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Rep. Rick Womick Strikes Back against Muslims, Liberal Media

23 November 2011 General 2 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

State Rep. Rick Womick says lawmakers are phoning him and texting him with messages of support for calling for the United States to purge Muslims from the military.

“As for my fellow legislators,” Womick said on Steve Gill’s radio show, “I’ve gotten multiple phone calls of support and text messages of support. Those who are not wanting to speak out publicly are not wanting to come out and condemn me either. They are quietly supporting me in the background.”

Otherwise, Womick and Gill spent their time together bad-mouthing Muslims and the liberal media and denying that they’re haters. Womick called the Murfreesboro Daily News Journal‘s Sam Stockard “nothing but a mouthpiece for the Muslim Brotherhood,” and then Gill pounced on The Tennessean‘s Bob Smietana as another example of Muslim lovers in the media.

“One day, their wives, their children could be subjected to Shariah law and then it’s going to be too late,” said Womick, who cast himself as the lonely voice in the wilderness.

I’ll tell you. I’ll be honest with you. This has been a brutal, brutal week. I mean, emotionally, it’s draining. It’s a constant attack against your character, against your opportunity to speak out, against my First Amendment. But I’m not going to back down. That’s the one thing in the emails people have asked me, please do not cave in or back down. And I won’t. I’m going to continue to shout it from the mountaintops whether I’m a state representative or whether I’m a peon in Murfreesboro.

Original post: Rep. Rick Womick Strikes Back against Muslims, Liberal Media


  1. Asa wr wb,

    M4L contact Gill just before this interview took place. Requesting a time to face off with them both and challenge them to validate their opinions with actual facts. As of yet there has been no responce, not surprised. Ignorant people do not usually seek to have their veiws challenged in any meaningful way.

  2. We should also be able to challange Geert Wilders everytime he comes here to the US for yet another hate speech against Muslims and “Leftist allies.”

    This ignoring a real debate on the issues is from the view that 1. “Muslims hate freedom of speech” and 2.”we don’t have to debate anyone because we are always right.” The “freedom of speech” accusation is cover for ignorance!

    What needs to be a practice is that whenever an hatemonger like Wilders comes to the US, to a college or university, there should be some challange to the university to allow academic freedom for opposing viewpoints. Also – if the school get public funds, look at having those funds pulled. Fighting back in other ways must become a norm and a standard.

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