Wednesday, April 14, 2021   

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Church fury over opening of McDonald’s on Christmas Day as Muslim manager is drafted in

Church fury over opening of McDonald’s on Christmas Day as Muslim manager is drafted in

Church leaders have hit out at a branch of McDonald’s which is to open on Christmas Day. A Muslim branch manager has been drafted in by the fast food outlet to cover for the usual boss who is taking the day off and staff have volunteered to work that day for seven hours.

Parish Rvd Wayne Stillwell said the decision to open the branch showed “the continuing decline of Christendom in this country” and his reaction was “one of great sadness”. He added: “I’m sad that we’ve got to this point in our society where something that means as much as Christmas seems to mean so little. It shows the continuing decline of Christendom in our country.”

Daily Mail, 7 December 2011

The report would appear to have been lifted from the Derby Telegraph. It’s instructive to see how the Mail puts its spin on this story. There are of course no “church leaders” who express “fury” at McDonald’s decision, just one vicar who expresses “sadness”, and his church is in fact on the other side of Derby. Whereas the original report places a favourable quote from the Dean of Derby (“Families and friends should come together at Christmas, and if they want to do that in McDonald’s then who are the Church to object?”) at the top of the article, the Mail buries it near the bottom. And of course the Mail highlights the fact that the replacement manager is a Muslim, in order to harness the story to its “Islamification of Britain” agenda.

Update: See “Mail exaggerates ‘church fury’ over McDonald’s”,Tabloid Watch, 8 December 2011


  1. Thou shall not celebrate a fake pagan holiday with fries and a shake

  2. you see there is always needs for Muslims in USA.

  3. @ salaam – I agree with your statement as Christians co-opted many age-old pagan celebrations, but the practices are quite real to pagans. Did you mean a ‘fake Christian holiday’ perhaps?

  4. Salim – this is the UK and not the US (for once).

  5. HAHAHA! Really? I know this country was founded by Christians but our forefathers also wanted to us to have freedom, freedom to choose whichever religion we want (decline of Christendom), freedom to open a restaurant on any day we choose (Christmas), and hire any person who does/can do the job well (Muslim or otherwise).

  6. Though this is in the UK not the US I don’t see anything wrong with a business being open on Christmas day.Most restaurants close on Christmas due to lack of business as most people will spend that time enjoying a meal with family. However there are people who do not celebrate Christmas or do not have family they can spend the holiday with, so why not try to obtain their business.

  7. The church wants the Mcdonalds money for them selves.

  8. this is what the Islamophobes say:


  9. McJihad, now with a side order of mc nuggets only for $5.99

  10. “McJihad, now with a side order of mc nuggets only for $5.99.”
    And an order of large fries and Oh yes, a McRibs sandwich.

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