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Kelly on his department’s relationship with Muslims; a Muslim professor on his protest T-shirt

3 January 2012 General 18 Comments Email This Post Email This Post


Here’s Hussein Rashid, the Hofstra professor who wore an “I AM NOT A TERRORIST” t-shirt to Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s interfaith prayer breakfast last week, to call attention to the NYPD’s surveillance tactics that, according to the Associated Press, focus on Muslim neighborhoods. Rashid said the t-shirt, and his attendance at the event, were in fact both a form of protest.

“If I’m suspect by virtue of being Muslim than all my associates will be suspect,” he said.

Earlier that morning, NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly spoke to Fox 5 New York, acknowledging some of the criticism but saying it doesn’t reflect the relationship his department has with Muslim residents.

“I think we have an excellent relationship with the Muslim community in the city. There are some people who don’t agree and we understand that,” Kelly said.

Muslim residents here “work very cooperatively with us, no question about it,” he said. “Every year we have a pre-Ramadan conference. Five hundred people come to our auditorium; we brief them. I go to the Mosques. We have, you know, question-and-answer sessions. But I believe that our relationship is very good. There are some people who are not happy with some of the things that we’re doing. We understand that. Everything we’re doing is pursuant to the law. We feel we have to do it in our post-9/11 world to protect New York City.”

Original post: Kelly on his department’s relationship with Muslims; a Muslim professor on his protest T-shirt


  1. Get over it every religion is prayed upon. If hounding believe the way others do then keep your mouth shut an pray for them. Or to what ever you believe I’n. Mormons have commercials seven day Adventist bug u to death at tour door trying to convert you. The Muslims have so many plots to kill even each other the catholic pray to a virgin the Christians believe I’n the holy spirit the American Indians the only true americans believe I’n the great sprit. So quit your complaining an get over it.

  2. Who cares what Americans think they r the biggest terrorists !!!

  3. Cindy, you don’t make sense. Idris, you sound like a bigot. Bigotry coming from anyone is not helpful. BTW, I’m not a terrorist!

  4. then, not than

  5. @Idris – perhaps the US government but not Americans. Big difference.

  6. Yea, the US people themselves are not terrorists.

  7. yes gregor I mean the U.S. government not all Americans, but let’s say some of those living in the Midwest share the same view also

  8. Yes, many in various parts of the world are quite ignorant and wish to destroy others based on their beliefs that their god is better than another’s. They fail to see that they themselves are the problem. Whether they are Christian or Muslim or whatever is irrelevent.

  9. I said the Americans is biggest terrorists not the only terrorists in the world second do you know why I blame the U.S. government more than anyone else not because I am a Muslim or they are not Muslims noooo.. At least Islamic terrorists kill innocent people because of the occupation of their land the U.S. government kill innocent people to force their domination on the ground and stealing the wealth quite clear all of them killers But think about this who is the party that can impose peace !! In one move only

  10. English is obviously not your first language, eh Idris? Good heaven, bout’ gave me a headache reading that verbal diarrhea.

  11. lol No is not my first language But I think u understand what I want to say Peace

  12. I understand. You want to continue to spout nescient bigotry, which is rather ironic considering the motif behind the group in which posted the link here. Ah well, troll on young grasshopper.

  13. white power!

  14. lol

  15. Not stupid all I want to say that terror comes from both SIDE but your government more evil Because their intentions are purely material They kill people for money and oil

  16. Chad Harper white power HELL YEEEA HEIL HITLER ..Racial bitch

  17. OK so he is not a terrorist. Is he a theocrat?

  18. @Idris. There is no at least. Islam does not allow for the killing of innocent people, so there is no excuse for it. To paraphrase what Allah said, “Fight those who fight you, but when they stop, then you must stop.”

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