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Anti-Loons of 2011: Profiles in Courage

30 December 2011 12 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Anti-Loons of 2011: Profiles in Courage

(A List of the anti-Loons of 2010.)

That time where we recount and reflect upon the events and happenings of the past year is upon us. A review of 2011 is due in short order, but before we post that piece we will consider the anti-Loons of the year. This time around it would only be fair to allow loonwatchers to vote for the Anti-Loon of the Year. As we can’t create a poll, we present those we found deserving of such a consideration.

It goes without saying that we feature and cite many of Glenn Greenwald’s articles. His research is almost always exhaustive and thorough. The facts he uncovers are intertwined with phenomenal analysis that very often exposes the hypocrisy of the US government, attacks on the rule of law, double standards in media and much more.

A perennial Anti-Loon, Stephen Colbert has joined his creative prowess with biting political satire that is only challenged by his arch-nemesis Jon Stewart. Colbert lent his enormous talents quite a few times in brutally exposing the stupidity of Islamophobia.

We freakin’ love Jon Stewart! We have his image on the side of our website linking to his page on Comedy Central. He is an inspiration, and what he has done to combat Islamophobia in this country is, in my opinion, equal to the efforts of a Glenn Greenwald.

Wajahat Ali has made an extraordinary contribution towards, on the one hand, “humanizing Muslims” and “Islam” through the arts, and on the other hand factually taking apart the funding of the Islamophobia apparatus in this country. His contribution to the Center for American Progress report entitled Fear, Inc. was one of the biggest stories of the year. For this, co-authors Matt Duss and Eli Clifton deserve an honorable mention as well.

Sheila Musaji has for a long time been taking anti-Muslim bigotry and Islamophobia to task through her website The American Muslim. She has been a premiere defender of justice, equality and freedom, and for her strong stance she draws the ire and scorn of the hatemongers. Keep up the indispensable and valuable work Sheila!

Sherrif Lee Baca has been a consistent defender of religious freedom and pluralism. He is someone who actually interacts with Muslims and has taken the effort to understand Islam. In his amazing testimony in front of Congress during the Peter King McCarthyesque hearings he displayed his intricate knowledge of not only Islam but the smears leveled at Muslim leaders and organizations. He provided curt, substantial, factual and logical replies to leading anti-Muslim questions that too often are not rebutted in the mainstream.

Ahmed Rehab is a consistent and seemingly tireless voice for rationality and harmony in our society today. He is one of a handful of Muslims who manages to receive airtime to annihilate any and all Islamophobes he encounters in debate; various Fox News interviews attest to that reality. His participation in the Arab Spring highlights the diversity of his activism. Recently, his article on the “Radical Right” threat to America garnered much attention and is a necessary corrective to the exaggerated focus on conspiracies of “Islamization” and “terrorism.” A point we have been making on this site for quite some time now.

Reza Aslan is one of our favorite scholars. When he is not demolishing Islamophobes in debate he is traveling the country speaking at various venues about Islam, the Muslim world and its interactions with the West. He is also a powerful voice for peace and his exclusive interview with Loonwatch was one of the highlights of the year for us:

Sarah Posner is one of the foremost writers on religion in America today. Her articles are carried widely across the country in many different venues. Her skill at in-depth analysis of religious trends makes her an important voice when she turns her attention to anti-Muslim and Islamophobic bigotry.

Haroon Mughal is a great writer, with tremendous insight and piercing analysis. He went into the lion’s den when he attended a radical Christian gathering in Detroit that was aimed at having Jesus “invade” the dreams of Muslims and turn them into Christians.

Richard Silverstein is an ally and a friend of Loonwatch. His work detailing the hate amongst extremist Zionists in Israel and their American counterparts has been significant and vital. He is a promoter of peace and is continuing the Jihad of Tikun Olam, “repairing the world.”

Cenk Uygur is another perennial favorite of ours on Loonwatch. His show, the Young Turks provides us with much material in exposing the fallacies of right-wing loons:

Aasif Mandvi is a special reporter for the Daily Show and one of the shining lights of Muslim comedy in the America today.

Russel Simmons has been out in front fighting bigotry against all people especially Muslims. He was a prominent voice supporting Park51 and recently bought all the Ad space for the All American Muslim reality show.

The Peter King hearings while bringing forth the ugly populism that lies at the heart of much of our politics also highlighted some courageous and forthright politicians who were willing to take a stand against demagoguery and hatred.

Rep. Keith Ellison’s testimony at the Peter King hearings was heart wrenching. Ellison did a good job over the past year of humanizing Muslims and being a progressive voice for justice and equality in the nation.

A friend and ally of the site, Lesley Hazleton is an erudite scholar with a tremendous sense of humor.

