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Sweden: First police cadet with a headscarf

8 December 2011 General 7 Comments Email This Post Email This Post
Donna Eljammal

Donna Eljammal

Via metro (Swedish, h/t Muslimska friskolan)

Donna Eljammal (26) is Sweden’s first police cadet with a headscarf. She had wanted to join the police long before she started wearing a hijab.

“Ever since I was little. I want to help others and move instead of just sitting in front of a computer.”

A few years ago it became possible to wear a headscarf or turban as part of the police uniform, after some debate.

Q: Do you see the headscarf as a disadvantage or asset in your future career?

A: An asset. Swedish is a multicultural country and it’s important that, within each field, there will be people of different backgrounds, since it increases knowledge and understanding.

Donna Eljammal has had time to get used to the attention.

“I grew up in little Piteå and we were among the first immigrant families there. Also when I worked in the prison service I was the first with a headscarf. But there weren’t many who made comments about the headscarf when they got to know me as a person.”

Q: Will you take off the headscarf for your work?

A: No, not really, I see the headscarf as part of me. I can do everything with the headscarf so i see no point in taking it off.

Original post: Sweden: First police cadet with a headscarf


  1. A sister with a scarf and an MP5, lol. Would she patrol the streets at night??? I guess the wrong profession.

  2. @ Salim..I have read 2 articles this morning..and it seem that your post are as negative and judge mental as the phobics.
    All muslims are not like you, do not share what appears to be a conservative view.

    I am very happy for this young woman, she is doing what she feels called to do, doing a great job and not sacrificing her islamic identify.

  3. And why wouldn’t she patrol at night as part of her professional duties ? That’s a job like any other and she must fulfill her responsibilities. That’s a good job for a brave women !

  4. I’m really proud of her and very happy. We need people like these in a world where people take religion way too easy. May Allah help her with her job and protect her from all the bad things, including police corruption.

  5. To Umm Azziza.

    Thanks for your comment! I am being more realistic. She will study to be a COP then she gets married and I assume she will incha Allah marry a Muslim guy. So I hardly see a Muslim man going to bed at night and his wife wearing her gun belt, putting him in bed and kissing him good night before she goes out to fight the drug dealers and all kinds of other nice guys! Also does islam allow to have a woman and a man in a car all night long together is she get appointed to do that?
    you not being realistic but you are judging with your feelings, or you are not religious and do not have a clue of what you are talking about.

  6. @salim. let ur mind b open.ur a low IQ.r u a real muslim or not?

  7. Im not muslim…but i respect every religión……however I believe that //salim is just being a machoism….latín fword for decribing Men ideology of domination over women ….in which they believe women are soppouse to behave certain ways according to society so it would be part of the “norm”….it other words sterotyping…I thank to all the Gods in which this World believes in that guía young woman lives in New York United States of America where she can do her will of any career she chosees and believe on any religión she chooses…….

    Ohhh…..and to //salim please remember all she is trying is to make a safer World so you and I can live in…so be thankfull…..also…life from every aspects is líos choosing color…..there are many different colors and everyone has the right to choose the one they like.

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