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Muslims ban Christmas and rape white women, in latest Latma satire

6 January 2012 General 71 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

by , from Mondoweiss

From Latma, the Israeli producers of “We Con the World,” comes a new video,“Christmas in Eurabia”:

A couple things struck me while watching this video. The first was how unfunny it was. The second was how offensive it was. Let’s explore the latter:

The “Eurabia” threat

The video’s title, “Christmas in Eurabia,” refers to a conspiracy theory that white Christian Europe is being systematically overtaken by immigrant hordes of brown-skinned Muslims from Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia. An uninspired cross between “Europe” and “Arabia,” “Eurabia” is the anti-Arab/Islamophobic equivalent of saying “Jew York.”

To these “Eurabists,” the Islamification of Europe is being facilitated by multicultural permissiveness. The Eurabia ideology takes xenophobia, Islamophobia, racism, and nativism—all traits of classic white supremacism—but combines them with ultra-Zionism, as Israel represents the Western bulwark against the Muslim menace.

The English Defence League

The English Defence League

The equivalent in the United States are the pundits, politicians, thinktanks, and officials who rail against the “creeping shar‘ia” threat. Participants in this American, European, and Israeli network of Islamophobic fear-mongering collectively refer to themselves as the “counter-jihad” movement.

The most infamous proponent of the Eurabia conspiracy theory is the Norwegian mass murderer Anders Breivik. Although many Eurabists publicly distance themselves from Breivik and dismiss him as a lone extremist, his 1500-page manifesto actually provides a good introduction to basic Eurabist ideology, and the citations clearly identify the most prominent voices in the “counter-jihad” movement. It is instructive to compare the message of Latma’s “Christmas in Eurabia” to the Breivik manifesto in one instance.

First they kill Santa Claus, then they rape your white daughters

As the “Christmas in Eurabia” video goes through its verses, the locale switches from London to Paris to Oslo. When it reaches Oslo, a Norwegian man (portrayed by Latma regular Noam Jacobson) instructs his daughter:

When they rape you, don’t object,
For that is politically incorrect.

The idea that Muslims are employing rape as systematic warfare against white (non-Muslim) women is popular among Eurabists. Breivik’s manifesto is littered with such references. Here is a sampling:

The incidence of rapes carried out by Muslim men in Norway against non-Muslim women is many times higher than rapes by non-Muslim men….

We have had several recent cases where native girls have been gang raped by immigrants in the heart of the EU capital….

Native Swedes are raped, stabbed, killed and chased out of their homes by Muslim gangs….

The massive wave of violence and especially rapes in Western cities now is a form of warfare against whites, and it’s about time it is recognised as such.

Are not the notorious “gang rapes” another example of collective violence to European women….

…Britons whose teenage daughters are being sexually abused and gang raped by various races who hate whites.

The Muslims therefore takes [sic] advantage of their Allah-given prerogative to rape, kill and steal from Europeans as they view this as the spoils of war.

Muslim drug traffickers/dealers all across Europe…mak[e] their subjects addicted to heroin… when “processing” non-Muslim girls for sexual/financial exploitation.

[Muslims] have…raped more than 500,000 European women…

…more than 1 million European women raped [by Muslims]…

Many European girls/women have been raped multiple times. Ratio is an average 200 rapes per 100,000 Muslims annually.

Moreover the connection between “Muslim-on-White rape” and political correctness, as depicted in the video, is expressed frequently in Breivik’s manifesto. The primary facilitator of mixed-race rape is multiculturalism:

Tellingly, when black gang members stab each other or gang rape a white teenage girl or when Muslim jihadists blow up buses and trains filled with innocent people the first concern of the guardians of multiculturalism will be to minimise the racial aspect of these events…

Make no mistake. These Muslims must be considered as wild animals. Do not blame the wild animals but rather the multiculturalist…traitors who allowed these
animals to enter our lands, and continue to facilitate them.

As a result of [multiculturalism]… more than 500 000 European women have been raped…

Fellow Islamophobe and Eurabist Pamela Geller explained that “Breivik was targeting the future leaders of the party responsible for flooding Norway with Muslims who refuse to assimilate, who commit major violence against Norwegian natives, including violent gang rapes…”

In the “Christmas in Eurabia” video, mulitculturalism is depicted as permitting Muslims to commit violence against non-Muslims:

Someone burned my car, oh pity.

That’s what happens when you tease
Islam, the greatest creed of peace.

But it makes me feel so jolly,
Proves that multi-culti’s holy

And what is the only “Western” nation not incapacitated by multiculturalism? Israel. Again, from the manifesto:

The truth is that Israelis defend themselves so that their daughters do not have to suffer rape at the hands of Muslim Jihadists, the way the
authorities in Western European countries, and in Sweden in particular, allow to happen every single day.

To be clear, the fear of white women being raped by brown hordes is not based on personal concern for the women themselves, but on concern for the purity of Western heritage. To Eurabists, feminism is as responsible as mulitculturalism for the downfall of Western society:

As a Western man, I would be tempted to say that Western women have to some extent brought this upon themselves. They have been waging an ideological, psychological and economic war against European men for several generations now.

