Monday, June 14, 2021   

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Pamela Geller: Muslims Firebombed Their Own Mosque in Queens

Pamela Geller: Muslims Firebombed Their Own Mosque in Queens

by Charles Johnson

In yet another disgusting post filled with typos, hate group leader Pamela Geller makes excuses for terrorism by saying that Muslims in Queens probably firebombed their own mosque.

Yes, really.



Color me skeptical. We find time and time again, in the rare instances when a mosque has graffit [sic] or some prank, the perp is Muslim. More times than not.

Here’s the a [sic] sketch of the perp, looks like a CAIR member.

It’s amazing and sickening how much Geller’s smears of Muslims resemble antisemitic libels of Jews.


  1. Just another nut job

  2. If we all just ignore her, do you think she’d go away?

  3. Douche bag!

  4. oh nooooo.

  5. Man she’s so desperate I swear!!! XD

  6. This is not worthy of a response.

  7. Sorry you can not fix stupid, try to educate the ignorant, but stupidity you can not fix.

  8. You know if we had a stupidity tax we’d make a fortune off hate groups and the tea party… that might fix our economy faster than any jobs initiative…

  9. FU Pamela Geller!

  10. So the guy that turned himself in was just crazy….? You are so right Toni.

  11. People we should not even put mind to this idiot. She is seeking attention.

  12. i love her typos. it shows that amoebas have higher IQ level than hers.

  13. she’s as sick as they come

  14. She must be related to Ann Coulter

  15. That sounds like something the haters would say…

  16. We need to work to expose the truth. Such as how Muslims were targeted and blamed for 911 when it was most likely really Rumsfeld and Cheney who did it. It is a crying shame. I am Irish Catholic and I have known the entire time it was a set up by the Protestants posing as Patriots.

  17. She does kind of remind me of Ann Coulter, now that I think of it. They both have that gross, boney body type and that gross, bigoted personality.

  18. I don’t think so. (Muslims fire-bombing own mosque.)

  19. From one female to another, how fucking dare someone threaten the rights of another group when we as women are still fighting for equal rights to this day. Highest form of hypocrisy!!

  20. wow that makes a lot of sense Pamela bomb your own Mosque i wonder why we havent thought of that no i woudnt have been some die hard anti-Muslim. i bet shes one of those people who thinks the Muslims bombed themselves during the Bosnian genocide and yes there are people out there like that. i feel sorry for any one stupid enough to believe her

  21. Welcome to Mental hospital pamela…washing ur head..

  22. What’s so sad is she seems to enjoy it. 🙁

  23. Does she think we’re stupid to believe that crap?

    Speaking of “stupid”, calling her and her ilk such has now become a gross understatement — she’s way beyond stupid.

  24. Awful !

  25. Bla bla bla. Get over it

  26. wow, a thumbs up to religious prejudice? yeah, whoo, let’s all be asses……

  27. You are all a bunch of haters…why dont you speak with some respect instead of being exacttly like those you complain about? That my dear people is called hypocracy.

  28. Why so much hate? so sad

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  30. shes a Stupid B)(%h!!!!!

  31. This chickenhead b!tch will whine about how Turks killed Armenians during mass deportation in WWI or how some Arab, Bosnian, Albanian and Russian Muslims sided with Nazis in WWII and were “responsible” for the Holocaust as a result, but at the same time she’ll outright or even justify genocides against Muslim peoples.

  32. I still think Bush had something to do with the towers in NY so that he could spread panic, fear and hatred.

  33. If they had bombed a temple they would blame the Muslims and would have security up the wazoo. There is no room for flagrant destruction of property in Islam. We are taught to protect ourselves but never be aggressors. The laws of war require that you harm no-one who has not harmed you. Why doesn’t this woman educate herself before she writes a bunch of nonsense.

  34. oh just stick a dick in her mouth and shut her up already. christ

  35. Psychotic xenophobic bitch

  36. I looked up C*NT in the dictionary. It said “see Pamela Geller.”

  37. This woman looks like a cow.

  38. Unfortunatly she is a hater. She is probably someone who will never be happy unless she is hating something. Blind hate like this proves that she is an idiot (i’m putting it nicely). I hope she realizes how & why she is wrong & changes for the better. To the victims of these firebombings, I hope they can pull themselves out of this & move on to better & brighter things.

  39. Too bad the firebombers missed her house……

  40. B Hijazi what are you talking about? Muslims attack and destroy property daily all over the world. They kill Muslims and non Muslims alike while invoking the name of God. I what world do you live in to be able to say Muslims are not aggressors?

  41. B Hijazi is in the standard muslim dreamworld bubble in which muslims are following a lovely perfect pattern.

    If someone misbehaves, they are simply declared non muslims and the bubble goes on.

    Besides that, Geller is indeed a loon.

  42. I feel sorry for her. She’s ignorant.

  43. Geller is a American Hero “islamophobia” is a myth created to silence dissent

  44. “Hello my name is Pam Gellar, lookie how far I can stick my chest out. tee hee”….I think her brains were implanted in her chest :-/

  45. Hey Criley, according to you we are killing everyone! Please wake up!

  46. Now substitute the word Synagogue for Mosque and Jew for Muslim and see if this statement is not racist?

  47. she has a screw loose

  48. God she is So ugly, I would have a pig in the house and not her!

  49. She is so so so deformed. I guess no man wants her!

  50. Tom
    Yea. More than half of her facts are completely illigitimate and DONT make sense. She contradicts herself and is racist, and crude. You want an American hero? Take someone whos trying to bring us ALLL together not cornering a group and blaming them for everything that goes wrong.
    Cmon. You know mking fun of a persons looks (not actions!) and way of living is haram. I understand i feel the same way about this lady but its ok. God will punish the ignorant. Dont be one of them.
    And lol at criley
    They arent even real muslims. Again can you people look at regular muslims and really try to see if we are aggressors. Were not. Dont blame a religion and its peaceful followers for the actions of a twisted gov.
    Cair member huh, how do you know its a cair member? Just cuz he looks muslim? To you? Well guess wat your buddy spencer is a dead ringer for a muslim, the ones with beards at leaset. Shut up and get a life.

  51. Sorry Elle, sometimes I want to keep quite, but honestly when I see her or that Spencers I can not hold it anymore. I know they are both created by Allah and I should not. Anyway We have not seen you for while. I hope you are keeping well.

  52. Elle, policy is not based on personal niceness. I am sure there were some very nice Huns, but they rode with Attila.

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