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FunnyorDie: Lowe’s CEO Responds to All-American Muslim Controversy

23 December 2011 General 12 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Lowe’s is taking a lot of heat this week for pulling their ads that air during the show, now their CEO has stepped up to respond to all of the controversy.

Original post: FunnyorDie: Lowe’s CEO Responds to All-American Muslim Controversy


  1. Nobody cares…

  2. OMG totally got me (for awhile)

  3. This is hilarious… the video that is…

  4. Favorite line: Amazing Race? We thought it was something else.

  5. No, this is not something to be trivialized – it’s a serious problem in this country. Spreading lies against a group in order to justify bias toward that group is unacceptable. It’s only right to call out bad behaviour – against any group. We must learn to accept and appreciate our differences and not be prejudiced against others just because a few cause problems, i.e., fear of problems caused by extremist factions resulting in Muslims going about their business being spit upon when out in public, at the store, etc., and told to ‘go back where she came from’ – that’s unacceptable!

  6. this is not funny- It disgusts me that we can make a “mockery” out of a problem that is truly alive today. Taking away our religious freedom.

  7. Good job of using comedy to show the ignorance of Lowe’s!

  8. Humor is a necessary part of the struggle, it gets past the defenses of otherwise uninvolved people and makes them understand how a negative image makes people feel by reversing it on them. It shows the true ignorance of Lowes’ stand on pulling support for the show and does more to advance the cause than 1000’s of serious people. Remember Archie Bunker? That show changed more people’s minds and faster, than any speech by showcasing how ignorant he was.

  9. Ron Paul fights against Islamophobia:

  10. hehe

  11. hehe

  12. hehe

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