased and Islamophobic sources) and actually read the Quran, they would know that the Allah is the same God that Christians and Jews worship.

  7. Salim, I am not even going to answer that question. YOu have to be asleep at the wheel if you want to deny that large groups of Muslims are killing in the name of God or their religion. Of course I guess I could have said that they are also killing other Muslims with different belief sets, but I thought the statement spoke for itself.

  8. criley:

    I guess it all depends on one’s perspective. Large could mean 100, 1,000 or 10,000. The if there are 3.2 BILLION Muslims on Earth, all of those numbers combined are small by comparison.

    Further, if extremists who claim to follow Islam are advocating to “kill all Christians“, wouldn’t it take an equally extremist group of Christians to “kill all Muslims“?

    Not only is this further evidence that Islam hold no monopoly on extremism, it also speaks to the size of the minority of those extremists.

  9. Criley,

    Oh yeah I am asleep at the wheel! Mr awake can you bring real numbers and source of your findings so that we could do our QA! Thanks.

  10. No Salim, the reason this blog exists is because a percentage of Muslims (between 5 and 8 Percent) are engaged in or supporting activities that other Muslims state is wrong. Basically killing and terrorizing in the name of God and Islam. The blow back from these activities affect non violent Muslims in as sundry negative ways and influence people to make generalizations about all Muslims. This includes attacks on other Muslims such as in Pakistan where 1,165 Muslims have been killed and 2,900 Muslims have been injured in attacks by other Muslims who disagreed with their particular Islamic beliefs.

    You approached my response like I attacked the religion of Islam. To date I have not attacked the religion but I have attacked various elements within Islam which counteract the statement that Islam is a religion of peace. I also critique Islamic governments that allow for the imprisoning of Christians because of their beliefs or their discussing their beliefs with non believers such as Morocco. I make statements against countries like Egypt that allow Coptic churches to be burned and kill Christians that would protest such burnings. I willingly critique Islamic countries and their citizens for their Bigotry against Christians, other religions, and even smaller sects of Islam.

    Now you can deny that people are being killed and freedoms are being quashed on a daily basis if you wish Salim but I am not going to spend time doing internet searches when all you have to do is read the news which is available from papers from all over the world.

  11. Salim,
    You need to read thru everything Criley 401 said. If you don’t you will end up taking her words out of context. Then you won’t be much different from M2 or Anonymous.

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