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Islamofascist Cab Drivers Launch Shariah Double-Parking Attack

30 November 2011 General 4 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

In today’s Muslim threat news: Some New York cabbies are Muslims! And they pray, to their Muslim god! And when they do, they illegally double-part their taxicabs on the street, because Muslims “obey religious laws over parking rules.”

That salacious headline comes via DNAInfo, a normally reliable local New York news site. Apparently, a mosque on Manhattan’s Upper West Side is popular with cab drivers. During prayers, they “double- and triple-park outside the house of prayer, forcing northbound traffic…to veer into the oncoming traffic lane.” The mosque’s neighbors—including Donald Trump, who owns four nearby towers—don’t like that, so naturally they complain to the police about it: “311 records show at least nine complaints this year about illegal parking at that intersection.”

Nine complaints! In just one year? It’s a full-blown scandal.

If you live in New York, anywhere, you spend an average of 15 minutes per day mad about some asshole double-parking somewhere. The fact that some Muslim cab drivers double-park to pray doesn’t mean they “flout the rules of the road in order to observe the rules of their religion.” It means they flout the rules of the road because, like everyone else who drives an automobile in Manhattan, they are asshole drivers.

[Image via AP]

Original post: Islamofascist Cab Drivers Launch Shariah Double-Parking Attack


  1. Macha Allah, however he should have gone to pray where he does not cause atraffic problem. We have to pray on time, I understand that, but surely there so many places where he could have gone to pray! One thing we have to notice, this bro looks from Afganistan, I am sure he does not give a damn about the Traffic law when he knows the air force is bombarding his home! I guess we have to thank Bush, or any Parking fines should be readdressed to Mr.Bush

  2. Muslims are allowed to adjust their time of prayer according to circumstances. Since people know that there is no reason for Muslims to double park in order to pray.We live in a secular country the laws including traffic laws apply to everyone.

  3. Well maybe the light was RED and maybe thought he could have completed his prayer before the light turned GREEN! -:)

  4. So why are they allowed to put other ppl’s lives at risk for the sake of their prayers? Why is their religion above the law that everyone else has to abide by or be heavily fined or jailed? Why are they allowed to get away with this?

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