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Anti-Muslim leaflets distributed in Canberra

4 January 2012 General 18 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Leaders of Canberra’s Muslim community were surprised and saddened by offensive anti-Islamic pamphlets distributed to homes throughout Queanbeyan over the Christmas holidays.

Householders in Queanbeyan received the material depicting a Muslim man physically abusing a woman and a child and an Islamic elder condoning the violence as acceptable to his faith.

One local Muslim leader has questioned the legality of the material and said it was un-Christian to distribute such offensive literature.

The pamphlets were published by Chick Publications, a United States-based evangelical company.

The company has been listed as a hate group by US civil rights organisations, and it is believed they were delivered to Queanbeyan homes by hand. The distributors did not identify themselves and several church groups in the town denied responsibility.

The pamphlet, entitled Is Allah Like You?, depicts an Islamic man who abuses his wife and son until he converts to Christianity and learns the error of his ways.

Mr Mansuri said while he had not come across the anti-Islamic Chick Publications booklets before, he was aware of similar pamphlets targeting Hinduism and Catholics.

”They have a very narrow view on the message of Jesus Christ,” he said.

”We would like to emphasise that Jesus Christ is our beloved prophet. I don’t think he would have condoned such behaviour, especially at this time of year.”

Mr Mansuri extended an invitation to anyone who was interested in learning more about Australia’s Islamic community to attend an open day at their local mosque.

Chick Publications is responsible for more than 100 cartoon booklets targeting Catholicism, Mormonism, homosexuality and evolutionary theory.

According to Chick Publications’ website, its founder Jack Chick converted to Christianity nearly 50 years ago and was inspired to draw cartoons to convert other non-believers to the faith.

Brisbane woman Marie Hunter’s organisation, ELE Trust, was the sole distributor of Chick tracts until they were made available direct to the public via mail order.

She said that a number of different church groups used various Chick Publications in Australia, but as none had identified themselves on the Queanbeyan pamphlets it was likely they had been distributed by a small group of people or an individual.

Original post: Anti-Muslim leaflets distributed in Canberra


  1. Sad & ignorant.

    What else need be stated….?

  2. Ignorant! what else can we say?

  3. How can the material be Illegal? People may not like it but even in Australia I do not understand how the material would not be legal.

  4. Those are Chick tracts. Nothing new here in the US.

  5. when will they get over it?…sad to see them getting uncivilized day by day..tch tch!

  6. Fukin bastardo’s

  7. These people passing out hate messages have no understanding of anyone’s religion–especially their own. Sickening.

  8. never heard a muslim say to another “my qur’an” lol
    for violent husband no need find religious reason for beat his family

  9. The (Authentic) Qur’an shouldn’t be purposely defiled, however it is not “his Qur’an”, the Qur’an is the direct word of God.

  10. Unfortunately some people think that by spreading propoganda against another religion or people whom they know nothing about, it makes them look superior. They are mistaken. Sadly it only makes them appear ignorant, hypocritical and so un-Christ like! Isn’t their religion enough by itself without them having to spread lies and defamation against another religion in order to try and make sure no one feels differently than they do?

  11. That’s shit, but Jack Chick demonizes Catholics, Jews, gays, Buddhists, and pretty much everyone outside of his idiotic brand of evangelical Christianity.

  12. Chick Publiciations is anything but Christian. Know them by the fruits of their actions.

  13. So sad that people do things in the name of Christ, that Christ would have never approved of!

  14. This is funny. I mean, no Christian man has ever beaten his wife and children, right? It is ludicrous to think that this behavior is specific to any religion since its about ignorance. And Christianity was responsible for the Inquisition that took beating to a whole new level. I just don’t have any respect for any organized religion or zealots.

  15. Is this bunch of crazies still in operation? Internationally? Dear Gods! I’d have thought they’d be shamed out of existence by no!

  16. “The truth is, Jack Chick is a ‘died in the wool’ advocate of the false gospel of Dispensationalism, and he is long overdue to be addressed as the purveyor of the racist dogma that he helps to perpetrate.”

  17. Not surprised-those guys are NUTS

  18. Chick Tracts are HILARIOUS! They’re so completely devoid of facts, I can’t get used to them. Have you guys read the one where the Catholic Church secretly founded Islam? I guess explains why they fought each other in the Crusades, lol…

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