The “Muslim rape wave” myth

Why does the “Christmas in Eurabia” video jump from London to Paris and then to Oslo, where a Norwegian man tells his daughter to let Muslims rape her? Aside from the general tastelessness of the video, isn’t it especially inappropriate to focus on Norway, the site of the recent killings by Anders Breivik, whose crimes were motivated by a fear of creeping Eurabia and the raping of white women by hordes of Muslim immigrants?

A possible explanation lies in a pair of fabricated stories reported by the Israeli settler news site Arutz Sheva. Last June, Arutz Sheva “reporter” Gil Ronen wrote an article entitled “Police Report: All Assault Rapists in Oslo Follow Muhammad,”and he recently followed up on this story with another report, “Muslim ‘Rape Wave’ Reported in Oslo, Ministers Blame Israel.” The articles alleged that Norway was “suffering from an unprecedented wave of rapes that are largely being perpetrated by Muslim immigrants against local women,” based on statistics in an Oslo police report. Moreover, Norwegian “government ministers, most of them avowed anti-Semites, claimed that the report and its publication serve Israel and its policy of occupation,” with Norway’s justice minister declaring, “Israel must be glad to hear about it.”

However, the source for these stories was a single person living in Israel, a blogger named Yehuda Bello who was described by Ronen as “acclaimed,” “well-acquainted with Norwegian culture,” and as someone “who understands Norwegian and has Norwegian contacts.”

Then the story started falling apart. Arutz Sheva inexplicably removed references to the supposed anti-Semitic Norwegian ministers, while Boston University professor and Eurabist nut Richard Landes attempted to corroborate the story about the ministers, to no avail.

Meanwhile, writer Farha Khaled did what Gil Ronen and Arutz Sheva failed to do: she provided a link to the actual Norwegian police report and inquired with the Norwegian justice ministry about the statistics. The ministry’s response:

The Oslo Police District has given a report of rapes in Oslo in 2010. The report shows that for all types of rape, except assault rape, European perpetrators are in the majority, and they are mostly Norwegian. Assault rapes covers only five identified unique person. These have all a foreign origin. The number is however, so low that it does not provide a basis for drawing conclusions with regard to country of origin. Two of them were very young (under 18) and two had severe psychiatric diagnoses and cannot be regarded as representative of their ethnic culture. It is highlighted in the report that generalizations like “Oslo’s rapists are foreigners,” which have been seen in media, are wrong. The report gives no statistics regarding religion of rapists.

While Oslo has indeed been rocked with what has been termed a “rape wave,” authorities are still attempting to identify the culprits and causes, even suspecting the involvement of a serial rapist. Besides, if a “wave” of rapes signals a higher than statistically normal number of occurrences, one cannot necessarily refer to statistics preceding the wave to determine the identities of the current perpetrators.

Interestingly, Gil Ronen had cited another person as an authority on “Muslim rape waves”: the then-pseudonymous Eurabist blogger known as “Fjordman,” who was a primary inspiration for Anders Breivik. Much of Breivik’s manifesto was authored by Fjordman. In the June Arutz Sheva article, Ronen approvingly cited Fjordman’s warning about an earlier “immigrant [and Muslim] rape wave in Sweden,” from back in 2005.

Such reports of hordes of brown-skinned attackers may be familiar to people living in the US in the 1990s, when the media promulgated sensational reports of“wilding” and of African American and Latino “superpredators,” along with today’s recurrent media warnings of “immigrant crime waves.”

As we should be aware, the notion of brown men defiling white women is not a specifically Eurabist scare. It has long been the pinnacle of white supremacist and xenophobic fears, and has long been evoked to justify the oppression and expulsion of brown peoples.

In 1900, South Carolina Senator Benjamin “Pitchfork Ben” Tillman, proclaimed this justification for the lynchings of African American men:

We of the South have never recognized the right of the negro to govern white men, and we never will. We have never believed him to be equal to the white man, and we will not submit to his gratifying his lust on our wives and daughters without lynching him. I would to God the last one of them was in Africa and that none of them had ever been brought to our shores.

I am reminded of a white supremacist cartoon that I once had the misfortune to see. The cartoon, attacking miscegenation, depicted a black man hooking up with a white woman—with the act being orchestrated by a Jewish man. Both the black man and the Jewish man were drawn as hideous caricatures that highlighted stereotypical features. The Eurabist scare, whether portrayed through Breivik’s manifesto or Latma’s YouTube video, is an extension of the offensive cartoon, lacking only in the stereotypical Jew.

(Update: Ali Abunimah has more information about the Muslim rape wave myth on his blog.)

Is Latma a fringe group?

If we define fringe solely by the validity of one’s viewpoints, then Latma, which produced the “Christmas in Eurabia” video, would definitely be fringe. However, if we define fringe as lacking in popular representation and influence and thus negligible, Latma would not qualify.

Latma head director Shlomo Blass has worked on projects for the Likud party, the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, and the Adelson Institute for Strategic Studies. Earlier this year, Blass collaborated with StandWithUs to produce a propaganda video for the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The video, starring Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon, was a copy of a settler video for the YESHA Council, with virtually the same storyboard and script, and which was also produced by Blass. The message in both videos were the same: the West Bank belongs to Israel.

Blass was recently commissioned to create another video for the Ministry, again starring Danny Ayalon, and this time purporting to address the issue of Palestinian refugees (of which Ayalon is not one).

