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Dutch mosques defaced 117 times

30 December 2011 General 20 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Between 2005 and 2010 mosques in the Netherlands were defaced 117 times, according to research by social researcher Ineke van der Valk. The acts of vandalism were motivated by a hatred of Islam, the researcher is quoted as saying on VPRO radio programme Argos.

In 43 cases, the mosques were daubed with offensive symbols or slogans. In 37 instances, the mosques sustained material damage. In 99 of the incidents the police failed to find any of the culprits. In the United States there were 42 similar incidents during the same period. Most of the vandalised mosques in the Netherlands are located outside the major cities.

There are some 450 mosques in The Netherlands, which has a population of more than 16.5 million. Some five percent of the population is believed to be Muslim, some 44 percent Christian and over 41 percent agnostic. As a percentage of the population, the Netherlands has Europe’s second-largest Muslim community, inferior only to France, which has a Muslim community of more than nine percent.


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Original post: Dutch mosques defaced 117 times


  1. Islam should never be feared..this goes for other religions as well….all peace and no hatin’.

  2. it’s ridiculous that people actually do this to others. You can’t blame an entire religion on what a few people in it did

  3. So sad

  4. There are rly a lot of ignorant people out there

  5. Tgis goes for ALL religions. dont touch peoples place of worship!

  6. Horrible.

  7. Wake up and smell the burning Christians.

  8. Shame!!!!

  9. 9/11 was the works of the Israeli Mossad and the Bush administration and 10 years later Muslims are still suffering the consequences of something they didn’t do. Sad!

  10. Terrible. @Mohamed. Nonsense

  11. And I thought we yanks were bad.

  12. It is not a few people, it is preachers inciting mobs of hundreds to go and murder christians and other minorities and/or destroy their houses of worship in muslim lands. What do you think muslims are famous for?

    Acts of vandalism occur, but nothing like the Boko Haram is running amok in the West and it is ridiculous to pretend it is.

    Unbelievable. Thousands slaughtered in the muslim societies, but somehow the rest of us are the bigots.

  13. @Mohamed 9/11 was the result of American imperialism in the middle east. It was a cruel way of payback for American occupation, oil deals with Saudi Arabia, killing of innocent women and children in their villages, and for years of the American government choosing which leaders would lead certain countries in the middle east instead of giving the people a fair, democratic vote. Some people decided they had enough and decided to be no better than the American Government and decided to kill over 3,000 people. They, and all others like them are a disgrace to Islam, its teachings, and a disgrace to the world

  14. @anon
    oh yes I smell the burning christians http://www.bosnewslife.com/11238-hindu-militants-burn-india-church so does this mean it will be justifiable for people to desecrate hindu temples?

  15. Anon you are an idiot!

  16. Smell also the burning Kurds, Amadiya, Shia – the list goes on and on. Muslims murder each other with aplomb as well. Innocent women and children in their villages indeed.

  17. 🙁

  18. Concidering all the rapes that have occured there by islamic males do you blame them?

  19. actually charles that is most likely to be a load of crap http://farhakhaled.blogspot.com/2011/12/gil-ronen-distorts-oslo-police-report.html

  20. Go to an islamic country and try building a church.

    Don’t expect from people, what you are not willing to give.

    People resort to violence when they aren’t being represented in their government, mass immigration makes people angry of course! Stop expecting people to hate themselves and their culture because of ‘white guilt’

    I’m sure these actions would exist in the arab states (in much more violent ways)-IF anyone wanted to immigrate there.

    Which, news flash, no one does because they are backwards with a stupid oppressive religion. Which they try to bring to countries which are actually nice to live, in order to make the whole world uninhabitable.

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