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MotherJones: Pamela Geller: Beware “Stealth Halal” Turkeys This Thanksgiving

22 November 2011 Mother Jones 24 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Muslim Brotherhood Turkeys Are Taking Advantage Of The Arab Spring.

Muslim Brotherhood Turkeys Are Taking Advantage Of The Arab Spring.

Pamela Geller: Beware “Stealth Halal” Turkeys This Thanksgiving

By Adam Serwer

Anti-Muslim blogger Pamela Geller, one of the driving forces behind the Ground Zero mosque controversy, has set her sights on a new manifestation of the stealth jihad: Your Thanksgiving turkey. Geller is calling for a boycott of Butterball, accusing the compainy of selling “stealh halal” turkeys prepared in accordance with Muslim dietary laws:

Across this great country, on Thanksgiving tables nationwide, infidel Americans are unwittingly going to be serving halal turkeys to their families this Thursday. Turkeys that are halal certified — who wants that, especially on a day on which we are giving thanks to G-d for our freedom? I wouldn’t knowingly buy a halal turkey — would you? Halal turkey, slaughtered according to the rules of Islamic law, is just the opposite of what Thanksgiving represents: freedom and inclusiveness, neither of which are allowed for under that same Islamic law.

Just in case you’re wondering, Jewish and Muslim dietary laws regarding meat are very similar. Similar enough, in fact, that a proposed ban on the ritual killing of animals in the Netherlands has both the Jewish and Muslim religious communities up in arms.

Now, assuming Geller’s right about Butterball turkeys being halal, you might think that in a capitalist economy, halal turkeys are a sign of meat sellers responding to market demand for food prepared a certain way. You might even be tempted to observe that Muslim Americans marking a secular, American holiday celebrating pluralism and freedom from religious persecution might be a sign of the extent to which American Muslims have assimilated into American culture. What you didn’t know was that when markets respond to the demands of Muslim consumers, freedom dies.


  1. I love how she says Thanksgiving is all about inclusiveness but then turns around and excludes based essentially on religion.

  2. I believe Geller’s point is that the turkeys should be marked as halal so that people who object to eating halal meat are not unknowingly served it.Its a matter of freedom of choice, Muslims are less then 1% of the population in America so why would non-Muslim be given only halal meat?If you would not serve a Muslim non-halal meat why would you serve a non-Muslim halal meat?

  3. Good grief, people. It’s a turkey!
    So long as it’s dead, who cares how it was killed??

    Do you think “halal” means it has dome sort of additive, or perhaps it has an evil soell cast upon it?
    I wish some people would grow up and use their heads for something other than garbage pails!

  4. Hera is right. All of the Parve and Kosher foods on the market should also openly proclaim they are following Jewish Sharia, so concerned consumers know not to buy Jew food if they are opposed to it. True, that cuts out most things in the supermarket, but this is about freedom of choice. If I don’t want to accidentally eat Jew food, they should help me avoid the stuff. EW!

  5. Lets rephrase that and see if it’s really an important issue, or if it just seemed like a sensible one at the time. Keeping mind most food in the supermarket has been blessed by a Rabbi (with the little P or K symbol on it).

    “Kosher food should be marked as Kosher so that people who object to eating kosher are not unknowingly served it.Its a matter of freedom of choice, Jews are less then 1% of the population in America so why would non-Jews be given only Kosher food? If you would not serve an orthodox Jew non-kosher meat why would you serve a non-Jew kosher meat?”

    I’m waiting for the supermarket revolution; entire stores dedicated to non-Jews who thusfar have been starving thanks to all their brand name foods being Kosher.

  6. Hera, if you substituted the word “kosher” for the word “halal” in your post or in your thinking, would you still have a problem with it? I suspect so. The fact is that anything kosher is, by definition, also halal (although that is not necessarily true when inverted) and there is NOTHING in Christian theology that has ANY problem with eating kosher and, hence, halal. Hera, what is your real problem here? I don’t think it is that you are “being forced to eat halal”, because you are not.

  7. Instead of “I suspect so”, I meant to write “I suspect NOT” in my previous post.

  8. Maybe people like Geller would rather have a nice case of E Coli for the holiday fun.

  9. William,

    If halal is the same as kosher then what is the purpose of offering halal meat? Why not simply offer kosher and non-kosher foods which has been the practice for decades in the United States? Muslim butchers could offer halal or companies can offer halal meat that is clearly labeled so that those who object to halal are not served halal meat.It also doesn’t matter why a person rejects halal meat or whether or not Christianity accepts or rejects halal. The point is choice and truth in advertising.Halal meat has been rejected by non-Muslims in Europe and the United States for a variety of reasons.Some reject halal meat because of the way it is butchered, some object to anything associated with religion others reject halal because of its association with Islam.Label halal meat clearly separate it out from non-halal meat and then let the market decide.


    I’ll just leave this here… I think I’d prefer halal. Muslims don’t treat their food like what you see in this video.

    Be warned. It is highly graphic.

  11. First “freedom fries”, and now this? Really?

    God Bless America.

    I may be missing something, but aren’t halal and kosher foods clearly marked as such? What’s the literacy rate in America again?