Blass also produced the video “Israel’s Critical Security Needs for a Viable Peace”for the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs. This explained that in any future negotiations with the Palestinians, Israel would retain Jordan Valley, would control the West Bank airspace and roadways, and would reshape the West Bank borders to Israel’s liking.

More prominent than Blass is Latma’s chief editor, Caroline Glick, who also serves as the deputy managing editor of the Jerusalem Post.

Both Glick and Blass starred in Latma’s infamous “We Con the World” video, which ridiculed the Mavi Marmara massacre and portrayed the Gaza flotilla as an Arab/Muslim/Turkish plot to deceive the world into hating Israel.

Caroline Glick, impersonating an Arab or a Muslim or a Turk—or perhaps a crazy Jewish woman from Chicago with a knife. Shlomo Blass can be seen behind her.

Caroline Glick, impersonating an Arab or a Muslim or a Turk—or perhaps a crazy Jewish woman from Chicago with a knife. Shlomo Blass can be seen behind her.

The video link to “We Con the World” was distributed to foreign media via the Israeli government press office. After the video was criticized internationally for its racist content, its tasteless response to the killings of nine people, and its contradiction of Israel’s self-portrayal as reluctant killers, the Israeli government claimed that the link was distributed in error. However, press officer director Danny Seaman still insisted that the video was “fantastic,” and Israeli government spokesperson Mark Regev said, “I thought it was funny…It is what Israelis feel. But the government has nothing to do with it.”

In 2010, Beit Hatfutsot, the Museum of the Jewish People, based in Tel Aviv University, presented Latma with the NADAV Peoplehood Award, claiming that the “We Con the World” video “made many Jews feel proud in a time of conflict and tension for our people.”

Earlier this year, Israeli Channel One partially funded Latma to film a pilot for aweekly TV program in the style of Latma’s offensive YouTube videos.

Latma’s funder: The Center for Security Policy

Although Latma operates in Israel, it acts as an initiative of the Center for Security Policy (CSP), a 501(c)(3) and DC-based think tank, where Caroline Glick serves as the senior fellow for Middle Eastern Affairs. The CSP motto is, no joke, “Peace through Strength.”

Big Eagle is watching you.

Big Eagle is watching you.

The CSP made waves at the start of the Iraq War as part of the neocon network that was planning for US wars in Iraq and elsewhere. Indeed the CSP National Security Advisory Council has at times included prominent Bush era neocons, such as Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Elliott Abrams, and Dov Zakheim, as well as Dick Cheney.

CSP’s founder and president is neocon lunatic Frank Gaffney, who accused Saddam Hussein of orchestrating the Oklahoma City bombing and the 1993 World Trade Center attack. More recently, Gaffney took up the “birther” cause and warned that Obama “not only identifies with Muslims, but actually may still be one himself.”

Gaffney also railed against “Obama’s pandering to the radical homosexual agenda” and the “Obama/homosexual agenda” (in an article strangely placed under a section of the website titled “The Shariah Threat”).

The CSP helped organize the campaign against the Park51 Islamic Center and has been prominent in pushing the “shar‘ia law” scare in the US. Last year, the CSP published a report, Shariah: The Threat to America, co-authored by David Yerushalmi, who has been paid over $270,000 as CSP’s general counsel.

Yerushalmi, who also serves as the attorney for Pamela Geller and Gaffney, is an Orthodox Jew with a penchant for making the most blatantly offensive statements. In an essay entitled “On Race: A Tentative Discussion,” Yerushalmi attempted to justify addressing “blacks as the most murderous of peoples (at least in New York City)” and explained that “there is a reason the founding fathers did not give women or black slaves the right to vote,” since these founders had an “understanding of human nature and its affect on political society.”

On his own website, Yerushalmi stated that

The Jews it seems are the bane of Western society… the Jewish problem for conservatives is a…quite interesting affair. It is most interesting because so much of what drives it is true and accurate… The conservative variety simply professes to uncover the many and varied ways Jews destroy their host nations like a fatal parasite, especially when the host is a Western nation-state… In response, one must admit readily that the radical liberal Jew is a fact of the West and a destructive one.

And when Mel Gibson made his famous anti-Semitic remarks, Yerushalmi defended him by saying

That Gibson sees Jews in an unfavorable light is only irrational if one wishes to make the argument that secular liberal Jews are not in fact the leading proponents of all forms of anti-Western, anti-American, anti-Christian movements, campaigns, and ideologies.

Yerushalmi also campaigned against the Park51 Islamic Center by forming the Freedom Defense Initiative with Pamela Geller and John Joseph Jay, a fellow “counter-jihadist” who advocates killing Muslims and members of the Service Employees International Union(!).

As the Center for American Progress demonstrated, Yerushalmi prepared an “anti-shari‘a” draft legislation that has served as the model for proposed legislation in many states.

Such a congregation of Islamophobic, homophobic, racist whackjobs would be easily dismissed if the CSP and its affiliated network of Islamophobes did not have such immediate access to the media and to government officials, along with access to a multimillion dollar budget. It’s through CSP that Latma’s videos are realized.

The CSP website proudly features “Christmas in Eurabia” on its home page, and Caroline Glick needs an editor.

The CSP website proudly features “Christmas in Eurabia” on its home page, and Caroline Glick needs an editor.

It is thus no surprise that Frank Gaffney, the CSP, and Caroline Glick are all cited and quoted as authorities in Breivik’s manifesto.

