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Exclusive – The Qu’osby Show – The Pilot

6 January 2012 General 18 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Aasif Mandvi

Aasif Mandvi stars in “The Qu’osby Show,” a sitcom about a NASCAR-loving family that eats pork and dances to Toby Keith. (05:25)

Original post: Exclusive – The Qu’osby Show – The Pilot


  1. Strange sense Muslims don’t believe in the consumption of pork. I guess the point is to show that Muslims can be just like any people.

  2. Strange that anyone believes in the consumption of animals when we can survive without it and not spread suffering and inhumane conditions to other species…

  3. Just sayin

  4. I think it’s a funny idea, but the whole pork thing bothered me. If they had kept catching dad sneaking bacon or something, that would have been funny. But the bit where they were talking about algebra when the boy said “who needs algebra?” and the girl said, “the ancient Muslins, duh” was funny.

  5. I love Aasif on the Daily Show….!!!

  6. Thanks for this info! He’s extremely talented and I enjoy seeing him on The Daily Show.

  7. Isn’t this what the new “All-American Muslims” show on TLC is for?

  8. this is lame

  9. Islam give the training of peace

  10. The point is that these “Muslims” feel the need to throw away their religious doctrine in order to blend in with American cultural values. This video is just a more overblown version of the All-American Muslim show, functioning as a parody. If you watch All-American Muslim, you know that a lot of the people in it do not really follow Islamic doctrine in full. Its depiction of these people is meant to reassure the public by pointing out that most Muslims are not radical or fundamental Islamists. However, the sad part of this farce is that Islamic doctrine is not really a terror doctrine. You shouldn’t have to tell people ‘hey guys we don’t really follow this stuff even though we’re Muslim’ in order to get them to calm down about Muslims. You should be educating them about what Islam really is, so that they can see that even the most fundamental Muslims are not really a threat. The cause of the threat posed by Islam comes from other forces such as lack of education, tyranny in the Middle East, political greed, and many other such factors. Unfortunately, a TV show that illustrated the truth about Islam would come off as an attempt to proselytize, so they’ve settled with a TV show that points out the sad truth regarding most American Muslims – that they don’t follow all the doctrines of their religion to the letter and they are just as “American” as the Christians who do the same to their religion.

    I found the video an entertaining parody, if kind of sad.

  11. Thank you, Aminah. Agreed!

  12. I know one of the show’s producers and I think the point was to start with levity, then get to the core of the issue. However, to portray these Muslims as pork-eating and Toby Keith listening folks is terribly misleading, since pork is forbidden (and there are health reasons behind this) and didn’t Toby Keith say that “We’ll give them a boot in the @$$, it’s the American Way,” referring to Muslims? Islam is a religion of peace, so we are against that. Why should we glorify two things that obviously go against what we stand for, even in the name of comedy?

  13. i didn’t see this episode of daily show, but I’m guessing it was to show how the way Americans expect “good” Muslims to behave pretty much asks them to give up anything to do with Islam

  14. Ridiculous, but to me, acceptable. Just like the REAL Cosby show, supposedely about ficticious happy niggers in the U.S.A. (but for profit.)

  15. the entire time, the parody is getting you to say, “no thats not right”, like when he rips the sleeves off the girls shirt and sets her up with the football player. Its supposed to make you think “Hm, I think I’d like them better if they were better muslims”. It’s still a pretty funny satire XD

  16. EXACTLY!!

    Or as that idiot Islamaphobe Brigette Gabriel states, “An adherent Muslim is a bad person, but one who drinks (alcohol) and does not practice Islam is a good person“.

    What an idiotic mindest!!

  17. Ok I have changed my mind on free speech. It should be protected for everyone except for members of PETA. Their ideas are so silly and akin to scratching a chalk board when they make a point that is is really hate speech, in that I really hate their speech. Every forum and blog should have a PETA filter that one can turn on so that whatever they type is turned into knock knock jokes. In this way we can give PETA speech its rightful place in America and the world.

  18. Mattthew im not a vegetarian, and Islam dsnt forbid it but in the Quran we are told to kill the animal swiftly and as humanely as possible and we drain the blood. If we are to eat it we should treat it right.

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