Friday, April 16, 2021   

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Resist a Burglary and You’re a Hero to the Mail – Unless You’re a Muslim, That Is

Inayat Bunglawala

Inayat Bunglawala

Resist a burglary and you’re a hero to the Mail – unless you’re a Muslim, that is

The Daily Mail reports: “A courageous housewife stabbed a machete-wielding burglar when he threatened to cut off her son’s finger, a court was told yesterday. Gillian Wilson, 55, was praised by a judge after she rushed at violent burglar Nigel Greenwood, 29, and plunged a knife into his arm, causing him and his accomplices to flee.”

What a sharp contrast this report presents to the Mail‘s coverage of Inayat Bunglawala’s resistance to a violent intruder at his own home in 2009 (see here and here), for which the paper was subsequently obliged to issue an apology and pay damages.


  1. he should have turned the other cheek which is what im sure they whould have done.

  2. I pray that God will lift the animousity from our hearts and teach us to respect one another and speak to one another in better ways during the coming year as we remember the birth of Christ.

  3. The article could have been a bit longer..

  4. It should not matter, one human life is not worth more than the next person’s. People are very undereducated if they think otherwise.

  5. i read both the here and here and the other two stories are weak on facts…tough to make a conclusion when the other stories have very little information other than an intruder and stabbing…the courageous housewife story had deatails the other story did not

  6. He got off lucky. Come in my house with a machete making threats, the last thing to go through your mind’ll be skull fragments.

  7. Ok, I’m personally getting sick of this sort of thing; not everything is a Muslim issue, no one was questioning what the woman’s religion was, or the stupid burglar for that matter. If this sort of thing keeps getting posted suggesting some religious connection I’m leaving this group.

  8. This is more proof of laissez-faire discrimination against muslims; people don’t even think about their racist actions anymore. The world is at a dangerous place. If we allow this to become a precedent for future actions and attitudes, where will society be at in 5 years?

  9. Good! Leave the group! The whole point of the page is to point out Muslim issues. It clearly defines the bigotry of mainstream media and others alike.

  10. Sonya Chappelear: Why are you in a group where the sole purpose is to point out this sort of thing? It would be best if you did leave the group, since you don’t seem to understand the issue.

  11. @ Sonya Chappelear – um, this page is called Americans against Islamophobia – do you know what Islam is? a religion. What a Muslim is? an adherent of Islam. Connect the dots . . .

  12. For some reason we need a boogeyman to hate. Since the cold war is over, the Muslim population is now the new boogeyman. I hope we wise up soon and stop demonizing people because we are intolerant of other cultures.

  13. Byeeeeee byyyyeeeeeee Sonya!!!! 🙂

  14. Most of you don’t seem to understand what Sonya means. The article about the woman who stabbed the intruder doesn’t have anything to do with religion. This was merely a chance to bring up an older case of Islamophobia without simply reposting the same story. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, just stating a fact.
    I’d also like to point out that the woman in this story stabbed the intruder once in the arm, as opposed to multiple times in various places including the back. It’s understandable why the police would be more suspicious of the latter. I bet the Mail is biased, but I can’t really tell because they’ve taken down the articles related to the case.

  15. sonya has a point, there was no mentioning of being a muslim in that article. dont spread hate just for the fun of it.

  16. the original posts of the Mail has been removed. so we are not able to read it. this is why everyone is confused.

  17. Take the biscuit?

    Sometimes when burglars get too roughed up they sue.

  18. In US they say “takes the cake” because cakes used to be given as prizes in dance contests.

  19. Happy Holidays

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