Is Caroline Glick a Nazi according to the Jerusalem Post?

On July 24, two days after the Anders Breivik killings, the Jerusalem Post issued an editorial warning that the massacre should not be allowed to be “manipulated” by the Left in such a way as to raise public concern that right-wing extremism was a “real danger facing contemporary Europe,” since the “real underlying problems faced not only by Norway, but by many Western European nations” was the “abject failure of multiculturalism.” That is, the real danger to Europe was the danger Anders Breivik warned about, and over which Breivik committed his killing spree.

An outcry against the editorial was inevitable, and so was the subsequent apology, which the Post issued on August 4, and which included the following statement:

It later emerged that Breivik, a Christian radical, had posted on the Internet an extremely anti-Muslim manifesto that supported far-right nationalism and Zionism.

He apparently feared that a “Muslim colonization” of Europe would destroy Norway.

This is certainly not the kind of support Israel needs. It is the type of Islamophobia that is all too reminiscent of the Nazis’ attitude toward the Jews. Jews, Muslims and Christians in Israel and around the world should be standing together against such hate crimes.

Yet the “Muslim colonization” of the West is exactly what the “Christmas in Eurabia” video is about and is the focal obsession of Eurabists and the so-called “counter-jihadist” movement that includes Caroline Glick and the Center for Security Policy.

Thus, if we are to take the Post’s apology at face value, we would have to accept that Glick’s sentiments, along with Latma’s, are “the type of Islamophobia that is all too reminiscent of the Nazis’ attitude toward the Jews.”

On August 8, Glick responded in the Jerusalem Post with a piece entitled“Norway’s Jewish Problem.” Regarding the Post’s apology editorial, Glick stated, “I was not consulted about this editorial ahead of time, and the editorial does not reflect my views,” implying that the earlier July 24 editorial did reflect and still reflected her views.

Glick refused to apologize, instead labeling her critics anti-Semites and attacking Norway for its pervasive “climate of hatred towards Israel and Jews.” She reminded her readers that Norway was invaded and occupied by the Nazis, and thus Norwegian officials may still be Nazi collaborators. She produced names of Norwegians she didn’t like, such as the humanitarian doctors Erik Fosse and Mads Gilbert. Glick also claimed that “Judaism [is] the only religion that cannot be freely practiced in Norway.”

In a strange expression of moral superiority, she condemned Breivik’s actions, she said, even though Breivik’s victims “had obvious animosity towards Israel and sympathy for genocidal, Jew hating Hamas terrorists.” She concluded by stating that Norway owed her an apology but that no apology from Norway would be enough for her.

Apart from the fact that her long list of things to hate about Norway includes no mention of Norwegian black metal, the main thing that stands out in Glick’s opinion piece is this religious paradox: Glick is more concerned about Christmas being banned in a hypothetical Muslim Norway than she is concerned about Judaism already being banned in a non-Muslim Norway. This indicates either misplaced priorities or an inability to keep her fear mongering “facts” straight. That is, when she wants to criticize Norway, she warns that Jews are unsafe in Norway; when she wants to criticize Muslims, she warns that Christians are unsafe in Norway. Or else, she wants to protect the Jew-hating Norwegians from the Christian-hating Muslims.

Complicated? It’s simply a matter of who Caroline Glick hates most at the moment.

“Christmas in Jewrabia”

For an Israeli group that purports to satirize current events, Latma seems to have overlooked the irony of producing a video about a Muslim war on Christmas while their own government expresses hostility toward Christmas in the name of Jewish nationalism.

Take the case of Nazareth Illit, a suburb of the Nazareth that was the childhood home of Jesus. This year, when Palestinian Christians asked the mayor of Nazareth Illit to permit the placement of festive Christmas trees, similar to the enormous menorahs already on display in the town, the mayor refused. His reasoning:

The request of the Arabs to put Christmas trees in the squares in the Arab quarter of Nazareth Illit is provocative…Nazareth Illit is a Jewish city and it will not happen—not this year and not next year, so long as I am a mayor.

The mayor’s stance was supported by the town’s chief rabbi, Isaiah Herzl, who said that Christmas trees were “offensive to Jewish eyes.”

Never mind that the area of Nazareth was Palestinian Arab and largely Christian before Israel seized the land. In fact, during the imposition of the State of Israel in 1948, Nazareth was slated for ethnic cleansing, saved only when an Israeli officer refused to follow orders and instead decided to honor the agreement made with the town’s inhabitants during their capitulation. Nazareth Illit was constructed in the following decade in order to Judaize the area and offset the Palestinian majority.

In 1954, IDF Planning Department Director Yuval Ne’eman explained that the purpose of Nazareth Illit was to “emphasize and safeguard the Jewish character of the Galilee as a whole, and … demonstrate state sovereignty to the Arab population more than any other settlement operation.” Northern Military Governor Colonel Mikhael Mikhael elaborated that Nazareth Illit would “swallow up” Nazareth proper through the “growth of the Jewish population around a hard-core group” and “the transfer of the center of gravity of life from Nazareth to the Jewish neighborhood.”

And let’s not forget the Israeli Ministry of Absorption’s own war on Christmas, when it recently produced a video warning Jewish Israeli expatriates in the US to return home, lest their children end up wishing a merry Christmas to the grandparents.

