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700 Club Features Story Of Phony Ex-Terrorist

29 November 2011 General 9 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Kamal Saleem

Kamal Saleem

(Right Wing News)

If Pat Robertson’s CBN News wants to be treated as a credible news source, it probably should stop elevating the story of Kamal Saleem.

Saleem, who was also prominently featured in The Call: Detroit – where he urged other Muslims to convert to Christianity – and told rally attendees that he is the descended of the “Grand Wazir of Islam.” However, the title is not found anywhere in Islam. While preparing for The Call:Detroit, Saleem said that President Obama planned “to break down Article 6” of the Constitution in order to enforce “Islamic law,” warning “if he breaks this, the Sharia law will be supreme in America.”

An investigation by CNN found that Saleem is one of a handful of “fundamentalist Christians posing as ex-terrorists,” and a Middle East studies professor at the conservative Calvin College said his story “is not verifiable and without it he’s no different from other fundamentalist preachers.” Howard even wrote a review of Saleem’s book, which he called “obsessively, sadistically violent,” highlighting Saleem’s many contradictions in his backstory and his blatant and bizarre misrepresentations of Islam, saying, “Suffice it to say that if the subject were Jews, this book could not have been published.” Howard even points out that Focus on the Family, a former employer of Saleem, even had doubts about Saleem’s conversion story.

Haroon Moghul of Religion Dispatches also points out inconsistencies in his story of working for rival Palestinian secular and Islamist groups simultaneously and his claim that as a Muslim he was “allergic to Jesus,” even though Muslims consider Jesus the Messiah.

Why would CBN News bolster such a clear fabricator?

CNN notes that “Saleem, whose real name is Khodor Shami, worked for Pat Robertson’s Christian Broadcasting Network for sixteen years.”

On Friday, CBN’s The 700 Club featured a story on Saleem where he discussed how he tried “to wage Cultural Jihad” in the Bible Belt:

Kamal was seven when his parents sent him to Muslim training camps to learn to use weapons and engage and kill the enemy. The boys were also taught another, more subtle form of warfare…
“We were training for what’s called, ‘Culture Jihad,’ which is shifting cultures. Culture Jihad is unlike the sword, unlike the rifle. It is the Jihad that will come into your world.”
By his 20s, Kamal was chosen to wage Cultural Jihad on America.
“In Islam, liberty, freedom, monarchy, all these are idols and must be brought down. So the liberty that you have in United States of America is anti-Islam, so America must be changed. So I moved to the ‘Bible Belt’ specifically. The Bible Belt was the strongest of the strongest. That’s where the stout Christians are, and I want to take on the best of the best, because I considered myself as the sword of Islam. I thought, ‘I’m anointed. I’m unique. I’m selected. I’m coming to a country and a culture to change it. I have the power of Allah with me.’”

Original post: 700 Club Features Story Of Phony Ex-Terrorist


  1. They want to be noted as a credible news source for those who hate Islam.

  2. Good Grief!

  3. didnt they already do this one? I think I saw this maybe a few months ago.

  4. Wow. That’s nuts. Do they realize that Jesus is mentioned more times in the Qur’an than Mohammad, may peace be upon them? Silly people.

  5. All hail the Grand Wazir of Islam

  6. ‘I’m anointed. I’m unique. I’m selected. I’m coming to a country and a culture to change it. I have the power of Allah with me.’”
    LOL, they really chose the best words to make Muslims look bad. I give him 5 stars for acting.

  7. I find it funny how all these so called ex terrorist say they have been training for Jihad since they were in the womb and they meet one nice Christian and they have to fall down on their knees and call out if there is a God please tell me what to do. What great actors.

  8. no anon commenting here? ah, that’s too bad.. the poor fellas must be sad. 😀

  9. Your all ignorant. Kamal Saleem’s background has been checked numerous times by the CIA and the FBI. He is the real deal. Do you really think General Gerry Boykin hasn’t had him checked out thoroughly as well, you know they speak together at times. Maybe education is the key here. Google “al taqiah” or “Hoodna”. I’ve studied Islam for 6 years now as an open minded seeker of truth. It’s strait from the pits of hell. Peaceful religion? Check out Sura 2:106… It cancels out all the nice stuff through abrogation… Please, educate yourselves. I challenge anyone on the subject, well versed here in the Koran, the Sira and the Hadith.. BRING IT!

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