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WordPress Removes Hate Blog, BareNakedIslam

30 December 2011 General 14 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

WordPress Removes Hate Blog, BareNakedIslam

We don’t not support censorship unlike the hypocrites in the Islamophobesphere who for instance advocate bans on the Qur’an. However, when you cross the line into open calls for genocide and violence against another group of people you have entered very murky water. WordPress for instance has guidelines against such things and that is the reason the genocidal hate site BareNakedIslam was pulled down, they violated WordPress’ guidelines. Now they are crying victim and martyrdom for Free Speech, something they want to strip away from Muslims. Expect Robert Spencer to come to their aid once again.

WordPress Removes Hate Blog

by , Islamic Examiner

A hate site hosted on has been pulled down by the popular blog host, reported CAIR yesterday.

The vicious blog had hitherto featured a number of violent threats against mosques and Muslim American citizens, including the words “I want (Muslim) blood on my hands!”

WordPress took notice that the Islamophobic site violated a number of its stipulated terms of service, including blogs that “contain threats or incite violence towards indiviudals or entities” and took appropriate action.

Last year, a similar blog was taken down by WordPress that shamelessly advocated burning mosques, calling in fake bomb threats implicating Muslims, desecrating Muslim cemeteries, and recommending “the proper way to shoot a Muslim.”


  1. I will say that WordPress did the right thing.

  2. too bad Facebook lets pages like that stay open..

  3. I wish they would look at refugee resettlement watch, also hosted on wordpress.

  4. The Blog was still up and running untill 30 seconds ago as of Friday, December 30 2011, 7:20 pm Eastern Standard Time

  5. Its about time.

  6. The right wingdings used to quote from this site as though it were an irrefutable source.

  7. Sorry but that title killed me lol! I knwo this is ignorance at it’s peak but sometimes ignorant titles are hillarious.

  8. So why or how is the site back up?

  9. This is nice very nice.

  10. They will, most likely, move it to a different server.

  11. Bareknakedislam – live and kicking again.

  12. Take it down!

  13. deeper ignorance

  14. it’s official date to be taken down is jan. 6th.

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