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Ray Lazier Lengend confesses in Queens, L.I. firebomb attacks: cops

4 January 2012 General 17 Comments Email This Post Email This Post
Ray Lazier Lengend, 40, appeared dazed and mumbled incoherently as he was led out of the 103 rd Precinct stationhouse and into an ambulance Tuesday night.  Read more:

Ray Lazier Lengend, 40, appeared dazed and mumbled incoherently as he was led out of the 103rd Precinct stationhouse and into an ambulance Tuesday night.

A Queens man confessed Tuesday to a frightening New Year’s Day firebombing spree — claiming a personal vendetta drove him to tossing the Molotov cocktails, police said.

Ray Lazier Lengend, 40, appeared dazed and mumbled incoherently as he was led out of the 103rd Precinct stationhouse and into an ambulance Tuesday night.

Lengend, an unemployed truck driver, was charged with five counts of criminal possession of a weapon and five counts of arson, one considered a hate crime, police said.

He made “broad anti-Muslim statements” to detectives and said each of the five attacks in Queens and Elmont, L.I., stemmed from ongoing beefs. He tried to torch a Jamaica mosque because he wasn’t allowed to use its bathroom.

“The suspect made statements incriminating himself in each of the five firebombings, citing a personal grievance or dispute in each instance,” said Paul Browne, top spokesman for the NYPD.

Investigators were also trying to link him to at least three other attacks reported after the suspect’s arrest, Browne said.

Lengend was cuffed about 8 a.m. on Tuesday, after Detectives Richard Johnson and Charles LoPresti of the 103rd Precinct saw him get into a stolen car linked to the first attack, on a Hillside Ave., Queens, bodega.

Lengend was caught by workers at the bodega on Dec. 27 trying to steal a carton of milk and a Starbucks Frappuccino.

“When they were pushing him out of the store, he said words to the effect of, ‘We’re going to get even; we’re going to get back at you,’ ” Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly told reporters.

Lengend — who has several prior arrests for crack possession and larceny — filled a Starbucks bottle with an accelerant before lighting it and tossing it at the bodega about 8 p.m. on Sunday, sources said.

He then cruised over to 107th Ave. to set fire to a crack dealer’s house, but he torched the wrong address, sources said.

At 8:44 p.m., the suspect hurled two of his homemade firebombs at the Imam Al-Khoei Islamic Center on the Van Wyck Expressway, cops said.

During his confession, Lengend said he targeted the mosque because it refused let him use the bathroom in the past. He also said he had intended to throw three more Molotov cocktails at the mosque before he drove away but didn’t carry out his plan, an official said.

Lengend then took a trip to Elmont, where he threw a bottle bomb at an in-law’s house, sources said. His spree ended at 10:14 p.m., when he tossed a Molotov cocktail at a 170th St. home that doubles as a Hindu place of worship.

Police sources said that Lengend gave detectives a nickname for a person who crossed him about five years ago that he believed lived in the house. The last attack was not being probed as a hate crime.

Original post: Ray Lazier Lengend confesses in Queens, L.I. firebomb attacks: cops


  1. I Hope This TERRORIST Is Jailed!!

  2. strangely enough I’ve never heard of anyone going crazy with their emotions and dropping off fruit baskets, bottled water, or children’s toys at houses of worship that are different from their own beliefs…oh wait, back in NYC on a hot day I remember there were some brave souls handing out bottled water on the sidewalks. They were wearing burkas.
    yeah boy, now THAT is a religion of hate.

  3. John Hamm you make no sense! I guess you need to go back to school!

  4. Salim, I don’t think you quite understood John’s comment.

  5. Hope thus guy rots in hell…ppl like this.are completely blinded by hatred that fox news propagates…

  6. He is a terrorist: send him to Gitmo……keep him for ever without a trial…the american way!

  7. Well he was not a Muslim but he did have dealings with the Mosque so they were not random attacks as per discussion in the last article about this issue.

    Joseph, what is scarey about what you wrote is that it may become true in a very large sense of the word.

  8. wow viola, u say wise things..

  9. Yeah, people who don’t let you use their washrooms DESERVE to be firebombed. How dare they?

  10. Oops – that criterion could get a lot of establishments into trouble.

  11. exept for viola as she is not radical then she open her bathroom to reason for burn her house

  12. lol!!! Viola’s logic is so insane!!!! ummm viola, i need to use the bathroom, whats ur address?

  13. so ur saying ur the western version of the taliban? figures…. and what in the world does “islamophylitics” mean? and can u explain according to ur logic why the crazy guy attacked the hindu house of worship?

  14. 1- u didn’t explain what “islamophylitics” mean. 2- still waiting for ur logic with the guy attacking the hindu house of worship. 3- ur still a western version of taliban. 4- not all 1.56 billions muslims agree with those muslims who attacked because of the cartoon incident. they were crazy just like this guy is crazy. and viola u fall in the crazy category.

  15. viola stop selecting people when you talk, you try adhesive your islamophibic and racist view to muslims, so when we discord the violence no one search about the religion of that person, we dont say bcs he is a christian or something like that.. but u supporting violence now just bcs against muslims..

  16. Well take that pamela geller
    Apparently we attacked ourselves according to her.

  17. HEY ANON! Looks like it wasn’t a Moozlum this time. Wait wait, let me guess. You’re going to accuse him of using “tequila”, aren’t you? 😉

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