Israel, which side of the War on Christmas are you on?

Israel, which side of the War on Christmas are you on?

Even Muslim camels are racially inferior

There’s one final thing to be said about the “Christmas in Eurabia” video. At one point, a camel can be seen walking through the Islamized streets of Norway. The connotation is that Muslim immigration will bring backwardness to European civilization, as represented by the orientalist trope of the Middle Eastern camel.

The irony here is that to diaspora Zionists in the west, the camel has positive connotations associated with the Jewish homeland, as evidenced in these pictures from this year’s “Celebrate Israel” parade in New York.

This can also be seen in Birthright trips, where the camel ride is a staple of the program to induce an emotional attachment to Israel:

How do we reconcile the contradictory connotations? Camels associated with Muslims/Arabs—as in the “Eurabia” video—are a symbol of oriental backwardness, to be contrasted with the technically advanced western Israeli civilization. It is an Israeli rejection of geographical realities, as Israel is seen to have more in common with Europe than with the Middle East.

However, camels associated with Israel—as seen through the idealized eyes of Zionists in the West—are a symbol of exotic wonder, rooting the Western diaspora Jew in a place that is magical and historically profound, symbolizing a deep yet constructed heritage. Here, the camel is part of Israel’s geography, as the camel, like the land, has been conquered by the Ashkenazi pioneers, and so too have the native Bedouins been conquered and thus now prepare the camel rides for the Birthright tourists as part of the contrived Bedouin experience.

Banner from a website promoting Birthright

Banner from a website promoting Birthright

“The Tribal Update”

When “Eurabia” becomes a reality, who knows what those nefarious Muslims will do? Once they outlaw Christmas, what will follow? Will they ban church bells?Demolish non-Muslim homes? Flatten complete villagesEvict non-Muslim residents for Muslim ones? Impose mass population transfers? Eliminate civil marriages? View non-Muslims in Europe as a “demographic threat”? Establishsegregated roads? Enact laws that favor Muslims? Require loyalty oaths to Europe as a “Muslim and democratic” continent? The possibilities that Latma can take their “Eurabia” scenario are endless, and they just need to look at home for inspiration.

But “Christmas in Eurabia” and “We Con the World” are only samples in the Latma YouTube video series known as “The Tribal Update.” Here are some others.

This video mocks the notion that Palestinians are indigenous to the land:

And in a skit entitled “Palestinian Eskimos,” the denial of the existence of the Palestinian people turns into a gratuitous joke at the expense of another oppressed indigenous population, the Inuit.

Another video depicts the UN as filled with incompetent Third Worlders such as an African ambassador who is so uneducated he can’t find Israel on the map.

And a slant-eyed ambassador eating rice.

Rahm Emanuel is depicted as a Jew-traitor.

Barack Obama is a Muslim anti-Semite.

If the Obama blackface is too subtle, here’s Noam Jacobson playing “Kazabubu the Jewish Cannibal,” in a skit that ridicules black African “Jews” making aliyah.

In case you don’t understand Latma’s sense of humor, you’re supposed to laugh as Kazabubu babbles in his stupid African gibberish: “Bu ta le bo bo bi de bbbbbbbbb”—thus demonstrating that he is of inferior stock to the real Jews such as Noam Jacobson and Caroline Glick.

Most of the videos are Israeli talking points expressed by critics of Israel (and semi-critics of Israel) in racist caricature. The humor relies on an elitist nationalist perspective that can be boiled down to this: The world hates Israel, but the world outside of Israel is just a bunch of ignorant Africans, rice-eating chinks, bloodthirsty Muslims, self-hating Jews, and white multiculturalists asking to be raped. Ha ha.

The sheer racism of Noam Jacobson is matched only by his cluelessness, as he fails to understand why his offensive “comedy” skits elicit such hatred—concluding that he is a victim of the world’s hatred against Israel and the Jews. The fact that people would hurl anti-Semitic slurs—unjustified yet unsurprising—against him after watching his racist videos somehow proves that he is doing the right thing. As Jacobson explained to a reporter, “When you see the talkbacks, you know what you’re fighting for.”

Such a remark, made without irony, and published in an article with the incredulous headline, “Fighting the New Blood Libel”—against the backdrop of blatantly racist videos such as “Kazabubu the Jewish Cannibal”—just goes to show what anyone who has sat through a video produced by Noam Jacobson and his Latma colleagues already understands: they have no sense of humor.

Original post: Muslims ban Christmas and rape white women, in latest Latma satire


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  42. Unfortunately, with any stereotype or satire, there is some truth to the elements. How did such images come to be? People didn’t just make them up. They may be exaggerated or twisted a bit but there is an underlying truth that needs to be addressed.

  43. @anon:

    I love how whenever Muslims are victims, you still find a way to blame Muslims. I guess the next time Iran’s leaders make anti-semetic remarks and people have a fit over it, I’ll simply say “Oh calm down. You could simply make a mirror image of it with Israeli hate speech.”

  44. If they are trying to hang a rape canard on you, you should definitely fight it.

    Yes, there are a lot of mirror images going around.

    If Israel had never been born, would a strong modern inventive nation have grown up there, providing wealth and employment to the region?

