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Hate Slogans Sprayed on Mosque Near Hebron

21 December 2011 General 32 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Attackers sprayed a West Bank mosque with anti-Islamic and pro-settler graffiti on Monday, a Palestinian official said, in an assault that bore the hallmarks of another raid by Jewish extremists.

The mayor of Bani Naim south of Hebron said that slogans in Hebrew sprayed on walls surrounding the village’s Sahaba mosque included “curses against the Prophet Mohammed” as well as “price tag” and “Yitzhar youth,” a reference to a hardline settlement and nearby outpost in the northern West Bank.

Mayor Radwan Manasra said that the mosque was on the village’s southern edge, facing the settlement of Pnei Haver, about 3.5 kilometres (two miles) away.

It was the seventh suspected attack in as many days by ultra-nationalist Jews fighting government plans to dismantle wildcat settlement outposts by vandalising mainly Palestinian property, although they have recently struck at Israeli army bases and the homes and offices of leftwing Israelis.

It was the third mosque attack since Wednesday, one of which coincided with the demolition by troops of the Mitzpe Yitzhar outpost.

AFP, 19 December 2011

Original post: Hate Slogans Sprayed on Mosque Near Hebron


  1. I don’t care who’s doing this kind of thing, it’s offensive andneeds to stop.

  2. That’s sad.

  3. this just makes me sick to my stomach when anyone of ANY faith is attacked by another for what they believe. In the Holy Land, which we ALL share a common ancestry in, it’s just despicable. I send my prayers and well wishes to all the Muslims AND Jews (and Christians) in that area to please find peace amongst your brothers in faith.

  4. Very unfortunate.

  5. Do something constructive to help . Prayer is good for nothing.

  6. Horrible!

  7. Shame!

  8. the hatfields and mccoys fighting over who has the bestest most peaceful religion

  9. “The Lord’s church is spread throughout the whole world. It is universal, then, and consists of all individuals who have lived in the virtue of thoughtfulness according to the principles of their religions.” -Emanuel Swedenborg

  10. My mother taught me that two wrongs don’t make it right !

  11. Muslims launch rockets into Isreal every day and your up set about some spray paint. Really that is horrible.

  12. Michael ,what Rockets? You mean rocks right? They’re guns ,rockets against ROCKS!!! What’s wrong with you?

  13. Go back 1000yrs. How many places of warship of other religions did Islam destroy? WHAT GOES AROUND, COMES AROUND!

  14. Scott: AH so its revenge attacks is it? and you like it I can see. You are NO DIFFERENT than a terrorist sympathizer from the other side .. shame on you.

  15. Wadley: Haaa muslim/christian arabs send GARBAGE rockets into deserted land. Israel kills palestinian babies. They use the rockets as cover to ethnically cleanse the land.

  16. Scott: Actually islam didnt start wars. Go back to the andalus, the peace and love between all of us. Who destryed that?! Not us. And not only that but palis are also christian so its not religious so there. So jews are essemtially killing arabs not muslims for supposed “revenge”

  17. Well not jews israeli gov israeli zionists and muslims dont hate jewd for proof read abt the pact of medinah

  18. is it sad that I’m not getting mad about this anymore….. its like I just expect it.

  19. Scott did you realize how many dissasterouse wars of christian crusaders you gonna find on your way back to 1000 yrs?!much higher,i think.and i think it’s better for us,if we can deal with the present,if we could come togather and join our hands to solve the problems of our time,instead of trying to find ways to hate each other and to fight over it.the people of that time did what ever they think is right.may be,the only way of solving their problems might be war at that time.they might be wrong or right,that needs a historical research.but i am definately sure it is wrong for the ppl of our time to solve their problem with a war language.AS WAR WAS THEIRS’,DIALOGUE IS OURS’!!

  20. If everyone in the world returned to their ancestral religions, the world would be a better place. DUMP THE MIDDLE-EASTERN TRIBAL RELIGIONS, AND RETURN TO YOUR ANCESTORS! Hail Odin!

  21. too damn much hate everywhere…from the Romans, Crusaders, Inquisitioners, etc etc etc.!!

  22. This Jewish and the Muslim war need to stop already.what about the people like me who is Muslim and have a Jewish wife.we have two beautiful daughters.c’mon.fuck all these politician n extremists.we are all one people who all believe in the oneness of God/Allah

  23. We get it! You are a real life, living, breathing Muslim! Well then, you must be an expert on everything about Islam and Muslims. ou.. what happened to famous argument – how many muslims friends you have when you do criticize islam? seems a bit strange from you, people. so a muslim cannot criticize islam, non muslim cannot criticize islam..

  24. who in the world r u talking to Viola? or Natasa? or her cronies……..

  25. @MubinShaikh Your talking against Scott is so cheap! Admin has exposed one drawing from vandalists as a terrible and hateful deed and Scott simply came with natural argument about destroying of all non-muslim that muslims met on their marchs during long centuries.

  26. BF Muslim and have a Jewish wife.we have two beautiful daughters – your daughters are moslem or jewish? or you let them decide later?

  27. Lam Lam puleeze go read some real history and quit repeating that all was so lovely in Andalus. After they invaded it and slaughtered a bunch of Visigoths.

  28. most times the children are Muslim. (not always though)

  29. Anon
    Back to trolling i see. I bet God loves you for calling out people of other faiths. If read in the pact of medinah you’ll see the way muslims treat non muslims. How theyre supposed to.
    If you bothered to look in a book and really study islam youll find that all the zbala (garbage) you spew is much like the hate sppech of qiraysh who hated muslims only bcause they believed in one god.

  30. From now on im gknna call you abu jahal, uncle of the prophet who hated islam. The name means father of ignorance.

  31. Elle, there is no sense in studying scriptures. Only behavior counts. A person may pray and pray and be a villain.

  32. So, Elle, these names you are calling me – does that mean you think you have the right to kill me, hm?

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