Saturday, July 24, 2021   

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“I am American.” Then and Now. Same S***, Different Group.

18 December 2011 15 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

“I am American.” Then and Now. Same S***, Different Group.

Then (1941):

A Japanese-American erects a sign to show his allegiance. (h/t TheSunDanceKid)


And now (2011):

American Muslims launch an ad campaign to show their allegiance.



Same sh**, different group.


  1. There is a big difference. The orientals came here for opportunity. They are not a cult that wants to force rules and pretend they are laws. They are happy to have American laws. They aren’t hateful and trying to kill Christians to get to their heaven and they are screaming at our food before they kill it.
    There is no none nata comparison…

  2. Right after it attacked Pearl Harbor, Japan invaded the Philippines. Could just as well have been California. Wartime hysteria that culminated in a very unfortunate result.

    Useless to pretend that there is not a contingent of muslims in the grip of theocratic delusion that wants to turn the whole world into an islamic hellhole.

  3. True, anon, but the same could be said of Christians. And none of the Muslims are running for US President.

  4. Muslims have been in this country for hundreds of years and helped found this nation, Old Ms. Muslims have not just appeared in the United States.

    We have never had an issue with Muslims in this country in our history. Many fought in all our wars. Really prior to 9/11 was America really worried about Muslims in this country? No.

    After 9/11 ignorant hate mongers like you all of a sudden said they are a big threat… Really?! Since when? How about before and after?

    What issues have we had with Muslims in this country? The 9/11 terrorists snuck into this country. Not one was American.

    Timothy McVay, Terry Nichols and the other White Christian men and American home grown bombed Oklahoma City. So based on their small actions all Christians blow up government buildings?

    Of course not that is silly. We say they are a small faction that do not represent us Christians.

    Same is said of the 9/11 Terrorists. They do not represent all Muslims, because Muslims are as diverse as we Christians are. No where is it said an American cannot be a Muslim.

    I guess growing up in an area that had a large Muslim group, large Jewish group, large Baptist, large Roman Catholic group and we all got along. Our religious leaders knew each other and us kids did many events together and friends because I had Muslim and Jewish friends.

  5. What you are describing, Brian, is the era before the rise of theocrats.

    I grew up in a time when religion was scarcely mentioned in the public sphere, no matter what odd things one believed they were kept personal and private.

    It is quite true that Christians have a deluded theocratic group of their own that is a danger to liberty and good government, but none of them seem about to take over any government.

    We are importing people who hate our way of life, even some people who think they have the right to kill those who differ from them in religion.

    The muslims protesting this show were the sunni, who in some locales think they have the right to kill the shia. Most of the world has abandoned religious massacre.

    The list of US Christians terrorists who have actually performed violence is exceedingly small. People rave on about 3-4 men as though they were a huge army. Ridiculous.

  6. Old Ms, there is a direct, obvious comparison. The Japanese came here for opportunity which did not exist in their home culture, which was in thrall to a warrior cult. 70 years ago that cult attacked us. Americans have a way of dealing with cults that attack us: we crush them, burn them with nuclear fire, exterminate them to the last despicable extremist, and the survivors are eventually free. The Japanese already here were viewed with suspicion for years before they were completely accepted. Ask a Japanese American who was in the US the day after Pearl Harbor how long that took.

    Muslims once immigrated here peacefully, their kids became doctors, lawyers, businessmen, and all was well. On 9/11/2001 we were attacked by a Muslim cult that does not represent the moderate religious beliefs of the majority. This is the root of American Islamophobia. Those extremists have perpetrated a great evil on all Americans, and on all Muslims everywhere. When they are finally crushed things will begin to get better. Prejudice will slowly abate, and tolerant attitudes will once again prevail.

    Ken, I remind you that the Germans who attacked us were Christians, and we turned their cities into rock piles. This was a terrible place to have a German name for years after WW2.

    One last thought for my rant, here. At the root of the Muslim extremist attacks on Europe and the US is not a love for a certain way of worship. The root causes are land, money, and power. Plain old human greed.

  7. The Japanese attacked a military target with their military while in uniform.They at least had the appearance of honorable warriors. Muslims disguised as passengers hijacked civilian airplanes, attacked unarmed passengers on those planes and then intentionally flew them into building with the intent of killing thousands of civilians. Afterward there were Muslims who were filmed celebrating the slaughter. If you think people will ever forget that day or those images you are sadly mistaken.Since 9/11 there have attempted attacks and attacks by Muslims right here in the US.Since 9/11 there have been attacks by Muslims in Spain, England, Russia, China,Nigeria, Bali, India, Israel and Iraq to name just a few countries. The internet has also made the world a very small place where nothing is hidden so people are aware of just how non-Muslims are treated in Islamic countries.Islamic supremacists and terrorists are responsible for the problems Islam is facing worldwide and no one else.

  8. To Old Miss

    “The orientals”??? Please spare me. It is people like you who put them in concentration camps. Americans are Americans no matter what our color, heritage, religion or ethnicity! Start RESPECTING!!!

  9. Europol: 99% of terrorist activity in Europe has been non-Islamic. Of those Muslims arrested for terrorism, most were third-generation immigrants or more, with little connection to their culture through their family. Most appeared to have develloped their violent ideology because of exposure to Islam through the media and because they have been ostracized by their neighbors because of their religion, causing them to lose their loyalty toward their nation.

    In other words, most terrorists are not Muslims, and those that are became terrorists because everyone associated them with terrorism, and the media only showed Muslims as terrorists.

    So if you REALLY want to defend your country from Islamic terrorism, you should be WELCOMING Muslims, making them feel like they ARE a part of society.

  10. I don’t think terrorism is actually the problem. The problem is the desire to install theocratic government.

  11. Interesting that Muslims are driven to kill and maim innocents because they do not feel welcomed in various societies.If that’s the case I wonder why Muslims are engaging in terrorism in Saudi Arabia, Jordon, Pakistan, Iraq and Somalia? Do Muslims not feel welcome in these Islamic societies?

  12. @hera
    once again here are muslims “celebrating” 9-11 and can you once again enlighten me on who carries “thank god for 9-11” signs I think they are a church or something westbaro I dont know I forgot the name.

  13. I know it’s painful to be reminded of the celebrations of 9/11 in the Islamic world but these celebrations of slaughter in America did happen. Palestinians in the West Bank were filmed celebrating Americans being slaughtered at the World Trade Center. There were other celebrations in the Islamic world though those celebrants were smart enough not to be caught on tape.

  14. @hera
    I take it you didnt bother with the link surprising oh speaking of celebrations of horrble massecrs now one must remember these are just a few people and in no way represent isreal or the settlers as a whole funny how that argument seems to work when muslims are not the subject of these kinds of things

  15. Anon, please have the b*lls to use your name and admit who you are when you spread your hate speech here.

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