  45. Hera
    You kno thats funny cause everyone else thought it was palestinians being evacuated out of their villages, some massacred and most if not all in refugee camps. And the Deir Yassin massacre and sabra and shatila, gaza, jenin and the 63 agonizing years of genocide that befell the palestinians, because zionists caled for a jewish state And the holocaust survivors and other jews thought it was ok to just squat cuz the zionists said we were takin their land and i dont get how thats possible when thousands upon thousands of my people were forced to give up everything they had, they took their house keys with them bcuz they thought israel would let them move back in but were not given that right. This isnt a sob story or propaganda this happened. My grandfather and uncles who workedon the land of their ancestors saw it disappear before their very eyes. Ive actually watched ” palestinian” TV and allthey do is sing for the fresh dead bodies of gaza children. Just last week, 344 were killed in the same day. All were under the age of 10. I suggest you actually get real evidence. I think between us im the only thats been in a palestinian household in palestine whos watched and understood wat was bein said. Its called ethnic cleansing, and you have IDF vets confessin that they were ordered to just kill.
    I dont agree with either the Hamas or Fatah because even though they launch garbage rockets which arent dangerous or deathly it still gives Israel a chance to butcher a few more palestinians before calling it self defense. Yup. A land with no people for a people with no land. Ya say that to my grandparents who were here during the last yrs of the ottoman empire. Hera i suggest you read up on how palestinians live. Were not plannin the death of israel on a daily basis, we arent regularly shoving bombs into jewish settlements either. Unless you sell something to an Israeli or do business with one your considered worthless and ultimatley squatting on THEIR land. Hmmm ya read mornings in jenin by susan abulhawa. It will change the way you look at everything. Im serious.

  46. Anon
    The wealth came from the agriculture correct? The land
    was already cultivated by us. The israelis came and took that.
    Now Even if that werent true. Where does that wealth go? To whom? The jews! Now i have nothing against jews exept for the zionists., who happen to be responsible for all of this. When you look at something like this, be sure to look at the people who are NeGATIVELY affected, by what range and margins. Israel thrives and Palestine dies. Im sure God is super proud of his chosen people.

  47. Wait wait i just realized the “rape of israelis by muslims” wtf so the women of shatila sabra and jenin werent raped by israelis? And since when??!! I got physically harassed by both a male and femal israeli soldiers ONLY because my scarf. Damn idiots making up statistics to make christian and muslim arabs look like animals. If theres any animal here its white supremist assholes like brevik who demonizes anyone without his “breeding” MY ARAB ASS. Everyone came from the Arabs and ancient Hebrews.

  48. I tried to find out the bad guys in the Is-Pal history, it was impossible. It was simply an exchange of massacres, both sides atrocious.

    I did find out that Jews had been moving into the area for years and buying land and that the UK had allowed them to establish Israel.

    Over the years I have seen the Pals lie so much that I no longer believe anything they say. When caught in a lie they just switch to another one.

    Looking at photos from 1940s one sees arabs scratching the earth with sticks, dressed in biblical attire, using implements designed thousands of years ago.

    I would be very leery of any Pal. statistics or claims of atrocity. So good that there is video these days. One of the first stories they put out on the flotilla thing was that the Jews had attacked them in their sleep.

    Remember the greenhouses project? The Pals looked like fools on that one.

  49. Greenhouse… Pal gov or the plo they suck im not gonna lie. And the 40’s thing they cultivated the land and y do you care hpw they dressed? These were the palis that farmed, duh?my grandmother does things that way, it doesnt affect her in any bad way same way with my uncles they grow crops and sell it to israelis who happen to like visiting the farms to see arabs work. And wat lies. And the book i keep talking abt, mornings in jenin please just read it. It will definitely make sense.

  50. And thats still not the point. Who has killed more who teaches their kids how to use guns to shoot other races down who forces the 18 yr olds to join the army or go to jail who pretends that ppl of other faiths are treated so well but when it comes down to it were looked at like garbage who kills babies and calls it a peacemaking mission who said the old will die and the young will forget who cut down the olive trees bcuz the others holy book says the trees will testify against the aggressors and vouche for the victims? Israel. Your supposed birthright. Your piece of land youll kill for. Kill a person whos whole life was there, tricking yourself into believing your doing a good deed.

  51. Haha uk gave the land to zionists just before the catastrophe bcuz they got scared. So then they started moving in while the pals got pushed out or taken out. If they actually bought the land wed be rich and were not. Thats just obvious.

  52. I have studied the history of “israel” since when it was called canaan and i found lots of interesting facts. Ill put it when i get the chance. It has to do with napolean and the ottoman empire. Go nuts

  53. I have plenty of vids for you too


    The arabs farming there were mostly tenants of the Turks. Jews were buying land from the Turks and rehired the arabs as workers.

    I am sure it is difficult to calm down about this subject, so many ugly things have happened.

