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Hungary’s constitution: pro-life, but no recognition for Islam, ‘smaller Catholic orders’

4 January 2012 General 18 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

The new Hungarian constitution, which protects life from the moment of conception and bans same-sex marriage, will also have an impact upon religious freedom.

Writing in The New York Times, Kim Lane Scheppele, director of the Program in Law and Public Affairs at Princeton University, says that the new constitution, which took effect on January 1, discriminates against Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, and several Protestant denominations, as well as against many Catholic religious orders.

Scheppele writes:

What does the law on churches do? It creates 14 state-recognized religions, and decertifies the rest. On January 1, over 300 denominations lose their official status in Hungary–including their tax exemptions and their abilities to run state-funded schools.

While most of the denominations are tiny, many are not. Among the religions that will no longer be able to operate with state approval are all versions of Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Baha’i, as well as many smaller Catholic orders including the Benedictines, Marists, Carmelites and Opus Dei, and a number of major Protestant denominations including Episcopalians, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Seventh Day Adventists, Mormons, Methodists, and all but one of the evangelical churches. One each of the orthodox, conservative and liberal Jewish synagogues are recognized; but all other Jewish congregations are not.

Original post: Hungary’s constitution: pro-life, but no recognition for Islam, ‘smaller Catholic orders’


  1. More was lost at Mohacs.

  2. Does it stop them from worshiping or just take away their tax exempt status?

  3. When a non muslim country does something a muslim country would do there is a big outcry from muslims. Persecution! Discrimination! Oh, really?

    Someone scrbbles on a mosque it’s a big deal. Burning down a church, committing massacres of non muslims, eh, such is life/death in the islamic paradises.

  4. Steps forward; steps backwards. Shrugs

  5. How disappointing . . .

  6. Not all countries have the First Amendment….

  7. This is so sad. I have several friends from Hungary and they were openly weeping as they listened to news about this. There was absolutely no media coverage of this in the U.S. Why not? Fascism seems on the rise everywhere. God help us all.

  8. Hungary has turned into a real shithole.

  9. yes viola, u can be a muslim in hungary. but in name only or in ur house only. bottom line Hungary is a bigoted country who are hundred years behind others. and it is no match for America, where freedom rules everyone EQUALLY.

  10. I think the new Hungarian constitution is a disgrace and a clear example of government sanctioned discrimination. It’s quite disappointing.

    @Criley 401: So because they’re doing it should be OK for us to do it? Don’t you think it would be better to be a beacon of acceptance in the darkness of discrimination, rather than a fog that further obscures the light?

  11. U can be muslim but u don’t have the same rights as other denomination= oppression as u can’t practice your religion outside your house it’s like what russia did to Jewish people before which is an abominable act. Of live in an amazing century..where people religious freedom are protectected..IMEAN NOT except for the US..I’m so grateful to live here…

  12. Viola, if they are going to spend money on Christianity, they should spend money on Islam as well.

  13. Doesn’t the EU have something to say about this discrimination…if they advertise such atrocities against freedom they could (hopefully)get kicked out of the Union! TRAVEL BAN/BOYCOTT of Hungary,my friends!!!

  14. Tax exempt status, islamic marriage is not respected as valid by state, cant have their religion taught in the school, no respect for veil, no respect for halal, no respect for 5 prayers/Ramadan. so yes, you can become muslim, you can lend a room to pray but you will never have official mosque, no tax exempt status.

  15. Not every country can be a beacon of light and I agree Muslims along with the other religions should protest their exclusion but they should do so at the same level that the protest the exclusion and discrimination against Christianity in Muslim dominated countries. If you care more about Muslim discrimination in Hungry than you do about the way Muslims discriminate against others in Muslim dominated countries then that is on the side of being a bigot. One should be equally outraged at both.

  16. I like Hungary, and I actually like some of their socially conservative policies. However I do not like how they will not recognize Islam, which is one thing that is sad, but they’re not actively arresting or preventing the practice of the religion. Yes, one thing can be changed, but I’m not going to let one law completely dampen the perspective of a country I really like.

  17. Putin put it right. We don’t need them. If muslims want to practice their barbaric views, and suppress women and freedom then they can always go back where they came from or to a country of their barbaric views. We don’t need to support islam with stupid amandments… We have to finally wake up and be sensible…

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