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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Lockup Everyone

6 January 2012 General 18 Comments Email This Post Email This Post

Jon Stewart

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart: Lockup Everyone

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
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The last thing Barack Obama did in 2011 was sign a bill that eliminates due process for anyone suspected of terrorism in America.


  1. Why don’t people get an injustice to one of us, is an injustice to all of us?

  2. Big fan of your show! Thank you for this segment. This is probably the only way many Americans have heard about this. You guys do more responsible journalism that most media outlets. Keep the info coming!

  3. To all of who?

  4. Thanks for posting this segment from the Daily Show.

  5. I love Obama….but was disappointed about this…hope that gets changed

  6. What about innocent until proven guilty……

  7. sounds like urban gitmo. this isn’t right, the law applies to all of us and anyone else, no exceptions, but these are times of the crazies. This crap will turn around, maybe not in our lifetime.

  8. He really had no choice- they’d tied that little bit into the Pentagon funding bill. If he didn’t sign it, paychecks would not go out and thousands would lose jobs. And not just military- there’s a lot of civilians working for them too. He had a figurative gun to his head.

    I think that after the election he’ll be able to get it (the rider) reversed. I smell a lot of Republican fear in this election cycle. I think a few of them will be losing their jobs.

  9. The Obama administration is nothing less than George Bush’s third, and worst, term. You can quote me. As much as Mitt Romney is a total loser and liar, I cannot, and will not, bring myself to vote for B. Obama again.

  10. Lest we forget McConnell’s only intention according to him was “To Make Obama a One Term President”…Todays GOP is way too right wing & controlled by Koch Brothers & other corporate Lobbyists who do NOT care about the American people. The SC is FAR too crucial to give the right wing total control. PRIORITIES!!

  11. Peterson, Obama’s term has looked like Bush’s because he is being forced by the GOP’s government-by-tantrum strategy to do their bidding. The NDAA is just another example of Obama being forced to sign so the military will get paid. By forcing business to a halt, the GOP is able to very slowly unroll the same failing agenda that Bush gave us for eight years, and stop most progressive efforts at reform.

  12. once again the imperial presidency raises its ugly head. There is a tape of Carl Levin in Congress stating that Obama would not sign the legislation without this language, as it had been submitted to him in that form.

  13. I would really love to be wrong about this, but I don’t see a way around it.

  14. and I don’t like his signing that one bit.

  15. ” Page 657, Sect. 1022 (b)(1) of the bill says:


    (1) UNITED STATES CITIZENS.—The requirement to detain a person in military custody under this section does not extend to citizens of the United States.”

    H.R. 1540 does not give the President that authority to override the exemption of U.S. citizens from detention

    H.R. 1540 strengthens existing laws that allow the federal government to indefinitely hold in military custody foreign nationals associated with Al Qaeda who have participated in planning or carrying out an attack against the United States. “

  16. NO authority to indefinitely detain ANY US Citizen has been legalized by this document. Can we PLEASE stop the ignorance?

  17. Once you are labled a terrorist you are no longer an American citizen and have no rights. So please lets stop the ignorance indeed. This bill should have never existed

  18. America, land of liberty and justice for all. I used to say this all the time in school, now as a Muslim i kno how much a lie that was.

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