  55. See the ottoman empire (turks n muslims) were with the arabs bcuz well most of the arabs were muslim they were head of the empire. And napolean wanted in on them. He coulndt make it through though, they built powerful walls and gaurds surrounded them. Napolean needed the job done from the inside. He goes to his Jewish buddies in europe and says hey i hear the muslims are letting in the jews (since some arab jews lived in Jerusalem. So the zionists got excited and realized that they had something going. (the had been talking abt whether to establish a state in fiji or new zealand) but realized that palestine was of greater religious significance to them. So they went. Slowly they filed through. Napolean was dead before this, but the ottomans let them in. Why? Islam is kind to those who are oppressed (europe vs. Jews) but they bit the hand that fed them. They found sanctuary in this dominantly muslim land… Then the ottoman empire collapsed, the Brits took over. Ww1 then the holocaust/ww2. Many jews escaped and came to pali, but only as sancuary they werent thinking of the state of israel. Then the jewish gangs and brits and some arab rebels started fighting. The jews now called for their own state. The arabs were being killed by both brits and jews and got sick of it.The brits, being cowards, withdrew and felt that if they gave the land to the jews, i.e the Belfour Declaration. They didnt know what was going basically. However, the UN got a gist ofthe situationand the Swedish director, Count Folk Bernadotte was like, “this is an outage we arent going to letthem do this to the Palestinians.” guess wat? Hewas assasinated. Then the real massacres started. Villages were obliterared, gone from the map. People, women children men elderly no one was spared. Some were just lucky enough that the israeli soldiers were pointig guns at them and forcing them out of the villages. They all said, “you will come back later to collect your things just go just go!” and thats the clean version. So the poor naive villagers took their little iron house keys and filed out, sad to be leaving but hopeful to return. So many died that day from dehydration, starvation, strokes, and of course the worst is violence. the israelis of course no water for them right andthis was in april,
    may, you know its hot in palestine. Anyway, 500 villages, evacuated abandoned ravaged in ’47, and ’48. The day Israel was “born”, deir yassin was massacred. Like, it was a huge massacre. Completely wiped out. The SAME day. May 15 1948. And people say we mourn the creation of israel that day. No we mourn the unprecendented deaths and losses of our families and friends and neighbors. The loss of our land. Our homes which were then given as a “birthright” gift to Jewish settlers. This still goes o today. Jenin 2006. Sabra and Shatila, lebonese refugee camps for palestinians 1980’s when israel just killed them all, like why? Seriously as if were the terrorists. This would never have bothered us if the israel left our land and people alone. Thats what theyre doing they will stop at nothing to evactuate us. But then who will harvest “their” precious food. Ahem, ours.
    I really really would appreciate it if you read the books
    Mornings in jenin by susan abulhawa
    In search of fatima by ghada karmi
    And watch the documentaries
    Occupation 101

  56. Well im sorry my iPod wont let me put any links so ill give you the names of the video go to youtube and type in palestine kids : hzrapor something like that youll get a beheaded child. Yes. Watch it.

    Also: max blumenthal feeling the hate in new york, all those feeling the hate/love videos. Sadly funny.
    Jewish israelsupporter: those pakistanis need to get off our land
    Other jis: lay off israel under alotta pressure keep the money coming but lay off.

  57. I looked up Sabra and Shatila, they were done in revenge for massacres against Jews. When I started to read about this, that is what I found, an exchange of massacres, both sides atrocious.

    As for beheaded children the muslims are doing that to non muslims in Thailand, Philippines, etc. to drive non muslims from disputed land.

    To the rest of the world, muslims do NOT represent any sort of justice or wisdom or mercy or any such thing. They consist of a large group of non violent people, represented by grossly violent murder squads intent on clearing the area for muslim takeover.

  58. Muslims are ethnic cleansers par excellence. The Chinese are leaving Malaysia, muslims will not allow them the full privileges of citizens. In other places muslims simply lynch with impunity or imprison those of other faiths.

  59. I like the site

    The partition of the Ottoman Empire was in 1918-1922. The arab nations in 1948 were furious at the establishment of Israel and attacked it.

    At first I was sympathetic to the Pals but as they degenerated year by year I lost respect for them. Reviewing the brutality of both sides I lost respect for both.

  60. The cruelty of muslims in other places also led me to dump the Pals. The hatred of the NOI, the rhetoric of so called clerics – I lost respect for the muslims entire.

  61. The UN gave the Jews more land than they had bought. The people that did this – Brits, Jews, – had been through WW2.

    When Israel was declared the Arabs attacked it and in the ensuing war the Pals were thrown out.

    When I was a child I used to hear adults saying that the arabs should leave it alone and slowly swallow it by demographic means instead of attacking.

  62. Wat massacre of the jews, by the lebonese? Funny. Israel said it was a peace mission.
    Thailand etc ya and the bosnian massacre of muslims is mentioned where? Again islamic governments do not follow Islam they are greedy imbeciles who who will trade anything even the love of God for power. Mahmoud Abbas that old crustaceous sack of crap tried to sell the West Bank to Israel for some kind of extended power. I wanted to puke when i heard this news. A traitor? Yes. What was even more hilarious is when Israel denied this. They dont want it this way. Theyd look like suckers. Nope they wanna do something over the top. Also, palestinians are not just muslim they are also Christian. The churches in israel have to belong to someone, right? I met a couple of christian arabs. The woman was kinda pissy, the man was nice enough to say ‘marhaba’ arabic word for hello, the lady just stared at me, even when i said salam you kno peace. I digress.
    You know how China is Communist? Well, in China there are few muslims. But these Muslims arent allowed to fast during Ramadan. Its just fasting. It teaches self control and it helps to cleanse the body. Anyway they get attacked and arrested so much over there, no real reason of course. Some yes they might do something stupid but hey, the majority are doing nothing to disturb anyone. So that could be the reason. Its seen as revenge? Im not saying its right, i find it horrendous. I KNOW muhammad wouldve frowned on this he would have stopped it and please, do NOT say anything abt him right now. In your response.