  12. Ahh good to be back. Lol stealth halal. Halal is kosher period. And this ladys jewish! Shes supposed to eat kosher anyway! And muslims are used to the word halal so even if they translated it it eould be kosher. Sooo how is this bad hera? Stealth. Omg shes my comedy central. Next hats will be known as stealth hijab. Keep doing wat you do geller. Ignorance truly is bliss

  13. Elle,

    nice to have you back! where did you go to Palestine on vacation? Anyway as you see nothing has changed, This Geller is after the poor Turkey now. Even birds are not spared with this crazy lady!

  14. Pamela Geller is a racist idiot, and if she wants to try to claim the Halal method of slaughtering an animal is allegedly “inhumane” or something; she would have to say the exact same thing about the Jewish Kosher rules of slaughtering animals (and Pam does claim to be Jewish right). Also the Halal method of slaughtering an animal is the best and most painless way for the animal to be slaughtered, if you want to see actual brutality towards animals look up the brutality of factory farms in America: one good film on this general topic is called “Food, Inc.”

  15. Also regarding the “inclusiveness” of the lying holiday of “Thanksgiving”, why doesn’t that racist Pamela Geller ask the Native Americans what they thank about the day! “Thanksgiving” should be Native American Holocaust Remembrance Day so people can mourn and remember the genocide European colonists inflicted upon the indigenous people of what is today the US.

  16. Halal meat, like Kosher meat, is actually prepared in a humane fashion and is generally considered to be of a higher quality than slash and grab factory meat, so why would anyone object to eating it?
    Also, Thanksgiving, although associated with the pilgrims, did not become a holiday in this country until the 19th century.
    The Pilgrims, by the way, did not believe in religious freedom for anyone except themselves, they had nothing to do with the founding of the United States and would vehemently oppose the Constitution.

  17. Hi salim, yes its a sad day for turkeys. Not from hunters and thanksgiving but of ms geller.

    The most intellectual comment ive seen today

  18. No salim i wish. I just didnt feel like looking at the responses of bigots and dousches anymore. I pretty much just needed a break.

  19. when an animal is prepared in Halal fashion it is by Islamic ritual and basically made a sacrifice to Allah.
    When they cut the throat of the animal they say “Bismillah allahu akbar” — in the name of Allah the greatest”
    So if you like your turkey sacrificed to Allah, then of course you have no problem with this.
    Islam is taking over and you ignorant idiots are blissfully ignorant.

  20. And by the way, there is no ‘freedom of religion’ in Islam. Look and see what is happening in Egypt, Syria and Kenya to anyone who isn’t Muslim.

  21. Farmer arab

    Even the name. Oy. Lol who sAid all those countries (even saudi) are true muslim countries even their govs (aristocracies) are condemned by the quran. True muslim counties should allow nonmuslims to live normal lives. I mean honestly if mohammad were here right now you think hed praise king abdallah or that assad guy? Theyre doing the opposite of what he told the people. Sadly these middle eastern countries have gone back to the jahiliyyah ( pre-islamic era of ignorance the quraysh lived in- they were a lot like the tyrants we know as gaddafi, mubarak, ben ali and so on)

    And no one said butterball was going muslim. They obviosly wanted to raise sales and targeted the halal to muslims. Hiw do you think scarf making companies make a living.

    And there is. You dont wanna be muslim thats fine. I aint gonna force you. What is it with people thinkin were trying to stuff islam down peopkes throats? Thats not dawa .

    Btw. Most arabs have jobs in the business, medicine, journalistic, and engineering fields. Its a little funny you think all arabs are muslims and farmers. Youre thinking old age folks. Youve still got romanian chinese vietnamese indonesian etc farmers in this world so dont generalize?

    One more thing. Only 20% of muslims are arab. Allah is tge arabic word for god. Even arab christians use it to call god, belive it or not. And when you want to sAy god as in like whats a god you say illaha. See that. Illaha and allah. So strange is the arabic language.


  22. Can anyone really even care how their meat was killed unless its not juicy or what ever?

  23. not sure anyone here actually knows what kosher and halal are. i know i don’t. so let’s do some research. muslims are always telling me to research before i speak. ok so we all know and agree that pork, blood and carrion is forbidden (haram). so when might a turkey not be halal? i guess that comes down to the method of slaughter. here again you see some disagreement among muslim. does the person doing the slaughtering have to be muslim? or can s/he also be “of the book”? either way it must be a sharp knive avoid of nics in the blade. the stroke should be swift and severe the jugular, right. and the animals head has to be facing the kabaa? and you must say “in the name of god, the most great”? something like that. i think that is where the crazies take issue. that it has been blessed by a god they don’t follow. don’t see anything in the article taking issue with the “inhumaneness” of it. as for kosher it appears that that is a common misconception, but a rabbi doesn’t bless the food.


    it doesn’t look like there is anything that would prevent the turkeys in your video from being halal. in fact if you read the comments below, someone claims that the plant in the video supplies butterball.

  24. […] la solita Pamela Geller avverte i patrioti americani che una compagnia, la Butterball, vende “tacchino halal” senza […]

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