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Newly elected New Zealand MP calls for ban on veil

8 December 2011 33 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Richard Prosser

Richard Prosser

Newly elected New Zealand MP calls for ban on veil

The New Zeland press has been covering the political philosophy of Richard Prosser, one of the eight New Zealand First candidates elected to parliament in the recent elections.

In addition to bringing back military service and arming taxi drivers (“His views sound like those of a redneck to me”, the director of the Taxi Federation responds) Prosser proposes a ban on the “burqa”.

His message to veiled Muslim women is: “This is my culture and my country, not yours. Get some respect and conform.”


  1. Well, given this jerk is in New Zealand and not the U.S., I guess I can’t remind him that one of the MAIN reasons we’re here, in the U.S., is that people wanted religious FREEDOM. Yes, he DOES sound like a redneck. Yes we DO have people here–in this country of FREEDOM–who feel the same way he does. I guess our “freedom of speech” also includes freedom of thought. So, think what you will. What bothers me is that people like that believe they have a right to impose their thoughts and feelings on others. Religions try to convince people to come to their religion. Can we just co-exist and leave others alone?

  2. Is he serious? I am highly considering moving to NZ because you don’t do things like the US. Now, something like this is coming along. Please, do not let your country turn into what the US has- full of hate and fear. Muslims are not be feared. Loosing your freedoms and liberties because of your fear is way more detrimental than a burqa.

  3. I guess New Zealand’s origins are different. Were they a prison colony like Australia?

  4. Sandra lets look at your statement:
    “What bothers me is that people like that believe they have a right to impose their thoughts and feelings on others”

    When you say people like that do you not realize that the way Islam is practiced over quite a bit of the world punishes people for having beliefs outside of Islam and that in Islamic countries you can go to jail for not conforming to Islamic beliefs. Would that make All or most Muslims in Muslim countries rednecks? I support our constitution and the freedoms it expounds upon, but Muslims are the worst at trampling human rights including trampling the rights of Muslim sects they do not agree with. In fact one regular contributer to these forums said about the same thing Prosser did when he stated that if you go to a Muslim country Conform to their customs or be prepared to suffer the consequence then called the guy who had discussed his beliefs in public an idiot or some such name.

  5. Why do ppl always criticize about Muslim countries denying human rights? Iran? Iraq? Turkey? Saudi Arabia? All these countries had have or have had terrible leaders. Why? Because of the western influence in foreign affairs. How did Saddam get into power? Research it, and c how much America helped put him into power. Saudi Arabia? Run by a Wahabi monarchy that came into power by killing of thousands of Muslims and gaining support for power by Britain. Why do u think Iran dislike America? Look at how Israel was formed, look at how America supported Saddam against Iran.
    Why did Turkey exile millions of Armenian Christians? Muslims and Christians lived together peacefully for over 800 years. The Armenian Christians held equal rights as Muslims and many held outstanding professions and were leaders in the Muslim government. But yet again u see western countries and France and Russia, supporting the Armenian extremists in overthrowing the Islamic regime. They figured the Christians had enough power to overthrow them. Then “supposedly” hundreds of thousands of Christians die while being led over a desert (which is proven to be false) starved and raped, without evidence, but do they mention the hundreds of thousands of Muslims who died? Who are the ones who make these claims? Obviously the Armenian Christians and they are backed by Christian superpower countries. The fact that you may not know any of this is proof ppl are brainwashed into thinking Muslims simply hate ppl for their freedom.

  6. I am sorry M. Bennett, but Muslim oppression, when they are in the Majority, extends beyond the borders you have mentioned and basically entails about every country in which they are in the majority. One can blame it on the United States if you wish but we came to the aide of Muslims in Bosnia. The oppression observed and recorded may not be supported in the tenets of Islam but it is there none the less. I agree these countries you mentioned may have had terrible leaders but the masses under these leaders seem to have no problem persecuting those of any other faith or belief set including alternative views of Islam.