  63. Anyway, i know what your thinking. Ooh muslims do that too. Not muslims, real ones anyway. Look at Iran, talking big about nuclear weapons and sentancing that poor man to death. Traitor my ass. The FBI agent who was muslim. Again my butt. Thats definitely unIslamic, his being sentanced. He was doing hiss job and trying to protect the very people that would call him a sand nigger. Yes. I said it. May God protect him. I hate the irani government its shady and needs to get a new leader. Same with Saudia Arabia man i just want to punch that king. Im sorry i dont understand the rules of not being with each other in public. Thats the whole point of hijab. See anon when i try to tell you these things you domt seem to listen but i swear look at how twisted their rules are how they contradict so many rules and stuff.
    Another thing abt israel but DAMN i forgot.
    Ya. Just read the damn book. Then idc if you spit in my face and call me a sand nigger, fkn terrorist, or a dirty ayrab just read it.

  64. Look at the Rwandan holocaust. If the tutsi rebels hadnt fought back the Hutus, theyd still be in a genocide today. This was a ffasst massacre literally people were machine gunned on the ground they stood the hutus were VIOLENT. But the tutsi and their rebel friends fought and now god seems to watch over them which is nice. (hotel rwanda the movie or this book by immaculee ilibigiza i forgot wat it was called)
    We cannot just swallow our own demise. Im sorry we did sit quietly for a period of time and the UN guy trying to help us got murdered. Im not saying lets kill people lets hurt innocent people, its the israel gov i want torn apart. Theyre the ones that make this their priorities. Kill em or book em.

  65. Wait if they weretruexmuslims as they say, then theyd know muslims never touch drugs n alcohol. Make up your mind. Either way your contradicting yourself latma.

  66. @anon:

    WTF! The NOI is just about as Muslim as the Church of Creativity is Christian. The NOI was founded by a black supremacist claiming to be a prophet of a man-god back in the 30’s. They believe 1) God took human form, 2) God sent a prophet after Muhammad, peace be upon him, and 3) black supremacism and demonization of white people is okay. These are their 3 core beliefs and they run against Islam. So Muslims are not liable for any hate speech from the NOI.

  67. Right, governments are about power, not religion, and when they claim to represent God they become intolerable. In a theocracy leaders claim to represent God, or know what God thinks.

    Right, China will kill you. China will kill lots of you without batting an eye. Few years ago they became paranoid about an exercise club and began arresting the members. Under communism one is supposed to have no allegiance besides the state. People who practice any religion are suspect. They began more tolerance of Christianity recently.

    OK, so the NOI is a weird offshoot like some churches are.

    Over the years, I have seen deals made with the Pals, they scuttle them. This has given the Pals a stupid corrupt look.

    Tutsis moved into the area and bought land. Then the Belgians came and favored the Tutsi landowners. It is surprising to me that the Hutu obeyed a voice on the radio telling them to go kill.

  68. Like the jewish settlers believed in the IDF, or the jewish gangs fighting for the creation of israel, fighting to kill off every last arab. Maybe they knew someone who fought with an arab at one point. Like a hutu who mightve known a mean tutsi and decided they were all like it cuz the radio said so.
    Thats funny.
    “Tutsis bought land.”The tutsis and hutus were both rwandans, different names/slightly different look, but nonetheless the same. There was no moving in. It was just massacring the tutsi “cockroaches” as the hutus called them, because hutus found themselves more superior. Jews and arabs are loosely related, but hutus and tutsis are basically the same. They all lived in the same places there was never some kind of moving in-getting out type of thing. Did you even research this? And france and belgium pulled out of rwanda when the violence erupted. Guess wat? The white/european people who lived there were the first to be evacuated. Even the UN couldnt help them. No part of europe or the us wanted to help them. The rebels helped, a tutsi came to power. And now its all good

  69. But think about it anon. If you see a chinese guy, would you call him a communist? Would you even think it? See you cant judge a group of people based on the gov of their countries. Iranians hate bein associated with iran cuz of the gov so they like to be called persian. Jordanians make fun of their king in secret,Because they go to jail if they dont glorify him and put pictures of him in their homes, theyll get in trouble. syrians hate assad with a burning passion, my egyptian friends all cried with joy when mubarak resigned, north koreans act sad when a person of authority is near but believe me theyre Probably HAPPY. And so on.

  70. I am a white canadian woman and this site is quite startling to me. We are the first settlers in canada, we came in 1630. I do not consider other races canadian, as they do not share my culture or chrisitian religion, of which canada is 85% christian. I am not happy with the state of my country. I do not believe in massive third world immigration.

    I have many friends who are canadian and out of work. Foreignors are being hired before we are. I call this left wing agenga racist and we feel they are traders and have traded in our culture, values and way of life. Our country is going down the tubes. No one can stand up for canada or we are called racist yet it is our people who made this great country!

    I have an uncle who fought in WW2 for people from all over to have what I call a privildge to live here, not a right. This is what also makes me a canadian and does not make them canadians.

  71. Waah waah. R u muslim rats offended? Too bad. Cry me a river. Until your people stop jihad bombing the rest of the world. We will make fun of your goat raping cube worshiping dumbasses and your pedophile warlord prophet.

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