This by far has not been an exhaustive list. Please add any names you think are important to see here and we will update the piece. Below are some more individuals deserving of anti-Loon consideration (*not in any particular order):

Bob Pitt of Islamophobia-Watch

Max Blumenthal

Spencer Ackerman

Charles Kurzman

Kenny Irwin Jr.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Andrea Elliot

Justin Elliot

Alex Pareene

Zubiru Jalloh

Rais Bhuiyan

Kari Ansari

Mevludin Oric:

Richard Bartholomew:

John Esposito:

Alan Colmes:

Two Young Chechens:

Prof Risa A. Brooks:


  1. All in all this year was pretty shitty

  2. Oh man,,,yeah, “shitty” but great too man….it’s all in how you look at it…..keep the faith Naiim!….I’m sharing this one!!

  3. The last time we had large masses of delusional people claiming to be the best on earth – the German master race, the divine Japan, the wonderful communist system – extremely large numbers of humans died.

    The muslim lands will be taken over by Islamists and sink into the mire of theocracy. They will destroy Christians and other minorities and then turn on themselves.

  4. Allah is greater than all things! Therefore, I am eternally grateful to our Awesome Creator for all of 2011’s blessings and hardships because I lived through it all with my family. I ask that Allah grace all with mercy and compassion as well.

  5. Anon i believe the muslims/christians/jews of the middle east have already banded together to stop that. Its also known as tge Arab SPring. And no one mentioned a master race. We are a religion first and foremost and we arent claiming any title other than muslim. And soooo many muslims have christian and jewish friends my brothers friends are alll christian and religion has nothing to do with that. Islamic govs that claim to work based on islams doctrines are full of shit. When the quran talks abt fighting kufar it refers to the war the arab pagans known as the quraysh waged against the early muslims after killing so many already. When the quran talks abt the torture of the kufar were talking abt the torture theyll face in hell, the pagans who threatened jesus, moses, abraham, mohammad etc. Islam refers to the christians and jews as people of the book and yea some things in the quran dont agree with their beliefs like the existence of jesus (judaism) or the prophethood of him (christianity) but were not supposed to hate each other in fact in times of hardship especially were supposed to come together. But lets face it were all just a bunch of blind idiots.

  6. Who would have believed in 1910 those who said the world was coasting into years of sanguinary horror.

    The marks of it are here, pointing to the future. It doesn’t matter that your family and friends are nice people.

    The world is full of people of good sense and good will, they are trodden under by the bloodsoaked wheels of ideological juggernauts.

    Muslim societies are allowing madmen to run amok, thinking they are shock troops bringing eventual conquest and not the harbingers of grand disaster.

  7. Where do muslims and non muslims live in peace? Seems to me every country with a large population of muslims endures intermittent massacres. Where sharia is in place, the gov. forbids the practice of non muslim religion.

    Why on earth would non muslims want to see muslims show up?

  8. Anon
    Here in america. We dont have that, not too much like in IRan or another country. Anyway, theres only a small numbr of these ideological juggernauts you speak of. These idiots happen to be running the countries you and i hate so much. But this is wat fox didnt report that these govs arent islamic let alone following sharia the right way, and not only that but they only show yiu wat happens to a non muslim tgere occasionally, not wat happens to muslims there. In afghanistan the taliban blow the heads off any muslim who dares speak up. Thats why you dont hear from us. Bad journalism but also were being suppressed, the govs hate us more than the u.s believe it or not. Hello y do you think the saudi, egyptian, syrian bloggers get jailed? And here, well lets see. Theres ppl like me, who do this kinda thing for a living now. Ther are muslim authors and jrnlsts (sadaf syed shes really cool) there are muslim politicians but lets face it ecerytime we open our mouthes to say something were silenced one way or another. Look your pushing me right now. Imagine wat they did to ralph nader to sadaf syed or ahmad rehab. Seriously you act like were allowed freedom of speech or something HA we try getin one word in the rest of the country tries to detain us. So dont even start. No gov is fair to us especially the supposed muslim states we cant get a word in, its not like we dont wanna.

  9. And dont be all “oh stop your acting like everyone hates you or w.e” alot of ppl do cuz they look at bin laden at hussein at king abdullah and look up twisted sharia not the real kind and of course we have ppl who hate us. When 9/11 hapened ppl of my faith held camdlelight vigils for the victims. Did fox or cnn cover that? Hell no they got a shot of some guy pretending to be muslim claiming he was happy “we” did this. Fu** him and fu** any extremist of any religion but again thats the point. Now wat i see your getting at is oh not all muslims do this and this but some are radicals. Ok wat have i been saying all along?

  10. And did you notice so MANY of the ppl featured here arent muslim? We arent going “supreme” crap ok

  11. And for your other question, were here to get a goddamn education and work for our families. Unless were all yellin abt sharia or islamist supreme shizz youve got nothing to fear. Ugh the media more powerful and deadly than war.

  12. Elle, I think the forces at play here are going to kill a great many people of all kinds.

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