  7. Criley,
    The masses have no problem persecuting those of other faith? Did the point I mention above make no sense? The leaders came into power BECUZ of Western powers. Then u blame persecution on Muslims? The Armenian Christian movement in Turkey and Israel formation are examples showing exactly why the Muslims are hostile towards Christians. If you are American, do you support the persecution of the Palestinians? Israel has broken many international laws according to the UN, but they can get away with it becuz the US government backs them up and looks the other way. More Palestinians have been killed in the last 60 years than the number of Jews in the Holocaust. You think its because they simply hate Christians for their belief?

    Allah forbids you not, with regard to those who fight you not for (your) Faith nor drive you out of your homes, from dealing kindly and justly with them: for Allah loveth those who are just. Quran 60:8

    Allah only forbids you, with regard to those who fight you for (your) Faith, and drive you out of your homes, and support (others) in driving you out, from turning to them (for friendship and protection). It is such as turn to them (in these circumstances), that do wrong. Quran 60:9

    What has Israel done? Kicked the Muslims out of their homes, killed millions of them, and you think it is simply because we hate Jews? See the point?

  8. Quoting Bosnia does not shade away what Israel has done and continues to do to the Palestinians. Guess how the Bosnian war started. The Serbs were Orthodox Christians, Croats were Catholics and they killed a bunch of Bosnian Muslims. It was ethnic cleansing. Even if majority of American Christians condemn the attack, even if the majority of Muslims condemn 9/11, why is it you only mention the oppression done by Muslims? Why not look at what the Christians do first b4 u mention oppression by Muslims. When you have a large number of Muslims, and when these majority Muslim countries are stabbed in the back by Western Christian majority countries, how are the Christians any different from the Muslims?

  9. Most imp point:
    And the UN did nothing to actually help the Muslims. The U.N. responded by imposing economic sanctions on Serbia and also deployed its troops to protect the distribution of food and medicine to dispossessed Muslims. But the U.N. strictly prohibited its troops from interfering militarily against the Serbs. Thus they remained steadfastly neutral no matter how bad the situation became.

    Throughout 1993, confident that the U.N., United States and the European Community would not take militarily action, Serbs in Bosnia freely committed genocide against Muslims. Bosnian Serbs operated under the local leadership of Radovan Karadzic, president of the illegitimate Bosnian Serb Republic.

    The US only condemned them for 3 years, but never did anything until the whole world was shouting for the UN to actually get off the chair and do something.

    By now, over 200,000 Muslim civilians had been systematically murdered. More than 20,000 were missing and feared dead, while 2,000,000 had become refugees. It was, according to U.S. Assistant Secretary of State Richard Holbrooke, “the greatest failure of the West since the 1930s.”

  10. “They remained steadfastly neutral no matter how bad the situation became” Yes, why does the UN always do that? As in Rwanda.

  11. No Mr MP it is not your country, it is every ones country. This is called planet Earth and belongs to Allah. Live with it.

  12. The earth may belong to Allah, but it does not belong to the muslims, and they should live with that.

    Allah may have perfectly good reasons for letting the kuffar flourish and the muslims croak.

  13. this is frustrating…why cant muslims and other faiths get along??? i know that if there was a ban here in the us i am not sorry to say this: Ban or no ban I will Wear Hijab. i hope there are other muslim women who can do the same no matter what country they are in. we can get along. we shouldnt be forced to do something against our will.

  14. to anon,
    something for you to live with. Muslims actually are flourishing, their number increasing and they live happy with the praise be to Allah they sare loved all over the world. and for your information the kuffar croak instead! Remember that The victory at then end is to the believers! SO LIVE WITH IT!!!!!

  15. They are loved all over the world? What rock are you living under, Salim?

  16. M Bennet

    “More Palestinians have been killed in the last 60 years than the number of Jews in the Holocaust.”

    That is simply not true. Saying such ignorant things does not help your cause agaist bigotry and ignorance toward Muslims. You cannot fight ignorance with ignorance.

    Everyone should take responsibility for their actions. the Us and Israel, but also all muslim countries as well. Not every act of violence in a Muslim country can be blamed on the US or Isreal.

  17. One reason the Pals lost western support over the years is they got the rep of being a baloney machine, simply spewing lies constantly. Also, making foolish violent attacks and corruptly using funds.

    They established a rep of being corrupt fools and liars.

  18. Anon,

    I am living under the stone located above the stone that happened to be on top of you head! does that make sense to you?
    By the way with over 2 billions muslims on earth, I do not think I need your love! I have enough muslims to love me even if Racists like you hate me. I am a muslim and proud to be a muslim and incha Allah I die as a muslim.
    and to make you even more happy have a look at the following site how islam is growing simply because people like you causes it. Thanks!!

  19. Salim, I think you are laboring under a delusion.

  20. I want to convey my message to the MP. If that is you culture and Muslims should respect your culture. Then firstly they not asking you, your wife or daughters to wear a hijab. This is their human right and they have chosen for themselves. Secondly when you go to an Arab or other Muslim country why you do not wear their cloths and why your wife and daughter (all non Muslims women) do not wear a hijab……?

  21. Mr MP…
    It means that you want to impose your wish on other people. Is it democarcy? Remember respect always reciprocate. If you respect other’s tradition and culture it will be reciprocated…Don’t try to impose your thoughts on others rather let them people decide what is their preference…

  22. What about maori and anglo saxon kiwis who don the burqa? Not everyone who wears on is a migrant.

    Conformity is against the ideals of democracy. Get some education and accept reality.

    People who use the muslim card do so because they cannot address real issues .


  23. Your fear is unfounded.
    You are afraid of a piece of cloth over the head–read the Quraan to open your mind.
    Our dressing does not offend anyone except people like you with these archaic views!!!!!
    You are afraid of thre truth as you have been brain washed by the Zionist media.Muslims are over 1 1/2 billion in the world & we re not getting less!!!!!!!


  24. why should the hijab be banned it’s not causing any harm!

  25. Appearance doesn’t matter, we’re all people here. Our regretful history has taught us enough about how religion gets in the way of politics and what not. Should I remind you: Hitler and the Holocaust

  26. I am a muslim myself and i think that they have no right to forbid Hijab.We have different relegious rights like New Zealand does.In my opinion New Zealand should keep hijabs and they should respect other relegions.Hijabs will not kill you they are there because muslim women wear it as a sighn of respect and obedience to god.Why ban a piece of material that means alot to someone? I have three words for u and those are please keep hijabs.

  27. Hejab is a part of our religion islam,there is no harm,no fear ,no loss for any one from hejab.All islamic or non islamic countries do not ban on any relegious dresses or any..they are free in any way…except who target government,so hejab do nt make any voilenc in any goverment it may must not be ban..

  28. a simple logic why mother mary veil . why sisters veil . who give rights to decide my food . what is so called democracy is done . pls ans as middle men or women in common people of adam family .

  29. Salam
    Everyone who has defended Islam, may Allah swt reward you in this world and in the aakhira Ameen. The last thing we need is another man telling women what they can and can not wear. People are quick to jump to save a woman from wearing the veil, but why is it that there’s only a minority that wants to defend her choice to wear it? Whatever happened to religious freedom? I guess Dictatorship has yet taken another form!!

    Please watch the link below where a sister defends the niqab:


  30. Are you giving us money to purchase veil.Those who are trying to ban veil are the sons of bitch…

  31. Does your god told to show your power on women by giving them pain

  32. I have a right to know who is behind the mask as you have a right to hide your self. when it comes at least to the public places that all muslims need to be fair enough not to intermidate others as well as others have a right to know who they are with. male, female etc etc…

  33. I know muslim women have beein saying in a tv program that they feel uyncomfatbale without the veil. I understand that.In the same time my friends you need to think that you are intemidating others by not letting them know who is behind the mask. for egsample I wouldn’t know is there a woman, terrorist, a man or criminal etc etc

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